Марвин Х. Алберт (Ник Кварри)

Marvin Hubert Albert
pseudonyms: Nick Quarry, etc...]
 (22 January 1924    24 March 1996)
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) [USA]
Menton, Alpes-Maritimes (Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur) [France]

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Series characters:
adventure thriller trilogy (Royan / Driscoll) [criminals-mercenaries]
Lie Down with Lions  (1955) as Marvin H. Albert (Royan)
2. The Mob Says Murder (1958)
as Albert Conroy (Driscoll)
3. Driscoll’s Diamonds (1973)
as Ian MacAlister (Royan & Driscoll)

Jake Barrow [hardboiled private eye from New York City]
6 novels
as Nick Quarry :
1. The Hoods Come Calling (1958)
2. Trail of a Tramp (
3. The Girl with No Place to Hide (1959)
4. No Chance in Hell (1960)
5. Till It Hurts (1960)
6. Some Die Hard (1961)

Tony Rome [ex-cop from Miami, hard-loving private detective and gambler, he lives on a boat "Straight Pass"]
3 novels
as Anthony Rome (reprinted as Marvin H. Albert) :
1. Miami Mayhem (1960); aka: Tony Rome (1967)
2. The Lady in Cement (1961)
3. My Kind of Game (1962)

Clayburn [the Man in Black - a gambler from the West]
4 novels as Al Conroy (reprinted as Marvin H. Albert) :
1. Clayburn  (1961)
2. Last Train to Bannock (1963)
3. Three Rode North (1964)
4. The Man in Black (1965)

Regalbuto Family [Mafia novels]
2 novels
as Nick Quarry:
1. The Vendetta (1973) [prequel]
2. The Don Is Dead (1972)

"Soldato: Man Against the Mafia" (Johnny Morini) [a gunman (renegade mobster) struggles against the Mafia]
5 novels
as Al Conroy :
1. Soldato! (1972)
2. Death Grip! (1972)
3. Strangle Hold!  (1973) [ghost written by Gil Brewer]
4. Murder Mission!  (1973) [ghost written by Gil Brewer]
5. Blood Run! (1973)

"Stone Angel" Pete Sawyer (Pierre-Ange Sawyer) [French-American sophisticated private investigator living and working in France]
10 novels
as Marvin H. Albert:
1. The Dark Goddess (1978)
2. Back in the Real World (1986)
3. Stone Angel (1986)
4. Get Off at Babylon (
5. Long Teeth (1987)
6. The Last Smile (
7. The Midnight Sister (1989)
8. Bimbo Heaven (1990)
9. The Zig-Zag Man (1991)
10. The Riviera Contract (1992)

(В круглых скобках указаны русские названия, появлявшиеся в анонсах и статьях).

(Novels, Novelizations & Non-Fiction)

The Road’s End (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1952 March, #231; Sydney [Australia]: Phantom, 1953) as Albert Conroy

[*Book Description: NY: Fawcett Publications, Inc., [1952]. First edition. Author's first book. Paperback Original. GM231. Inscribed using both names with the comment, "My very first book! Forty years ago--Wow!" Near fine in pictorial wrappers. Albert is certainly one of the neglected masters of the hard-boiled crime novel. He published several Paperback Originals a year for many years using the names Albert Conroy, Nick Quarry, Mike Barone, Tony Rome, Ian McAllister, as well as Marvin H. Albert. Albert lived in France for most of the past 20 years and inscribed or signed copies of his books are uncommon.
The Road’s End (Drugs, Terror, Violence & Murder).
--"There were too many women in his life".]

The Chiselers (NY: Gold Medal, 1953 February, #289) as Albert Conroy

[*Book Description: The Chiselers by Albert Conroy. Fawcett Publications, 1953. First edition. Paperback Original. Gold Medal Book 289. The second of the eight ultra-hardboiled crime novels that Fawcett (and, in one case, Dell) published under the 'Albert Conroy' pseudonym between 1952 and 1961. SIGNED WITH BOTH NAMES on the title page, with a note: 'One of my very early books-not bad considering I was still very young, and learning.' (Born in Philadelphia in 1924, Albert served in the Merchant Marine in WW2)
"Boyhood’s remembered hates destroyed the man, the woman."
It began, really, in school days whent two angry boys fought over a girl in pigtails. Years later they fought again, as men now, the deadly battle for a city brimming with vice, and for a grown woman who never had been worth it. A brutal novel of gang war."]

Lie Down with Lions  (NY: Gold Medal, 1955 [Septemb.-?*], #519; London: Miller, 1957) adventure-1 (Royan)

[--"One woman, two men - in a jungle storm of passion."  This hard-boiled novel taking place in Africa.]

Becoming a Mother: What Every Woman Ought to Know About Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth(NY: David McKay Company, 1956 [1955-?*]; NY: Fawcett, 1958; also revised edition (3rd printing): Crest [Fawcett], 1963, d551) by Theodore R. Seidman, M.D. & Marvin H. Albert. [NON-FICTION]

[*Book Description: Becoming a Mother by Theodore Roosevelt Seidman and Marvin H. Albert.  Fawcett World Library, Greenwich, 1958. This edition revised and enlarged. Originally published, McKay, 1956. Various editions and printings in paperback.
--"A complete, authoritative book which tells what every woman ought to know about fertility, conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Newly revised and enlarged. Here are all the answers...to questions asked by mothers, mothers-to-be and would-be mothers."]

[Marvin Albert (from a French Interview with Roger Martin): "C'est un livre que j'ai écrit avec  l'obstétricien qui a accouché ma femme, Théodore Roosevelt Seidman. Nous avons tous travaillé à ce livre pendant la grossesse de ma femme, avant la naissance de mon fils. C'est un livre qui est réédité chaque année ! "
* "
Becoming a Mother", by Marvin H. Albert and Theodore R. Seidman (Fawcett/Premier Books, 1958, with many editions).  Seidman was a doctor, and the book tells all that a mother must know after having a child.]

The Law and Jake Wade (NY: Gold Medal, 1956, #553) [western]

[--"The captured Jake Wade—and a section of hell!"]
{The book was the basis for the US film of the same name (1958) dir: John Sturges, scw: William Bowers, starring: Robert Taylor, Richard Widmark & Patricia Owens}

The Long White Road: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventures (NY: David McKay Company, 1957; NY: Pyramid, 1960, #G532) [NON-FICTION for children]

[Part of the publisher’s series of Biographies for Young Adults. Several other reprint editions.
--"He pitted his raw couarge and a handful of men against the frozen tortures of the Antarctic."
Une biographie du célèbre explorateur, Ernest Shackleton.]

(Длинная белая дорога)

Broadsides and Boarders (NY: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1957; London: Harrap, 1958) [NON-FICTION naval history]

[The history of sailing ship warfare, from Sir Francis Drake to John Paul Jones.
* Une histoire de la marine à voile.]

Nice Guys Finish Dead (NY: Gold Medal, 1957 June, #676; London: Fawcett, 1958) as Albert Conroy

[-- Nice Guys Finish Dead (Barney Fox). hardboiled crime novel.
--"Rogue Cops, Blood Money, Flesh For Sale... at night my town snuggles under a blanket of corruption and like everyone else I sit on my hands. Until the night Mike Savig murdered a man in a drunken brawl over a redheaded singer. Savig is a city detective, a brutal, woman-maiming lout - a nephew of Mr. Big himself. I'm Barney Fox, newspaperman. I caught one whiff of the stink of fix, and I knew that finally I had the crowbar to fix the machine. All I had to do was to find the missing redhead. I should live so long. I should survive the beatings, the frames, the giant killer with the pygmy brain who was waiting for me around every corner of the sleeping city I call my beat..."]
The basis for the French/Italian TV-movie "À corps et à cris" (1989, aka [Italy]: "Alta tensione a gran voce"). dir: Josée Dayan, scw: Guy-Patrick Sainderichin, Bernard Stora}

Apache Rising (NY: Gold Medal, 1957, #696) [western]
Duel at Diablo (
NY: Gold Medal, 1966, #k1666)
aka: (
Apache Uprising)

[Reprinted: Duel at Diablo as a tie-in with the movie of the same name (1966, United Artists), dir: Ralph Nelson, scw: Marvin H. Albert & Michael M. Grilikhes, starring: James Garner, Sidney Portier & Bibi Andersson.
--"Someone had scalped and slaughtered his young wife. Someone would go through hell for it."]

