Джеймс Кейн James Mallahan Cain

James Mallahan Cain
(1 July,1892 - 27 October,1977)
Annapolis, Maryland -
Hyattsville (University Park), Maryland

 Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America - 1970



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(Русские названия, указанные в скобках, взяты из статей и анонсов)

Novels:                                                                                                                               Романы:

1)The Postman Always Rings Twice (NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1934)
[working title: "Bar-B-Que"]

[--Cain dedicated the book to his friend, screenwriter Vincent Lawrence.
--The novel was made into the 1946 movie, directed by Tay Garnett, screenplay: Harry Ruskin & Niven Busch, starring: Lana Turner as Cora Smith (Papadakis), John Garfield as Frank Chambers.]
Почтальон всегда звонит дважды

(Первоначальное название рукописи 1933г. было: "Bar-B-Que"
Автор заменил его по требованию издателя, но не участвовал в редакторской правке текста).

2)Serenade (Knopf, 1937)
[working title: "Sombra y Sol"]
3)Mildred Pierce (Knopf, 1941) (Милдред Пирс).
4)Love's Lovely Counterfeit (Knopf, 1942) (Любовь - красивая фальшивка). (Милый обман любви).
5)Past All Dishonor (Knopf, 1946) (исторический роман)
[working title: "Pot of Gold"]
(Былое бесчестье).(Бесчестье).
6)The Butterfly (Knopf, 1947) Бабочка
7)Sinful Woman (NY: Avon, October 1947, book in digest size)
[working titles: "At the Galloping Domino" and "Sierra Moon"]
(revision of the play "7-11", written in 1938)

[--"Set to the furious tempo of the clicking dice and whirling roulette wheels of Reno, this is the story of a beautiful actress' willful younger sister--and James M. Cain uses this explosive triangle to create realism at its finest! "]
[--New York: [1947]. First edition, Avon Monthly Novels.
Avon Books. Digest Size. 1947 ed.
Book Description: New York: Avon Publications, Inc., [1957]., 1957. Fourth edition of the paperback original, as rack-size Avon 768. The printing history on the copyright page of this edition treats all four Avon editions, and the second printing of the second edition, as successive printings of the same edition, though each of the editions has a different publisher's number and different cover art. As a result, this fourth edition copy is identified as the "Fifth Printing. March, 1957." Using the printing dates in this copy, it is possible to reconstruct the correct early publishing history of SINFUL WOMAN, as follows: Avon Monthly Novel #1. First edition, in digest-size wraps...Oct 1947 Avon 174. Second edition (first rack-size), with new cover art...Sep 1948 Avon 174. Second printing, same cover.Mar 1949 Avon 599. Third edition (rack-size), with new cover art...July 1954 Avon 768. Fourth edition (rack-size), with new cover art...March 1957 In anticipation of this fourth edition, Cain signed a new contract with Avon on 29 June 1956, giving Avon exclusive rights for three more years to publish and sell paperbound editions of Sinful Woman for no more than 25 cents a copy. The next such edition had to be published within one year of the new agreement, which provided for Cain to receive a $500 advance on signing and another $500 on publication of the next edition. As Cain's biographer Roy Hoopes tells it, Cain was desperate for money at this point in his career, and the $1000 advance from Avon (on a title that they had already been selling for almost ten years) must have seemed a great windfall. One of the two (or perhaps three?) master copies of this contract, signed in ink by Cain, by Avon's executive v.p. Joseph Mann, and by someone from Cain's literary agents, Harold Ober Associates, is included with our VG+ copy of Avon 768, whose publication in March of '57 met the contract's one-year deadline with a couple of months to spare. (http://www.abebooks.co.uk)

8)The Moth (Knopf, 1948)  (Мотылек).
9)Jealous Woman (Avon, 1950)
[working titles: "The Lady Waiting Upstairs", "Nevada Moon"]
and  + working title: "The Modern Cinderella"-???*]

[--In 1946 Cain wrote "Nevada Moon", which he intended to sell for serial publication and to the movies. The story originally featured the character Keyes, Edward G. Robinson's character in "Double Indemnity"; Robinson was reportedly interested in pursuing Keyes as a continuing character. "Nevada Moon" failed to impress its intended audience, and so it was put away until Cain dusted it off, rewrote it (eliminating all references to Keyes and "Double Indemnity"), and allowed Avon to publish it as a paperback original. Again Avon changed the title, the published work emerging with the more exploitive "Jealous Woman".
--Cain's only detective narrators are the sheriff in "Sinful Woman" (1948) and the insurance investigator, modeled after Keyes in "Double Indemnity", in "Jealous Woman" (1950); these were published together in a single volume ("Jealous Woman") in Britain in 1955.]