(Восстание апачей); (Дуэль в Диабло)

The Hoods Come Calling (NY: Gold Medal, 1958 March, #747; London: Fawcett, 1959) as Nick Quarry  Jake Barrow-1

[--"She knew too much - far too much - she had to die before she talked".]

{*Nick Quarry was the leading character in a short 15-minute pilot [demonstration reel] made for a proposed USA TV-series "Nick Quarry" (1968, ABC, dir: Walter Grauman). Starring: Tony Scotti and Gena Rowlands. Jazzy background music "The Stripper" by Jerry Goldsmith}
{The pilot, directed by Walter Grauman, was made in 1968 for ABC but was deemed too violent for television. It was written by Albert and used footage from the two Tony Rome movies. It starred Tony Scotti as Nick Quarry.}

The Bounty Killer (NY: Gold Medal, 1958 April, #760) [western]
aka: (The Bounty Hunter)

[-- The Bounty Killer (Frontier Arizona Violence).
He was the most feared man in the West - he hunted down men for money and he hadn't failed yet."]
The book was the basis for the Italian-Spanish movie "El Precio de un hombre" (1966, aka: The Bounty Killer, aka: The Price of a Man, aka [USA title]: The Ugly Ones), dir: Eugenio Martín, scw: José Gutiérrez Maesso, Eugenio Martín, Don Prindle}

The Mob Says Murder (NY: Gold Medal, 1958 June, #780; London: Fawcett, 1960) as Albert Conroy adventure-2 (Driscoll)

[--"The order came straight from the top: if she gets out of line, kill her."]

Murder in Room 13 (NY: Gold Medal, 1958 September, #806; London: Fawcett, 1960) as Albert Conroy

[--Murder in Room 13 (Suspense & Violence). hardboiled crime novel.
--"The police thought he was a homicidal maniac. Only Steve and the real killer knew he was being framed for a murder he had not committed..."]
The book was the basis for French thriller TV-movie "Adieu marin!" (Original Air Date: 18 September 1992), an episode from TV-Series "Haute tension" 1988-1994, 19 episodes. Scenario & Directed by Alain Schwartzstein, screenplay by Patrick Laurent}

Party Girl (NY: Gold Medal, 1958, #808; London: Fawcett, 1959[Novelization]

[Novelization of film: (MGM, 1958) scw: George Wells, dir: Nicholas Ray, starring: Robert Taylor and Cyd Charisse. Film is based on a novel by Leo Katcher]

Trail of a Tramp (NY: Gold Medal, 1958 November, #824; London: Muller, 1960) as Nick Quarry Jake Barrow-2

[--Trail of a Tramp (Jake Barrow, Private Eye).
I strapped on my shoulder harness and stuck the Magnum in its holster. It was getting to be that kind of case. The name on my office door reads Jake Barrow, Confidential Investigator. Private eye to you. I'd been hired by a dignified looking man to find his daughter who'd come to New York to act. It was such an old, old story I almost yawned as I accepted the job. Well, I wasn't yawning anymore. The trail of that innocent little girl from the Middle West led me to some of the most notorious dives in New York. Her friends were hoods, pimps and dope pushers. I knew all about her now - except I still hadn't found her..."]

Renegade Posse (NY: Gold Medal, 1958 November, #826) [western]

[*Book Description: Greenwich: Gold Medal Books, (1958). First edition. Generic inscription that reads, "One of my better westerns. It was made into a movie. Marvin H. Albert." PAPERBACK ORIGINAL. GM 826. Movie starred Audie Murphy as the hero. Albert wrote some excellent hard-boiled mysteries as Albert Conroy, Nick Quarry, and Anthony Rome, and several other pseudonyms. Until his death a few years ago, Albert lived in a mountaintop villa on the coast of France, and seldom signed any of his 70 plus books.]
The book was the basis for the US film "Bullet for a Badman" (1964,Universal; aka: "Renegade Posse") dir: R.G. Springsteen, scw: Mary Willingham & Willard W. Willingham, starring: Audie Murphy, Darren McGavin & Ruta Lee}

(Отряд предателей)

That Jane From Maine (NY: Gold Medal, 1959 January, #846)  [Novelization]

[Based on the movie "It Happened to Jane", starring Doris Day, Jack Lemmon & Ernie Kovacs.]

(Эта девушка из штата Мэн)

The Reformed Gun (NY: Gold Medal, 1959 February, #856; London: Frederick Muller Gold Medal Books, 1960 ) [western]

[Reprinted several times.
The Reformed Gun (Violence on the Frontier).

Who was going to believe that his name and reputation were not for sale anymore?"

Rider from Wind River (NY: Gold Medal, 1959 July, #902) [western]

["To clear his name he had to trap the deadliest outlaw and the fastest draw in all the West."]

Pillow Talk (NY: Gold Medal, 1959 September, #918) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film, dir: M. Gordon, starring: Doris Day & Rock Hudson.
--"Doris Day and Rock Hudson want each other for a few hours alone . . . together. GOOD CONNECTIONS. Doris Day plays the interior decorator who has designs on men. Rock Hudson and Tony Randall are the men who fall for her—hook, line and sinker."
This is a story about the two and how they want to spend a day alone together.]

The Girl with No Place to Hide (NY: Gold Medal, 1959 November, #938; London: Muller, 1961) as Nick Quarry Jake Barrow-3

[--"Just before they died, three men learned that she was a false promise of passion".]

Miami Mayhem (NY: Pocket Books, 1960 January, #1269; London: Hale, 1961) as Anthony Rome Tony Rome-1
aka: Tony Rome (formerly: Miami Mayhem) (NY: Dell, 1967 October,  #8952) as by Marvin H. Albert
also reprinted under the title: Miami Mayhem (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1988 October,  #13386-9) as by Marvin H. Albert.

[-- "Tony Rome (formerly: Miami Mayhem)" by Marvin H. Albert. "Now a sizzling movie starring Frank Sinatra!" - "A cool private eye who turns on for all the right scenes... and all the wrong women."
--"Tony Rome likes action after hours, business after pleasure, brunettes after redheads, and money, money, money. His preference is live, warm female bodies - his profession is cluttered with stone-cold corpses. He plays it cool. His name is Tony Rome"] 
{The book was the basis for the US film "Tony Rome" (1967, 20th Century Fox), dir: Gordon Douglas, scw: Richard L. Breen, starring: Frank Sinatra (as Tony Rome), Jill St. John (as Ann Archer), Richard Conte (as Lt. Dave Santini)}

All the Young Men (NY: Cardinal [Pocket Books], 1960 [June], #C-389[Novelization]

[Novelization of film, screenplay: Hall Bartlett, starring: Alan Ladd, Sidney Portier, James Darren & Ingemar Johansson.
Korean War drama with racial overtones.
--Story of 10 Marines surrounded by an entire Chinese Communist army! And 10 marines holding a Korean farmhouse that couldn't be held! Learning a man is a man, regardless of skin color!
--"Ten Marines against the odds! Ten Marines, hopelessly surrounded by an entire Chinese Communist army! Ten Marines, holding a Korean farmhouse that couldn't be held--because a whole regiment depended on them! Ten Maries, magnificent, stretched to the breaking point, doomed, their backs to the wall! Ten Marines, learning the hard way that man is a man, regardless of the color of his skin!".
--" They were united against the enemy--and agai nst the man who led them!"
A good paperback military novel, based on the stark, powerful motion picture.]

Force of Impulse (NY: Popular Library Giant, 1960, #PC900) [Novelization]

[Based on the movie starring Robert Alda, J. Carroll Naish & Jeff Donnell.
Force of Impulse (Novel of Film / Jody McCrea).
A frank, revealing story of two decent young people in the oldest kind of trouble." ]

Devil in Dungarees (NY: Crest book [Fawcett], 1960, #349) as Albert Conroy

[* It's a "big caper" novel that Lionel White might have been proud of. A cop is led astray by the title character and gets involved in a bank heist, which (surprise!) goes wrong. (from Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine)
--"She made him forget he was a cop because she never let him forget he was a man".
--To keep Peg, detective Boomer planned a little bank robbery...]

Mr. Lucky (NY: Dell, 1960 September, #B165) as Albert Conroy [Novelization of the TV series]

[Novelization based on the Blake Edwards 1959-60 television series "Mr. Lucky" starring John Vivyan, Pippa Scott, Ross Martin & Tom Brown.  (The TV series was in turn very loosely based on the 1943 movie starring Cary Grant.)
"The handsome hard hitting man about town who plays for the highest stakes of all--life and death".]

No Chance in Hell (NY: Gold Medal, 1960 September, #1033; London: Muller, 1962) as Nick Quarry Jake Barrow-4

[--"Private Eye Jake Barrow, tracked by killers and cops - and trailing the most wanted Indian girl since Pocahontas".]

Ник Кварри: В аду шансов нет.

Till It Hurts (NY: Gold Medal, 1960 November, #1053; London: Muller, 1962) as Nick Quarry Jake Barrow-5

[--"She wanted Jake Barrow to guard her body - but there was even more to the job than met the eye..."]

Ник Кварри: В "Опиумном кольце".
В опиумном кольце.

The Lady in Cement (NY: Pocket Books, 1961 February, #6059; London: Hale, 1962) as Anthony Rome Tony Rome-2
also reprinted: (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1988 December,  #13387-7) as by Marvin H. Albert.

[--A Florida P.I. on his morning swim finds a dead blonde and is hired to find her killer. The basis for the 1968 film of the same name starring Frank Sinatra, Raquel Welch and Richard Conte. Described as one of Sinatra's worst films this is a cult classic from the 1960's with the famous quotation from the film: Cop: "I don't want to alarm you, ma'am, but there's a killer on the loose". Kit Forrest (Raquel Welch): "Oh well, if I see one, I'll call you."]
{The book was the basis for the film of the same name (1968, 20th Century Fox) dir: Gordon Douglas, scw: Marvin H. Albert & Jack Guss, starring: Frank Sinatra (as Tony Rome), Raquel Welch (as Kit Forrest), Richard Conte (as Lt. Dave Santini)}

(Леди из цемента)

Come September (NY: Dell, 1961, #K101) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film,  screenplay: Stanley Shapiro and Maurice Richlin, starring: Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin and Walter Slezak.
--"A handsome American millionaire and a beautiful Italian girl who share a private villa-until it becomes a public affair."]

(Приходи, сентябрь)

Some Die Hard (NY: Gold Medal, 1961 September, #s1150; London: Muller, 1963) as Nick Quarry Jake Barrow-6

[--"She rocketed out of Jake Barrow's past - marked for murder but loaded for love."  
--"I stopped a couple of feet in front of him, the closest I'd ever been to a Mafia big-shot. His eyes scared hell out of me. They were swollen and bloodshot, the flesh around them dark and puffy. Frank Leca had been crying. That's what scared me. I caught a quick breath and got it said. " I didn't kill your boy, Leca." His mouth twitched. "Only kid I had...gone." A shiver ran through him. Slowly he lowered his eyes to my chest. "You're talking, Barrow." He sounded puzzled. "How come? The dead don't talk. And you're dead!"]

Ник Кварри: Смерть - моя тень.
Моя тень - смерть.

The Looters (NY: Crest book [Fawcett], 1961, #s431) as Albert Conroy

[--The Looters (A Corrupt Dictator's Gold).
--"Dictator's Gold. It was buried deep within the granite of the Fortress del Rey. Ten, maybe twenty million dollars' worth amassed by a greedy and corrupt dictator. Now a bigtime hood from the States had thrown in with the island's rebel leader to steal it. But they needed more than a safecracker. They needed a magician. They sent for Sam Morgan. Morgan had cracked some big ones in his day. only he had never run into anything like this. It would take a week to open such a vault, and all they gave him was four hours. Four measly hours. The odds against him were terrifying. But there was a hundred grand waiting for him at the end of the deal . . . and the one girl he'd waited for all his life."
--"There was the gold – and the girl. Both could be had. But the price was murder."
ystery/thriller about a safecracker recruited by a mob boss who has teamed up with the rebel leader of a Caribbean Island to "liberate" 20 million in gold from the island's dictator. ]
The basis for the French/Italian film "Estouffade à la Caraibe" (1967, P.A.C. (Paris) & Cinématografica (Rome);  aka: "Stew in the Caribbean"), dir: Jacques Besnard, scw: Michel Lebrun & Pierre Foucaud, starring: Jean Seberg, Frédéric Stafford, Serge Gainsbourg, Maria Rosa Rodriguez}

Clayburn  (NY: Dell, 1961 December, #b218; NY: Dell, 1978) as Al Conroy [western] Clayburn-1
lso reprinted: (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1989 March, #13382-6) as by Marvin Albert.

[--"Introducing the new man of the West - Clayburn - faithful to only one woman, Lady Luck... gunslinger for only one reason, Justice."]

Lover Come Back (NY: Gold Medal, 1962, #s1193) [Novelization]

[Based on the movie: screenplay by Stanley Shapiro & Paul Henning, dir: Delbert Mann, starring Doris Day, Rock Hudson & Tony Randall.
--She was only the hottest item on Madison Avenue, that's all. Carol Templeton, the huckster's dream, the consumer's morsel. And the sharpest thorn in the side of Jerry Webster, the slickest operator ever to spend a million bucks on a phony advertising campaign. Carol would do almost anything to beat this handsome devil at his own game - even if it meant bearding the beast in his own bedroom.]

My Kind of Game (NY: Dell, 1962 April, #b232) as Anthony Rome Tony Rome-3
also reprinted: (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1989 May, #13388-5) as by Marvin H. Albert.  

[--"You're in real trouble," Rome told her. "You call it trouble," the girl said, "I call it fun."]

Last Train to Bannock (NY: Dell, 1963, #4694; London : Mayflower-Dell, 1967) as Al Conroy [western] Clayburn-2
lso reprinted: (Fawcett Gold Medal, 1989 July, #13383-4) as by Marvin Albert.

[--"I’ll be back alive," Clayburn told his crew. "Only the good die young."
The trail from Parrish City to Bannock was the deadliest stretch in the West, plagued by scalp-hunting Apache raids, merciless blizzards, and gold-hungry white men hired to kill. Any man who led a train on this trail gambled his life against losing odds. Clayburn was willing to take that gamble for the sake of a woman.]

Move Over, Darling (NY: Dell, 1963, #5859) [Novelization]

[Based on the movie starring Doris Day, James Garner & Polly Bergen.
--A Dell comedy paperback. "What a setup--one man with two beautiful wives. And everything was strictly legal"]

Palm Springs Weekend (NY: Dell, 1963, #6813) [Novelization]

Based on the Warner Brohters movie movie starring Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Ty Hardin, Stefanie Powers, Robert Conrad & Jerry Van Dyke.
 Where the boys and the girls are...the wildest three days in the history of anybody’s spring vacation"
--"Where the boys and the girls are..the wildest three days in the history of anybody's spring vacation."]