(Ревнивая женщина).

(в первом варианте 1946 г. действовал Keyes, персонаж из "Double Indemnity", позднее автор его исключил).

10)The Root of His Evil (Avon, 1951);
aka: Shameless (Avon, 1958)
[working titles:"The Modern Cinderella"] (written in 1937)

[--Cain's 1937 serial "The Modern Cinderella" was made into the 1939 movie When Tomorrow Comes, starring Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer. Once again Avon agreed to publish the novel as a paperback original, and once again they did not like Cain's title. This time Cain assisted in the renaming process, and "The Root of his Evil" was the result.]

(Виновница его мучений). (Корни зла).
11)Galatea (Knopf, 1953)
[working title: "The Slim Girl"]
12)Mignon (NY: Dial Press, 1962) (исторический роман)
[working titles: "The Silver Mountain" and "The Pie Rat"]
13)The Magician's Wife (Dial Press, 1965) 
[working title: "Pagliaccio"]
(Жена фокусника).
14)Rainbow's End (NY: Mason-Charter, 1975)  (Край радуги).
15)The Institute (Mason-Charter, 1976) (Институт).
16)Cloud Nine (N.Y. Mysterious Press, 1984)
[working title: "The Purification"]
[*Written in the late 1960s (~1967-68) when Cain was 75. It was rejected by his publisher.]
17)The Enchanted Isle (N.Y. Mysterious Press, 1985)
[working title: "The Mink Coat"]
Unpublished Novels:
"Beauty, Booty, and Blood"
"The Cocktail Waitress"
"The Forbidden Game"
"Jinghis Quinn"
"The Kingdom by the Sea" ("The Foundling")
"The Unregistered Guest"

Short stories and Novellas:                                                                                                      Рассказы и Повести:

Pastorale (1927; 1st published: American Mercury, March 1928) Пастораль
The Taking of Montfaucon (American Mercury, June 1929)   
Auld Lang Syne (The New Yorker, 20 December 1930)   
Gridiron Soliloquies (The New Yorker, 21 December 1931)  
The Baby in the Icebox (American Mercury, January 1933)  Младенец в холодильнике
Comeback (Redbook, June 1934) (aka: Come-back)  
Double Indemnity (serialized in 8-parts in Liberty, 1936) (Avon Murder Mystery Monthly #16, 1943, book) (Novella)
[*In November 1934 Cain began the serial "Double Indemnity" and finished it by the end of summer 1935.
It was made into the 1944 movie, directed by Billy Wilder, screenplay:  Billy Wilder & Raymond Chandler, starring: Fred MacMurray as Walter Neff, Barbara Stanwyck as Phyllis Dietrichson, Edward G. Robinson as Barton Keyes.]
Двойная страховка (повесть)
Dead Man (American Mercury, March 1936) Труп на рельсах
Hip, Hip, the Hippo (Redbook, March 1936)   
The Birthday Party (Ladies' Home Journal, May 1936)   
Brush Fire (Liberty, 5 December 1936)   
Coal Black (Liberty, 3 April 1937)   
Everything But the Truth (Liberty, 17 July 1937)
[working title: "The Annapolitan"] 
Two Can Sing  (American, April 1938) (story);
aka : Career in C Major (in the collection "Career in C Major and other stories", Avon, 1943)
(Novella, expanded version);
also: Everybody Does It (Signet #759, 1949)
(Novella, expanded version)
The Girl in the Storm (Liberty, 6 January 1940) (also in the collection "For Men Only", edited by James M. Cain [Cleveland, World, 1944])
[working title:"The Storm"]
Девушка под дождем
Money and the Woman (serialized in Liberty, 1940 [*1938-?])
aka: The Embezzler (Avon Murder Mystery Monthly #20, 1944, book)
Растратчик (повесть)
Pay-Off Girl (Esquire, August 1952)   
Cigarette Girl (Manhunt, May 1953)  
Two O'Clock Blonde (Manhunt, August 1953)  
Death on the Beach (Jack London's Adventure Magazine, October 1958)  
The Visitor (Esquire, September 1961)   
It Was the Cat ( in "Continent's End: A Collection of California Writing", edited J.H.Jackson, N.Y. McGraw Hill, 1944)  
Citizenship, (1950, August, # 81, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine) [see Short fiction: (1926-29, in The American Mercury)]  
Joy Ride to Glory (in the collection "The Baby in the Icebox and Other Short Fiction", edited by Roy Hoopes [Holt, Rinehart and Winston,1981]) Побег.
A War Bond Message (October 1943, Popular Detective) [short article -?*]  
The Robbery  
Vanishing Act   
Joy Ride  
Queen of Love and Beauty  
Santa Claus, M.D.  
Gold Letters Hand Painted  
It Breathed  
* Short fiction: (1926-29, in The American Mercury magazine) :
Red, White and Blue.
Trial by Jury. 
Theological Interlude.