Under the Yum Yum Tree (NY: Dell, 1963 [October-?*], #9218) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: (Columbia picture, 1963) dir: David Swift , scw: Lawrence Roman & David Swift, based on the stageplay by Lawrence Roman. Starring: Jack Lemmon, Carol Lynley, Dean Jones & Edie Adams.
Based on enjoyable 1963 Jack Lemmon film of horny landlord trying to woo tenant-babe who's living with her fiance.
--"Young, in love, unmarried.. Should she or shouldn't she.. Yum Yum..."
This is the story of a caring landlord who takes especially good care of his female tenants.]

The V.I.P.s (NY: Dell, 1963 [August-?*], #9335) [Novelization]
aka: (
The V.I.P.'s)

[--Based on the movie starring Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor.
--"A magnificent, explosive novel of love and money, power and crisis."] 

Goodbye Charlie (NY: Dell, 1964 [December-?*], #2923) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: (MGM, 1958) scw: Harry Kurnitz; dir: Vincente Minnelli, starring: Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Pat Boone, Walter Matthau.
The view from the opposite sex , a tale of a switcheroo where thet tables are turned on a no-good playboy.
--"The view from the opposite sex is hilarious in the wildest turnabout since the twist"]

Honeymoon Hotel (NY: Dell, 1964, #3701) [Novelization]

[--Based on the movie starring Robert Goulet, Nancy Kwan, Robert Morse & Jill St. John.
--"A racy, rib-tickling tale of an overcrowded bridal suite"]

Posse at High Pass (NY: Gold Medal, 1964 February, #s1387) by Marvin H. Albert... aka Albert Conroy [western]

[--Posse At High Pass (Montana Frontier Violence).
--"He was the only bounty hunter in Montana Territory who could boast he'd never lost a prisoner - but that was before he met up with the kid from Kansas."]

The Pink Panther (NY: Bantam, 1964 April, #j2696) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: (United Artists, 1964) scw:  Blake Edwards & Maurice Richlin, dir: Blake Edwards, starring: Peter Sellers (as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau), David Niven, Robert Wagner & Capucine.
--The hilariously funny novel of a bizarre caper that made international high society blush. Movie tie-in.]

(Розовая пантера)

The Outrage (NY: Pocket books, 1964 October, #50104) [Novelization of western]

[Novelization of film: scw: Michael Kanin, based on the stageplay "Rashomon" by Fay & Michael Kanin (from the screenplay by Shinobu Hashimoto & Akira Kurosawa, based on the short story by Ryonosuke Akutagawa). dir: Martin Ritt, starring: Paul Newman, Claire Bloom, Laurence Harvey, Edward G. Robinson.
--The Outrage (based on an original screenplay by Michael Kanin).
--Based on disappointing 1964 Martin Ritt (!) film re-make of "Rashomon," set in the Old West.
"A powerful novel of the lawless West, its violence, its lust, and its untamed savagery. "
"A woman had been raped. Her husband had been killed. The outlaw who stood accused of the two crimes was the most vicious criminal in the territory. But during the trial three people gave their versions of how the outrage took place. Each version had the ring of truth about it--but each story completely contradicted the others!"]

Three Rode North (NY: Dell, 1964, #8852; NY: Dell, 1978) as Al Conroy [western] Clayburn-3
lso reprinted as by Marvin Albert. (Fawcett Gold Medal, 1989 [1990-?*] November, #13384-2)

[--"Clayburn was going to get his man, even if it killed him."]

Do Not Disturb (NY: Dell, 1965, #2117) [Novelization]

[Based on the movie starring Doris Day & Rod Taylor.
--Based on typical 1965 Doris Day film of wife driving husband to distraction with his jealousy over her new Frenchman-pal.
--A Hilarious New Movie from Twentieth Century-Fox. Starring Doris Day and Rod Taylor, "It's a wild, ribald bed-time tale of continental love on the foreign exchange." ]

The Great Race (NY: Dell, 1965, #3128) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: dir: Blake Edwards, starring: Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis & Natalie Wood.
"It's a wild, riotous turn-of-the-century steeplechase with lovers on wheels, villains at the heels, and cigar-smoking suffragettes on the rampage." ]

(Большие гонки; Большая гонка)

The Man in Black (NY: Dell, 1965 April, #5214; NY: Dell, 1979) as Al Conroy [western] Clayburn-4
lso reprinted as by Marvin Albert. (Fawcett Gold Medal, 1990 February, #13385-0)

[--A New Clayburn Western. "Draw whenever you’re ready" – Clayburn said.  "I never like to hurry a man who’s about to die." 
--A Clayburn western adventure. "He didn't like to kill. But he was damn good at it."]
{The basis for the US movie "Rough Night In Jericho" (1967, Universal) dir: Arnold Laven, scw: Marvin H. Albert & Sydney Boehm, starring: Dean Martin, George Peppard & Jean Simmons}

Strange Bedfellows (NY: Pyramid, 1965,  #1132) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: screenplay: Norman Panama, Melvin Frank & Michael Pertwee, starring: Rock Hudson, Gina Lollabrigida & Gig Young.
A madcap comedy of marital tangles and triangles."]

A Very Special Favor (NY: Dell, 1965 June, #9305) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: screenplay: Stanley Shapiro & Nate Monaster, dir.: Michael Gordon, starring: Rock Hudson, Charles Boyer & Leslie Caron.
--A risque movie which starred Rock Hudson, Charles Boyer and Leslie Caron.
-Based on blah 1965 Michael Gordon film of Charles Boyer asking Rock Hudson to romance daughter Leslie Caron. Forced comedy.
Bachelor romances a hot psychiatrist babe.
"Now a ribald, riotous movie starring Rock Hudson, Leslie Caron and Charles Boyer "It's trauma vs. amour when a warm-blooded Frenchman decides to sabotage his daughter's honor with some foreign aid from a red-blooded American male."
One word leads to another man's daughter and some hilarious free- association that Freud never dreamed of!"]

What’s New Pussycat? (NY: Dell, 1965, #9461) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: screenplay: Woody Allen starring: Peter O’Toole, Peter Sellers, Romy Schneider, Capucine, Paula Prentiss.& Ursula Andress.
-- Illustrated with "8 pages of sensational photos from the hilarious Charles K. Feldman motion picture" - "a novel by Marvin H.Albert based on an original screenplay by Woody Allen."
The sex kittens of Paris can-can ... and do ... in the wildest romp ever!"]

The Divorce: A Re-examination By an American Writer of the Great Tudor Controversy. (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1965)[NON-FICTION] 

[--- The Divorce. A Re-Examination of the Great Tudor Controversy
The dramatic story of a fateful triangle--Henry VIII, his Queen and his Mistress-- and of the divorce which separated England from Rome and changed the course of history.
* Un ouvrage historique consacré au conflit Henry VIII - Catherine d'Aragon

The Don Is Dead (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1972, #t2527; London: Coronet, 1972) as Nick Quarry Regalbuto Family-2

[--"The behind-the-scenes novel of a bloody power struggle that rocked the kings of crime..."
In the Tradition of THE GODFATHER."]
{The book was the basis for the film of the same name (1973, Universal Pictures, aka [TV title]: "Beautiful But Deadly", aka: "The Deadly Kiss") dir: Richard Fleischer, scw: Marvin H. Albert, starring: Anthony Quinn (as Don Angelo), Frederic Forrest (Tony) & Robert Forster (Frank)}

[* NB! -  see the prequel: The Vendetta (1973) Regalbuto Family-1]

Ник Кварри: Дон умер, да здравствует Дон!
"Дон умер! Да здравствует Дон!"
Смерть крестного отца
Смерть мафиози;
Смена власти

Корона для Дона); (Дон умер).