[see Stories -?*]
Will of the People.
Other Short fiction [alphabetical order]:
"Afternoon at the Beach"
"Badger Game"
"The Bishop's Hair Shirt"
"Boogie-Woogie Hour"
"Breakfast at Bombo's"
"The Circus Girl"
"The Celebrity"
"The Contralto"
"The Dainty Little Thing"
"Diving Venus"
"The Feud"
"The Frogs"
"Fruit Flies" ("The Foundation of Life")
"The Game of Skill"
"The Ghost"
"The Guest in 717"
"Guest Stars"
"Hatcheck Girl"
"Hit and Run"
"Hit, Run, and Repent"
"The Jinniwink"
"Minor Child"
"The Minstrel Boy"
"Mistake in Identity"
"Mommy's a Barfly"
"Normal Indemnity"
"The Old Hag"
"One of Eve's Family"
"Payment in Full"
"Pretty Puma"
"The Renumbered Page"
"Serpent of the Nile"
"The Shark"
"Slave Girl"
"The Star"
"Stick-Up" (*"Stick Up")
"Tawny Blonde"
"The Trumpeter"
"The Whale, the Cluck, and the Diving Venus"
"What Will Mildred Do Next?"
"Yegg Chick"

Collections:                                                                                                           Сборники:

1)Career in C Major and other stories (Avon, 1943) [Contains: Career in C Major; Coal Black; The Girl in the Storm.]

2)Three of a Kind (Knopf, 1943) [Contains: Career in C Major (aka: Two Can Sing); The Embezzler (aka: Money and the Woman); Double Indemnity.]
[*Book Description: NY: Knopf 1943. First edition, first printing. 327 pages] [--Containing the three novelettes, "Career in C Major," "The Embezzler," and "Double Indemnity," all of which had been published separately in the Avon Murder Mystery Monthly format. *Three Short Novels. "Like his great successes, 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' and 'Serenade' -- like almost everything he has written -- these stories deal with violent deeds and violent emotions. Passion and murder are their materials, and they are presented with the amazing skill that makes any Cain story an adventure in suspense. They are indeed three of a kind -- and every one of them an ace."]

3)Everybody Does It (Signet #759, 1949) [Contains: "Career in C Major"; "The Embezzler"]
[*A collection of two novels dealing with Cain's version of love. The first involves a middle-aged contractor & his affair with a concert singer; the second involves a bachelor banker & his affair with his assistant's wife.]

4)Three of Hearts (London: Robert Hale, 1949) [Contains 3 novels: Love's Lovely Counterfeit; Past All Dishonor; The Butterfly.]

5)Jealous Woman, Sinful Woman. (London: Robert Hale, 1954) [Contains 2 novels.]  

6)Cain x 3 (Knopf, 1969) [Contains 3 novels: The Postman Always Rings Twice; Mildred Pierce; Double Indemnity.]
[*with preface by Tom Wolfe]

7)Hard Cain (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1980) [Contains 3 novels: Sinful Woman; Jealous Woman; The Root of His Evil.]
[*with "Introduction" by Harlan Ellison] 