Soldato! (NY: Lancer, 1972) as Al Conroy  Soldato: Man Against the Mafia-1

[--"An explosive novel of the Mafia - of a godson turned Judas for a vengeance that may cost him his life!"]

Эл Конрой: Солдат мафии

Death Grip! (NY: Lancer, 1972, #75382) as Al Conroy  Soldato: Man Against the Mafia-2

[--Gunman Johnny Morini lived by one commandment only: "Infiltrate the Mafia - and destroy!"]

Эл Конрой: Всех убрать!

Strangle Hold!  (NY: Lancer, 1973, #75433) [ghost written by Gil Brewer] as Al Conroy  Soldato: Man Against the Mafia-3

Murder Mission!  (NY: Lancer, 1973, #75459) [ghost written by Gil Brewer] as Al Conroy  Soldato: Man Against the Mafia-4

[--STORYLINE: "..They were out to get Johhny Morini, the renegade SOLDATO who was tearing the mafia apart. Don Sesto had his army prowling the streets..of New Orleans... each man carrying a bullet with Johnny's name on it....but they made a mistake...they took Riley - the one friend Johnny had left in the world..that was one thing he could never allow or forgive..." ]

Blood Run! (NY: Lancer, 1973) as Al Conroy  Soldato: Man Against the Mafia-5

[--When Johnny found the beautiful Eurasian girl, she was naked, tied to the bed. She had been tortured. After he had cut her loose, she pulled on a robe and followed him downstairs. AI-Jawari, her captor, was sitting on the floor, just coming to. When she saw him, something wild came into the girl's eyes, and her mouth twisted savagely. The revolver with the silencer still lay where Johnny had kicked it. She picked it up. Paul Marc moved to interfere, but Johnny's arm crossed his chest. "let her," he said tonelessly. "She's entitled." The girl aimed carefully and, as AI.Jawari's eyes widened, she put a bullet into his groin. He screamed and clutched at himself, blood pouring out between his fingers, and she shot him again. She watched his agony avidly. She went on watching until he was dead .]

Skylark Mission (NY: Gold Medal, 1973 May, #t2720; London: Coronet, 1974) as Ian MacAlister

[--Setting: New Guinea, 1941. "Some said Sam Flood wasn't his real name; that his papers bearing that name were either forged or stolen. According to the stories, he was wanted by the law under his real name. The stories varied, but it all remained conjecture. No one really knew. All they ever knew about Sam Flood was that he'd been sailing merchant ships on the Pacific runs for the past five years. He was a good man to have with you on a job, and a bad man to have against you in a fight. And that he was second mate on the Fleming on the night the torpedo sank it."]

The Vendetta (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1973, [#m2737-?*]) as Nick Quarry  Regalbuto Family-1

also published as: He Lived Only For Revenge. by James Hadley Chase ([date not known], a pirate edition).
[It was published in the style of the Corgi paperbacks of the 80's. The cover is from the Corgi edition of "Have a Change of Scene" by J.H.Chase, but the text of this title is from "The Vendetta" by Nick Quarry. http://www.pandora.ca/pictures4/952823.jpg
--From the back cover: Paolo Regalbuto had sworn a vendetta against the men who had murdered his wife and children. Until the hoodlums bombed his apartment, Paolo was a peaceable man. Now he lived only for revenge. Soon he would no longer be Paul the Waiter. He would be Don Paolo. For Paolo's search for vengeance had brought him into the underworld, close to the man who ran the rackets and fought each other in savage gun battles for survival. And Paolo was a survivor. All he had to do was wait. Wait until he reached the top where he could deliver death to the men who had robbed him of his family.]

[* NB! - "The Vendetta " is the chronological prequel to the 1972 novel "The Don Is Dead".]

Ник Кварри: Вендетта.  
Кровь за кровь.


Driscoll’s Diamonds (NY: Gold Medal, 1973 November, #m2889; London: Coronet, 1974) as Ian MacAlister adventure-3 (Royan & Driscoll)

[--Setting: Middle East. "It's this simple," Royan told Driscoll. "Either You come out of the water with those diamonds, or Shana dies. Right here. Today." It was not the kind of ultimatum Driscoll cared for. They were after all his diamonds. And Shana was his girl. But Driscoll had no choice. He was unarmed and pitted against the one man in the world who was smarter than he was—Royan had taught him everything he knew. Driscoll headed for the water, for the weck caught somewhere in the reefs under the sea off the African shore—the drowned plane hiding its treasure of stolen diamonds. But something had trigeered itself in Driscoll's mind.There might just be a way out of this—if Royan was the kind of man he was supposed to be—and Shana was still his girl..."]

Strike Force 7 (NY: Gold Medal, 1974, #m2971; London: Coronet, 1975) as Ian MacAlister

[--Setting: Morocco. "A fast paced story of 6 men and 1 woman attempting to do what an army of commandos couldn't do."]

Crazy Joe (NY: Bantam, 1974 [July-?*], #q8510) as Mike Barone [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: (Bright-Persky, 1973), scw: Lewis John Carlino; dir: Carlo Lizzani, starring: Peter Boyle, Paula Prentiss, Fred Williamson & Rip Torn.
--Based on tolerable 1974 Dino de Laurentiis film in turn based on bloody career of NY racketeer Crazy Joe Gallo.
--"They called Joey crazy--but never to his face. The true to life story of the power mad mobster who challenged the Mafia Dons--alone".]

The Gargoyle Conspiracy (NY: Doubleday, 1975; London: Andre Deutsch, 1975)

[*A big hardcover thriller. It was nominated for an Edgar as Best Novel in 1976. 
--It began with simple terror. A bomb exploded in the Rome airport, leaving shreds of human flesh strewn about the wreckage.
--A political suspense novel about Arab terrorists played out against the background of Rome, Paris, London and the Riviera.
Ahmed Bel Jahra has to flee Morocco leading him on an extraordinary adventure.]

(Заговор Горгулья)

Valley of the Assassins (NY: Gold Medal, 1975 November [1976*], #p3443; London: Coronet, 1976) as Ian MacAlister

[--Setting: Saudi Arabia. 190 pages of action adventure by the author of 'Strike Force 7' and 'Skylark Mission'.
--" The Map - doorway to one of the most evil mysteries of Islam's past."

Eric Larson was an adventurer. There were less polite name, of course, but Larson tried to stay on the right side of the law—when it was convenient. He had a fine boat, a supply of good liquor, and an uncommitted future - until he picked up a shipwrecked stranger in the Persian Gulf. A stranger with a mysterious map. The map was the key to the fabulous treasure of the ancient Assassins - a secret group of murderous fanatics thought long dead. The y had terrorized and taken tribute from mighty princes. They had killed and robbed without fear, for to them death was a sure way to paradise. Was their treasure still intact? Were some of them still alive? Some were still alive - and waiting. Waiting for some one like Larson to amke a move toward the treasure..."]