8)The Baby in the Icebox and Other Short Fiction, edited by Roy Hoopes (NY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1981); (London: Robert Hale, 1982). 
The Robbery
Vanishing Act
Joy Ride
Queen of Love and Beauty
Santa Claus, M.D.
Gold Letters Hand Painted
It Breathed
The Hero
Theological Interlude
The Taking of Montfaucon
The Birthday Party;
Dead Man
Brush Fire
Coal Black;
The Girl in the Storm
Joy Ride to Glory
Money and the Woman
(aka: "The Embezzler");
The Baby in the Icebox.
[* --Penguin Books, Middlesex, England, 1984. Soft Cover. First UK Paperback Printing. (vi) 312 pp.
Contains: The Robbery; Vanishing Act; Dreamland; Joy Ride; Queen of Love and Beauty; Santa Claus M.D.; Gold Letters Hand Painted; It Breathed; The Hero; Theological Interlude; Pastorale; The Taking of Montfaucon; The Birthday Party; Dead Man; Brush Fire; Coal Black; The Girl in the Storm; Joy Ride to Glory; Money and the Women (The Embezzler;) and The Baby in the Icebox.
* --NY: Penguin Books,1984. Trade paperback. vi, 312 pp. Introduction by Hoopes. Contains sketches and dialogues, nine short stories and a novella]

9)The Five Great Novels by James M. Cain (London: Picador / Pan, 1985, paperback) [Contains 5 novels : The Postman Always Rings Twice; Serenade; Mildred Pierce; Double Indemnity; The Butterfly.]

 Non-Fiction Books:                                                                                                         Книги:

1) Our Government (Knopf, 1930) [8 satirical essays ]
(первый набросок написан в 1924 году; сатирико-политические диалоги для журнала The American Mercury)

[--The author's first book, which in he sets out to illustrate (through satirical pieces written almost entirely in play/ dialogue format) the workings of American government from the Presidential down to the local level. Some of the pieces had previously been published in H.L. Mencken's "The American Mercury," and Mencken is first in the author's acknowledgments, in gratitude for "[giving] me many inspirational talks when my interest flagged."
--With a presentation inscription from the author reading "To Miss Hortense Alden--That she may be enabled to cast her ballot more intelligently at the next election, James M. Cain."]

(Наше правительство).
2) 60 Years of Journalism, edited by Roy Hoopes. (Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1985 [1986-?*]) (anthology)  
3) The James M. Cain Cookbook: Guide to Home Cooking, Physical Fitness and Animals (Especially Cats), edited by Roy Hoopes and Lynne Barret. (1988)  

Articles:                                                                                                                  Статьи:

The Man Merriwell (The Saturday Evening Post, 11 June 1927)
[*about dime novels]
Are Editorials Worth Reading? (The Saturday Evening Post, 24 December 1927)  
«For Men Only», introduction in the collection "For Men Only", edited by James M. Cain (Cleveland, World, 1944)  
preface  to "Three of a Kind" (Knopf, 1943)  
preface  to "The Butterfly" (NY: Knopf, 1947)
[*written - August, 1946]
"«Бабочка». Предисловие автора"
Vincent Sargent Lawrence (Screen Writer, January 1947, #11-15)
[*article about a Hollywood screenwriter and Cain's friend V. Lawrence]
Other Nonfiction [alphabetical order]:
"Animals/Birds/Fish/Insects/Reptiles Do the Strangest Things"
"Armageddon: 1952"
"Avis Rara"
-Blurb for
«The Detective» by Roderick Thorp.
"Camera Obscura"
"The Champion Catch-as-Catch Can Plain and Fancy Word Doubter This Side of Kingdom Come" ("Will You Hold")
"Charles Laughton: A Reminiscence of a Revelation" ("Laughton")
"Christmas Past-
«Silent Night 1918»" ("The Christmas I Best Remember")
"Close Harmony"
"Coal Baron"
"The Critics"
"The Danger of Treason" (1948)
"The End of the
-Foreword to Civil War Round Table yearbook.
-Foreword to
«The Treasure of the Sierra Madre» by B. Traven.
"From the Kibitzer's Angle"
"The Gentle Side of W. C. Fields" ("Fields" and "Correction for the Record")
"Give Clothes"
"Good News"
"Hallowe'en, 1971"
"The Holluschickle"
"Home Sweet Homework"
"How to Tell Good Art from Bad"
"How We Used to Pass the Time"
"I Punditti"
"Job No. 1"
emorandum concerning
«Our Government».
"Mr. M" [Unpublished article on Henry L. Mencken]
"Nicky" (with Florence Macbeth, a former opera singer, Cain's fourth (and last) wife; 1947 - they got married, 1966 - she died).
"Note on Norman Mailer"
"O Say Can You Sing It" ("The Dawn's Early Light", "Our Anthem Is Singable" and "Our Anthem, Right or Wrong")
"Oh les Crepes-Suzettes" ("Les Crepes-Suzettes")
"The Pax"
"Preface" [introduction to unidentified anthology of four Cain novels, ca. 1940]
"Preface to the 50th Anniversary Edition [of
«Who's Who in America»]"
"The Raccoon Always Rings Twice" ("Trouble in Paradise, Or It Never Rains But It Pours")
"Remembrances of Kann's Past" ("Kann's: A Memoir")
"Re Sinclair Lewis"
"Sabres and Armor" (*"Sabres and Armour")
"Sliced Peaches for Desert"
"The Sour Note"
"Spirits" ("How to Make a Mint Julep")
"Suffer the Little Children"
"Sunken Treasure"
"The Sweet Singers"
"That Was Hollywood"
"That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do" ("Great Expectations of 1976")
"Them Ducks"
"Treason by Any Other Name" ("Treason: An Anachronism?")
"U.S.A.: Round Trip"
"Walter Lippmann Had Style" ("Walter Lippmann: A Memoir")
"What Price Chinchilla?"
"Washington Gridders Beat U. of Md. 17-0, Upset Victory Ends 1905 Season"
"Where the Wild Things Are" ("The Wildlife Preserve")