The Dark Goddess (NY: Doubleday & Co Garden City, 1978; London: Andre Deutsch, 1978; NY: Dell, 1979)  Pete Sawyer-1

[-- The Dark Goddess: A Novel of disappearance, captivity and pursuit.
When a man enters the inner circle of government service, a whole new world is opened up to him, a world of awesome power, and of absolute vulnerability."
"So learns Alexander Rhalles, Nobel Prize-winning historian and foreign affairs adviser to the President, when his wife is kidnaped by the KGB. His choices : committing treason by passing on transcripts of his meetings with the President or condemning his wife to a terriable death." happy reading !!!. Espionage. ]

(Темная богиня)

Hidden Lives (NY: Delacorte Press, 1981; NY: Dell, 1982)

[--Setting: World War II, France. "In 1920s Paris he was a young American painter of a different kind, described by a gallery owner as having the hands of a blacksmith, the build of a stevedore, and the mind of an inspired savage, and his lover was his half-sister. Wanted for murder he escaped to the Foreign Legion, returning to Paris as an Arab just as France fell to the Nazis. The story of Nicholas Grayle, aka Ishmael Moser"]

The Medusa Complex (NY: Arbor House, 1982; NY: Zebra [Kensington Publishing Corporation], 1983)

[--Thriller about female superspy. ]

Operation Lila (NY: Arbor House, 1983; NY: Zebra [Kensington Publishing Corporation], 1985)

[--Setting: France, 1942. " Hitler was about to seize the French fleet in the Toulon harbor and take control of the Mediterranean. Top British agent Jonas Ruyter's orders were clear: Get the French to sail their warships to safety or blow them out of the water. This was suicide. Between the Gestapo, the Panzers, and the beautiful, young Frenchwoman who claimed to love him, he had nowhere to hide and nowhere to run."
--A British agent races against the Gestapo and SS to provide proof to French admirals that Hitler is trying to sieze their fleet after he has dfeated their armies. Based on a true story.
--British intelligence intercepts proof of Hitler's plot (code-named Operation Lila), but the proof must be delivered to skeptical French admirals.
--An account of Hitler's violation of his armistic agreement with France when he moved to seize Toulon, the greatest naval base in the Mediterranean.
--A novel of Hitler's attempts to take control of the French fleet at Toulon in 1942 (27. 11. 1942). ]

A Nightmare to Dreamland (NY: Arbor House, 1985 July)

[Book Description: A Novel by Marvin H. Albert (Hardcover). Publisher: Arbor House Pub Co. ISBN: 0-87795-682-0 / 978-0-87795-682-2 (USA edition)]

Young Men can Sing (Seattle, WA: Alexandria Press & Print [US], 1986) [NON-FICTION -???*]

[--Childhood during World War II. (with illustrations by Lynda J. Barry)]

Back in the Real World (NY: Gold Medal, 1986, #12917-9; London: Macmillan [UK], 1987)  Pete Sawyer-2

[Pete Sawyer-3 -?* (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1986 October-?* or December/86)]
Back in the Real World (ISBN: 0449129179) Book Description: Fawcett, 1986. Date of Publication: December 1986
Book Description: London: Macmillan, 1987 (ISBN: 0333-437-632)]

Stone Angel (NY: Gold Medal, 1986, #12919-5; London: Macmillan [UK], 1987) Pete Sawyer-3 (4*)

[Pete Sawyer-2 -?* (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1986 May-?* or July/86)]
Stone Angel (ISBN: 0449129195) Book Description: Fawcett Gold Medal Books, New York, NY, U.S.A., 1986. First Paperback Printing.
Book Description: Macmillan, London, 1987 (ISBN: 0333-437-640)]

[*A SHAMUS AWARD Nominee.]
The first novel to feature Pete Sawyer, a Franco-American private investigator, in a search for the daughter of a wealthy Californian couple.
--The first Pete Sawyer mystery following the trail of kidnappers across France and Germany.

Get Off at Babylon (NY: Gold Medal, 1987 [1986-?*], #12918-7; London: Macmillan [UK], 1988)  Pete Sawyer-4 (3*)

[Pete Sawyer-4 -?* (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1987 January-?* or May/87)]
Get Off at Babylon (ISBN: 0449129187)
Book Description: Fawcett Gold medal/ Ballantine Books, New York NY, 1987. 1st Edition.
Book Description: MacMillan, London, United Kingdom, 1988 (ISBN: 0333-470-141)

[--"Starring Pete Sawyer in a terrific mystery of deception and danger in the fast world of film."]

The Golden Circle (Bethesda [Maryland]: Beach Books/National Press Inc., 1987)

[*Roger Martin (France): "The Golden Circle was first published in Switzerland under the title "La Marchand d’armes". According to Marvin, his original title was "The War Makers", then "The American Lady".
A thriller of intrigue, love and power among international arms dealers, from the author of such varied bestsellers as The Pink Panther, Under the Yum-Yum Tree, The Lady in Cement and The Medusa Complex. (Hardcover. No paperback edition)
International arms smuggling, with leading characters the beautiful Lady Victoria and young arms dealer Garson Bishop.]

The Untouchables (NY: Ivy books, 1987 April [June*]; Great Britain: Grafton, 1987) [Novelization]

[Novelization of film: (Paramount, 1987), scw: David Mamet, dir: Brian De Palma, starring: Kevin Costner (as Eliot Ness), Sean Connery (as Jim Malone) & Robert De Niro (as Al Capone).
--Setting: Chicago, 1930]


Long Teeth (NY: Gold Medal, 1987 May, #13161-0; London: Macmillan [UK], 1988) Pete Sawyer-5

[--Sophisticated Private Eye, Pete Sawyer is hired to solve the kidnapping of a billionaire's beloved wife, now she's back and all that's left is to find out who the traitor is.]

The Last Smile (NY: Gold Medal, 1988 September [November*], #13162-9; London: Macmillan [UK], 1989) Pete Sawyer-6

[--A Stone Angel novel. "On a midnight in December, Fritz Donhoff - Pete's partner and surrogate father - is shot down in Paris. Fritz has left a case behind that Pete can't turn his back on..."]

The Midnight Sister (NY: Gold Medal, 1989 April [June*], #13163-7; London: Macmillan [UK], 1989) Pete Sawyer-7

[--A Pete Sawyer mystery. "Arlette Alfani had conducted the defense of France's most wanted thief. He had refused to take her advice that telling the police where the haul for his latest gem robbery was cached, would reduce his sentence. Now serving a life term he demands to see her. A few hours later, he has escaped."]

Bimbo Heaven (NY: Gold Medal, 1990 February [April*], #14623-5; London: Macmillan [UK], 1990) Pete Sawyer-8

[*Nominated for a SHAMUS AWARD.]

The Zig-Zag Man (NY: Gold Medal, 1991 June [July*], #14624-3; London: Macmillan [UK], 1991) Pete Sawyer-9

[--An atmospheric lively European-based mystery featuring Pete Sawyer-a private eye]

The Riviera Contract (NY: Gold Medal, 1992 November [January/93*], #14625-1; London: Macmillan [UK], 1992) Pete Sawyer-10

[--A Stone Angel novel: "She can run, but she can't hide. Beautiful, feisty Sandrine Tally is a very exclusive and much sought-after "escort" on the French Riviera, but with an unsavory group of international thugs after her, she vanishes, leaving behind a bullet-ridden corpse in her apartment; that's when her best friend asks P.I. Peter Sawyer to do the nearly impossible: bring Sandrine back alive; it's an assignment that will call for even more dirty work than legwork: a deposed South American dictator planning a comeback coup, the ruthless agents of the junta that toppled him, and the French FBI all have a stake in finding the terrified Sandrine; caught in the middle, Pete's not about to take any sides, but the men he'w tangling with want blood, and Pete may just live to regret taking them on; if he lives at all."]

A Dancer's Progress and Schrodinger's Cat (Seattle, WA: Alexandria Press & Print [US], 1993)

[--"A ballet, set to verse in a brief dream-within-a-dream, in which a willful young dancer advances, a cat is probably out of the bag, and classical and quantum physics are expressed in terms of theme and variations."]

Scarlet Women (NY: DIF (Donald I. Fine books), 1996; NY: Dutton Adult, 1996 [15 February]) as J. D. Christilian

[*Roger Martin (France): "Scarlet Woman was to have been the first of a series. Marvin had written 85 pages of notes for the second book, and his widow asked me to write it. I was unable to do this kind of writing..."]
[--Set in New York in the 1870's this is a Victorian thriller. Summary: "In the tradition of "The Alienist", Scarlet Women evokes the raffish depths beneath the prim Victorian facade of New York City in the 1870s. An assorted collage of rogues, ladies of convenience, and double-murder combines to create a powerful story of delicious sin, corruption, and sudden death, all told with impeccable authenticity of place, personage, and ambience."
"Here are assorted rogues, ladies of convenience, a double-murder featuring a private investigator named Harp, himself on close terms with the likes of Jim Fisk, Jay Gould and Emma Wells, proprietress of a preeminent "parlor house." Also on hand, and functional to the narrative, are such historical characters as the feminist Victoria Woodhall, as well as her sister Tennessee, a practitioner of spiritualism.".
-- It is 1871. A prominent New York attorney must go to a private investigator named Harp to find his missing young wife. She has vanished int.
--Editorial Reviews:
From Library Journal. - New York, 1871. A prostitute named Alice Curry is found murdered near the East Street docks. Not unusual, except that the clothes the victim is wearing belong to the missing wife of an aristocrat. Street-smart private investigator Harp takes on the case. When a restaurateur who was the closest thing Harp had to a father is also murdered, the two cases prove to be related. Harp, the son of a prostitute, once a street urchin and apprentice thief, possesses a sometimes unbelievable encyclopedic knowledge of the city. He knows everybody who is anybody in every dance hall, brothel, precinct house, and gambling parlor. Though less about the lives of prostitutes than the title implies, this novel invites readers onto the streets of Victorian New York and steeps them in its vivid stories of danger, corruption, destitution, and obsession. Harp's flawed but heroic triumphs prove highly entertaining. Christilian is the pseudonym of an author of historical nonfiction and fiction, screenplays, and contemporary suspense. Recommended for public libraries.? Keddy Ann Outlaw, Harris Cty. P.L., Houston Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.
From Booklist. - The setting is New York City, the year 1871. A prostitute has been found in a warehouse, her throat slit. The cops don't have time to spend on the murder of a "scarlet woman," especially when they've got the Tammany Hall corruption scandal to worry about. So solving the crime falls to private investigator Harp (no first name given). A former street kid who learned early to live by his wits, Harp is a nineteenth-century version of the hard-boiled hero: tough exterior, cool demeanor, and a looking-over-his-shoulder alertness, all of which belie his real emotions. With many connections among the city's poorest citizens, Harp excels at finding information in the city's subterranean reaches. The talented Christilian (a pseudonym) provides a wonderfully evocative picture of nineteenth-century New York--the people, places, problems, and pleasures of the city and the terrible disparity between its rich and its poor. The plot is gripping and the characters are fascinating, but it's the charismatic and elusive Harp who really makes the story come alive. Emily Melton
From Amazon.
- This book has the format of a historical detective novel, complete with a Marlowesque detective and a double murder to be solved.  F. Orion Pozo (Raleigh, NC USA)]


Duel at Diablo (1966, United Artists, USA film)  Дуэль в Диабло.
Screenwriters: Marvin H. Albert & Michael M. Grilikhes. Based on the novel "Apache Rising" (1957) by Marvin H. Albert
Directed by Ralph Nelson. Starring: James Garner, Sidney Poitier & Bibi Andersson.

Rough Night in Jericho (1967, Universal, USA film)
Screenwriters: Marvin H. Albert & Sydney Boehm. Based on the novel "The Man in Black" (1965) by Al Conroy (M. Albert)
Directed by Arnold Laven. Starring: Dean Martin (as Alex Flood, a villain), George Peppard (as Dolan, a gambler) & Jean Simmons (as Molly Lang).

Lady in Cement (TCF, 1968, 20th Century Fox, USA film).
Screenwriters: Marvin H. Albert & Jack Guss. Based on the novel of the same title (1961) by Anthony Rome (M. Albert)
Directed by Gordon Douglas. Starring: Frank Sinatra (as Tony Rome) & Raquel Welch (as Kit Forrest), Richard Conte (as Lt. Dave Santini).

A Twist of Sand (1968, United Artists, UK film)
Marvin H. Albert. Based on the novel by Geoffrey Jenkins.
Directed by Don Chaffey. Starring: Richard Johnson & Honor Blackman. 

The Don Is Dead (1973, Universal,  USA film).  Дон мертв.
(US title for TV): Beautiful But Deadly; aka: The Deadly Kiss.
Screenplay: Marvin H. Albert. Based on the novel of the same title (1972) by Nick Quarry (M. Albert)
daptation: Christopher Trumbo & Michael Philip Butler.
Directed by Richard Fleischer. Starring: Anthony Quinn, Frederic Forrest & Robert Forster.


Marvin Albert: "...
j'ai écrit également des nouvelles quand j'étais dans la marine ; mais seules deux ou trois ont été publiées." (from a French Interview with Roger Martin


Requiem Pour Un Muckraker: 22 nouvelles noires en hommage à Marvin H. Albert 1924-1996. / sous la direction de Roger Martin (Paris: éditions Baleine, 1999, 366 pages) [Bibliographie: p. 353-363. Filmographie: p. 365-367.] Chacune des nouvelles porte le nom du titre d'un roman de Marvin Albert.
*? Contents:
20 nouvelles composent ce recueil, un de Marvin Albert, vingt autres signées par des auteurs français:
Georges-Jean Arnaud,
Alain Bellet ("La Soeur de Minuit"),
Didier Daeninckx,
Robert Deleuse,
Gérard Delteil,
Emmanuel Errer,
David Fréchet,
Roger Martin,
Pierre-Alain Mesplède,
et son
frère Claude Mesplède,
Jacques Mondoloni,
Jean-Hugues Oppel,
Brice Pelman,
Maurice Périsset,
Jean-Bernard Pouy,
Jean-Jacques Reboux,
Jean-Paul Schweig,
Tito Topin,
Marc Villard,
Claude Wharton,
avec une postface de Patrick Raynal
[presently director of "Serie Noire"].
There was also a story by Marvin H. Albert himself.

[* "Requiem pour un Muckraker" was the homage published in 1999, with 22 short stories by French writers, who had known Marvin. Each title being that of a book by Marvin translated into French.]


Killer in Shorts (March 1956, Argosy magazine) [article by Marvin H. Albert, includes a snapshot of Bonnie Parker]

Entretien avec Marvin H. Albert (05/09/1981) [French Interview with Roger Martin in Saint-Laurent d'Eze]

From www.abebooks.com

Bookseller: BUCKINGHAM BOOKS, ABAA, ILAB (Greencastle, PA, U.S.A.) Price: US$ 900.00

[Book Description:
   Various. Six paperback originals-all but one of them signed by this talented and prolific author of hardboiled crime novels, westerns, adventure novels, and novelizations of other people's screenplays-representing all of those genres and each of Albert's most frequent pseudonyms: Albert Conroy, Nick Quarry, Anthony Rome, Ian MacAlister, and Marvin Albert.
   In addition, representing the half-dozen film scripts that Albert wrote or co-wrote in the late '60s, our probably unique collection includes an interestingly inscribed studio copy of his 1966 adaptation, co-written with Sidney Boehm, of his own western novel (as Al Conroy) The Man in Black, which became the Dean Martin/George Peppard movie Rough Night in Jericho. Not represented in our collection is the pseudonym 'Mike Barone,' which Albert appears to have used only once, on his 1974 movie novelization Crazy Joe.
   Until his death a few years ago, from 'too many cigarettes' as he described it, Albert lived with his second wife, the artist Xenia Klar, in a mountaintop villa near the coast of France, and returned to the US infrequently, to work on a movie-related assignment in Hollywood (with a stopoff, usually, at one of the Western casinos). As a result, he had little contact with readers or collectors of his work, and signed copies of even his later hardcover books are rare.
   1) Albert Conroy. The Chiselers. New York: Fawcett Publications, 1953. First edition. PAPERBACK ORIGINAL. Gold Medal Book 289. The second of the eight ultra-hardboiled crime novels that Fawcett (and, in one case, Dell) published under the 'Albert Conroy' pseudonym between 1952 and 1961. SIGNED WITH BOTH NAMES on the title page, with a note: 'One of my very early books-not bad considering I was still very young, and learning.' (Born in Philadelphia in 1924, Albert served in the Merchant Marine in WW2). A spectacular copy, Near Fine and unread, with one of Barye Phillips' sexy cover paintings, of a scantily clad brunette resisting a stubborn-looking policeman's efforts to drag her down a backstage stairway to the stage door. Many admirers of Albert's fiction, and particularly the French, consider the dark novels he wrote as Albert Conroy his best work.]