Unpublished writings (ca. 1940-1977):
"Cain and Cain" [from Autobiography]
"The Cat, the Fiddle, the Moon"  [from Autobiography]

*? Nonfiction writings:
"Signal Corps Story" (1942)
"The Spaghetti Aria" n.d. [by Henry Myers]

Plays:                                                                                                                Пьесы:

"Buggy Ride"
"The Butterfly"(1962) (adapted from Cain novel by Ramon Gordon)
"Clouds Over the Continent"
"The Concertmaster"
"Crashing the Gate" (play production - February 1926, Stamford, Connecticut)
"The Defalcation"
"First Mortgage"
"40 Hommes, 8 Chevaux"
"The 49'ers"
"Galahad Rides Again"
"Give Me One Day"
"The Guest in 701" (1956-?*)(never produced)
"The Lifeline"
"Marble Halls"
"Petting Party" (revised version by Orrie Lashin)
"The Postman Always Rings Twice" [based on his own novel] (play production - 26 February 1936, NY, Lyceum Theater)
"Restitution in Full"
"Sacred and Profane Love"
"7-11" (play production - 1938, Cohasset, Massachusetts)

Screenplays:                                                                                                         Сценарии:

Algiers (United Artists, 1938, with John Howard Lawson, Ashelbe and Henri La Barthe) (Directed by John Cromwell) (published in "Foremost Films of 1938", edited by Frank Vreeland,[Toronto,Pitman,1939])

Stand Up and Fight (MGM, 1939, with Harvey Fergusson, Jane Murfin and Forbes Parkhill) (Directed by W.S. Van Dyke)

When Tomorrow Comes (1939, with Dwight Taylor) (based on "The Modern Cinderella") (Directed by John M. Stahl)

Gypsy Wildcat (Universal Pictures, 1944, with James P. Hogan, Gene Lewis, Joseph Hoffman and Ralph Stock) (Directed by Roy William Neill)

Everybody Does It (1949, with Nunnally Johnson) (based on "Two Can Sing") (Directed by Edmund Goulding)
[* "EVERYBODY DOES IT". Screenplay by Nunnally Johnson. Based on a story by James M. Cain. Shooting Final; January 21, 1949.
"EVERYBODY DOES IT" was released by Twentieth Century-Fox in 1949. It was directed by Edmund Goulding and produced by Nunnally Johnson. Paul Douglas played the role of a most unlikely opera star in this comedy. Others in the cast included Linda Darnell, Celeste Holm, Charles Coburn, Millard Mitchell, Lucile Watson, John Hoyt, and George Tobias. The film was based on the James M. Cain short novel "Career in C Major", which was first published serialized in AMERICAN MAGAZINE in 1938 under the title "Two Can Sing." Its first publication in book form (under the "C Major" title) was in Cain's 1943 collection "THREE BY CAIN". A previous screen adaptation, "WIFE, HUSBAND, AND FRIEND", was released in 1939 and was also written and produced by Nunnally Johnson.]

Interlude (1968, USA:113 min) 1957 - screenplay by James M. Cain (uncredited),  written by Lee Langley, Hugh Leonard. Directed by Kevin Billington.

Film scripts [alphabetical order]:
"Build My Gallows High"
"Flame of Louisiana" ("Well of Enchantment") [by Drexel W. Truitt]
"Golden Venus"
"The Glass Heart" (film-1946) [by Cain] & [by Marty Holland]
"The Governor General"
"Hot Bus" [with Herman Michelson]
"I Know You" [by Keith Frings, with breakdown by Cain]
"Mister Sugar"
"Money and the Woman" (film-1940) [by Robert Presnell, based on Cain's novella from
«Liberty» magazine]
"The Moon, Their Mistress"
"Pepe le Moko" (Пепе ле Моко)
"Serenade" [by Elliot Paul, based on Cain's novel]
"The Shanghai Gesture" (from play by John Colton); [with collaboration of Jules Furthman, Karl Vollmoeller, and Geza Herczeg].
"Ten Days of Heaven" (undated version, & 1938 version)
"The Victoria Docks at 8" [by Cain] & [by Rufus King, screen treatment by Robertson White]
"Wings of the Dove" [breakdown by Cain]

"Congressional Investigation" [television pilot]
"Hayworth Story" [prospectus]
-Suggested story line for Jack Benny show.
- A fragment
concerning "The Great Gatsby" (film -1945) [prospectus] (Великий Гэтсби)

The movies Cain received credits for include:
Hot Saturday (1932);
Duchess of Delmonico
Dr. Socrates
The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Out of the Past
(1947, US) [aka (UK): Build My Gallows High] Screenplay by Geoffrey Homes, with Frank Fenton (uncredited) & James M Cain (as uncredited scriptwriter) based on the novel "Build My Gallows High" by Geoffrey Homes, (Directed by Jacques Tourneur), [starring: Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas].  (Из прошлого; Поставьте выше мой эшафот)

Editor:                                                                                                                       Редактор:

79th Division Headquarters Troop: A Record. (editor with Malcolm Gilbert) (privately printed,1919)

For Men Only: A Collection of Short Stories, Edited and with an Introduction by James M. Cain. (Cleveland, Ohio USA: The World Publishing Company/Forum Books Edition, first printing - January 1944, Hard Cover.)
1. Alexander Wollcott. Histoire de France;
2. Ernest Hemingway. The Undefeated;
3. W. Somerset Maugham. The Vessel of Wrath;
4. James T. Farrell. Twenty-Five Bucks;
5. John O'Hara. Coffee Pot;
6. Irvin S. Cobb. Snake Doctor;
7. Ring Lardner. Alibi Ike;
8. Ambrose Bierce. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Lodge;
9. John Steinbeck. The Harness;
10. John Collier. Romance Lingers, Adventure Lives;
11. Irwin Shaw. Triumph of Justice;
12. Jack Boyle. Boston Blackie's Mary;
13. F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Four Fists;
14. Edgar Allan Poe. The Purloined Letter;
15. Ben Ames Williams. The Man Who Looked Like Edison;
16. Arthur Conan Doyle. A Scandal in Bohemia;
17. Jack London. Semper Idem;
18. Dorothy Parker. Big Blonde;
19. James M. Cain. The Girl in the Storm.
[*--Contents works by Ernest Hemingway, Damon Runyon, Ring Lardner, John Steinbeck, John O'Hara, James T. Farrell, and J.M.Cain.
--352pp. Short Story Masterpieces by Alexander Woollcott, Hemingway, Maugham, Farrell, O'Hara, Lardner, Steinbeck, Shaw, Fitzgerald, Parker, and Cain, among others--19 in all.
--Wartime short story collection. Includes Irwin Shaw's early work Triumph of Justice.
--Forum Books Edition, Books in Wartime. "Books are weapons in the war of ideas"--President Roosevelt. Book contains first appearance of Cain's "The Girl in the Storm", Steinbeck's "The Harness", plus stories by Hemingway, Woolcot, Farrell, Maugham, Bierce, O'Hara, Lardner, Cobb, London, Shaw, Fitgerald, etc.
--From the introduction: " An annual collection of short stories, in which we have included tales of an earlier vintage, possibly familiar to you but those that have passed the test of time."]

Backas, Margot, 1975
"Today Show," 1969




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