It demands more precise information:

* * *
JAMES OXFORD (pseudonym) 
The Night of the Falcon
(NY: St Martin's Press, 1981 July, ISBN: 0312573022 [hc]; Hale, 1983) as James Oxford
[--"Best-selling author writing under a pseudonym."]
[-- Book Description: An espionage novel set in the dying days of World War II.]
* * *

LE CORSE la véritable histoire du milieu. Marvin H. Albert (France: Editions Encre, 1982, 341 pages)
Book Description: Broché In-8 broché, couverture illustrée, édition originale. ISBN: 2864181282.

La familila Falcone, Marvin H. Albert, (1982, Spanish. Translation of "The Corsican"; tr. P. Elias).
Book Description: Planeta, Barcelona, 1982. 280 pp. Una gran novela de gangsters corsos que tiene por escenario la Europa del ultimo medio siglo.

[*Information from Roger Martin (France):
   "Marvin told me he had written a book called "The Night of the Falcon" as by James Oxford. Later, as he had other projects to work on, he hired a ghost-writer. (By the way, he did the same with Gil Brewer for two books of the Soldato series.)
   "Le Corse", a story about the French Corsican Mafia in Corsica and Marseille. It was published in 1982 by Editions Encre in France, and I believe also in Germany. But it is surely the Falcone book."
   For Soldato, Marvin told me another writer did two of the titles.  As this author was still living, Marvin, who was a gentleman, refused to give his name.  I learned it after the death of Gil Brewer.  For "The Night of the Falcon", it is a very funny story.  A writer who had signed a contract for the book asked Marvin to write it, and he said yes.  But Marvin got other work and hired another ghost-writer himself.  I do not know either of the two others!"

Information from Hector Miguel Chavez, Sarah Johnson, Dennis Lien, Steve Lewis, Jeff Falco :
The problem with this is that Albert is not known to have written a book called The Corsican.  As it happens, Bill Ballinger, an author also known for his mystery fiction, did write a book with this title, but further investigation in this direction revealed that it was published in hardcover in 1974 (probably too early), and the main character is named Cesar Satisanni (not Falcone). 
*Bill S. Ballinger also wrote a book titled The Corsican, but the main character is one Saltisanni.
There is a character called “Falco” in the novel "Crazy Joe" by M. Barone (M.H.Albert).
This mystery book, The Corsican, was translated into other languages: into French as "Le Corse" and into German as "Der Korse".  The subtitles of these translations are interesting: “Der Europaische Pate” (The European Godfather) for the latter, and “La Véritable Histoire Du Milieu” (The True History of the Underworld) for the former.  All editions of these titles, to repeat, state that the original title of the book is The Corsican, and some use that phrase that I cannot help but think quaint, “translated from the American.”  The plot revolves around the two Falcone brothers who build a mafia empire in Europe. 
(from the site Mystery*File.
The Crime Fiction Research Journal)]


The Return of Johnny Morini (Al Conroy) [*? - Lancer Books, 1973 - ?*]
The Hour of Johnny Morini (AI Conroy) [*? - Lancer Books, 1974 - ?*]
[Roger Martin (France): "In the Soldato series, Marvin told me about two other titles: "The Return of Johnny Morini" and "The Hour of Johnny Morini". Perhaps only projects? But I’m not sure ???"]

A Mafia Kiss (Nick Quarry) [*? - Gold Medal Book, 1974 - ?*]
Roger Martin (France): "What about a book in 1974 with the title A Mafia Kiss (Nick Quarry). I’m not sure if it has been published ?"]

*??? - A Mafia Kiss = The Don Is Dead (1972) -???*
The Don Is Dead, 1973, USA film, aka: The Deadly Kiss. Screenplay: Marvin H. Albert.)

Перевод, требующий уточнений:

Ник Кварри. Клан.  (?)

Russian Errors:

Авторство требует уточнений [не Кварри] :

Ник Кварри. Мститель. Том 4. (Серия: Американский боевик). Мн: 1994, Изд. Белая Русь [400 стр.]
2 романа и 2 повести: Мститель [= Вендетта ]; Смерть мафиози [= Дон умер! ];  (?) Все на одного;  (?) Имя убийцы.

Ник Кварри. "Все на одного". Глава 1. /Освобождение Стива Рэтника из тюрьмы Синг Синг с интересом обсуждалось в одном из кабинетов тридцать первого отделения уголовной полиции. Сержант Майлс Клейберг взглянул на настольный календарь./ (гл. герой - Стив Рэтник). (= возможно это роман Уильяма МакГиверна "Один против всех" -???)

Ник Кварри. "Имя убийцы". Глава 1. /В восемь часов вечера зазвонил телефон. Один из мужчин снял трубку: "Уголовная комиссия. Говорит Нейл"./ (гл. герой - сержант Дэв Бэньон, из комиссии по уголовным делам). = это роман Уильяма МакГиверна "Дело чести" (/хороший/ перевод в сборнике "Трое за те же деньги. Антология", Терра – Книжный клуб, 1998) [William P. McGivern. A Matter of Honor (1984)]

В опиумном кольце, В аду шансов нет: [Романы]/Ник Кварри; [Пер. с англ.]. Один против всех: [Роман], В кромешной тьме;/[Повесть]/Уильям Мак-Гиверн; [Пер. с англ.] — Ереван: 1992, Айастан, 398с.
«Один против всех» — под таким названием объединены в этом сборнике четыре произведения известных американских мастеров остросюжетного детектива Ника Кварри и Уильяма МакГиверна. Главные герои романов — частный детектив Джек Бэрроу, полицейские Дэв Бэньйон и Стив Рэтник борятся в одиночку с наемными убийцами и главарями мафии, воротилами наркобизнеса и проституции.

сборник Ник Кварри. Смерть-моя тень. (Серия: Американский боевик. Том 3). Минск: 1993, Изд. Белая Русь.
3 романа и рассказ: В опиумном кольце. Смерть-моя тень. В аду шансов нет. Двойной выигрыш.
NB! - Двойной выигрыш.  =
это рассказ Пратера [R. S. Prather. The Double Take (July 1953)]

сборник Ник Кворри. Проигравшему - смерть. (Серия: Клуб Золотое Перо. Любителям детектива. вып.9). Ташкент, 1992, ККЖИ "Правда Востока". ответственный редактор - В. М. Мартов 
4 романа и повесть: Вендетта; Дон умер, да здравствует Дон!; Необходимо исчезнуть; В опиумном кольце; Смерть моя тень.
NB! - Необходимо исчезнуть (стр.231-310. перевод: В. М. Мартов, 1992. редактор: О.С.Дмитриева.) .  = это повесть французского писателя Марка Арно (в России его переводят как Макс Арно) из шпионской серии про Кристиана Фови /Kristian Fowey/.
[Marc Arno. Necessite de disparaitre (Paris: Fleuve Noir, 1969; Collection - Espionnage n° 739)]

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