Норберт Дэвис

Norbert Harrison Davis
 (18 April 1909    28 July 1949)
Morrison (Illinois)
Harwich (Massachusetts)


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Series characters:

Ben Shaley [private gumshoe in Hollywood] 2 stories:
Red Goose (February 1934)
The Price of a Dime (April 1934)

Tom Band [ ? ] 2 western stories (?*):
Sign of the Sidewinder (June 1935)
Boot-Hill Bait (November 1935)

Simeon Saxon [ ? ] 2 stories (?*):
One Man Died (18 January 1936)
Diamond Slippers (14 March 1936)

James Michael [*series character ?] 2 stories (?*):
Public Defender
(27 June 1936) Michael-1
Murder Harvest (12 September 1936) James Michael-2

Benjamin Martin [ ? ] 5 stories:
Judge of the Damned (Oct 1937)
Underworld Judge—and Jury (Nov 1937)
Charge It to the Corpse! (Jan 1938)
The Judge Looks at Death (Jun 1938)
For They Would Gladly Die! (Sep 1938)

Jim Daniels (James A. Daniels - Specialist in Criminal Law) [Atty (attorney), the brilliant, tough-minded and idealistic young criminal lawyer] 3 novels:
Mad Money (25 June & 2, 9, 16, 23 July 1938) [5-part serial in "Argosy"]
Sand in the Snow (1, 8, 15, 22, 29 April 1939) [5-part serial in "Argosy"]
Hang Him High (17, 24, 31 May & 7, 14, 21 June 1941) [complete 6-part serial in "Argosy"]

Jeffrey Scott [ ? ] 2 stories:
Murder on the Mississippi (Oct 1938)
Death of a Medicine Man (Feb 1939)

Doctor Flame (Dr. Edward Carl Flame) [slum medico by choice] 4 stories:
Children of Murder (Sep 1939)
The Corpse Lottery (Jan 1940)
No Miracles in Murder (Jun 1940)
Doctor Flame’s Murder Blackout (Sep 1942)

William "Bail Bond" Dodd [wise-cracking bail-bondsman of the Criminal Courts] 8 stories:
1) Murder Down Deep
(February 1940)
2) Murder in the Red (April 1940)
3) This Will Kill You! (August 1940)
4) Come Up and Kill Me Some Time (October 1941)
5) Have One on the House (March 1942)
6) Who Said I Was Dead? (August 1942)
7) You Bet Your Life! (September 1942)
8) Take It from Me (December 1943)

Doan & Carstairs [a short, fat private detective & his dog (a gigantic Great Dane) ] 2 stories & 3 novels:
1) Holocaust House (16, 23 November 1940) [two-part novelette]
2) The Mouse in the Mountain
(1943); aka: Rendezvous With Fear (1944); aka: Dead Little Rich Girl (1945) [novel]
3) Sally's in The Alley (1943) [novel]
4) Cry Murder!
(July 1944); aka: Till the Killer Comes (1951) [story]
5) Oh, Murderer Mine (1946) [novel]

Max Latin [private inquiry agent and the undercover owner of Guitterez' restaurant ] 5 stories:
1) Watch Me Kill You!
(July 1941)
2) Don't Give Your Right Name (December 1941)
3) Give the Devil His Due (May 1942)
4) You Can Die Any Day (December 1942)
5) Charity Begins at Homicide (October 1943)

John Collins [Sergeant of Military Intelligence & piano man from Hollywood] 3 stories:
Don't Cry for Me (May 1942)
Beat Me Daddy (November 1942)
Name Your Poison (May 1943)

John Dale [ ? ] 2 stories (?*):
Paroled to Murder
(September 1936 (Sept' 37 *?) [*April 1932-?])
[*main character: John Dale]
Drop of Doom (December 1939) [*main character: Dale]

[???*] - it demands more precise information:
A Western series character, the enigmatic Major Cain, starred in several novelettes, one of which - A Gunsmoke Case for Major Cain (October 1940, Dime Western)

Stories & Novelettes:

Dr. Blood
. by Norbert Davis (a short story, ~ 1935 or 36 -???*)
Bonded Stuff (March 1932, Real Detective)
Reform Racket (June 1932, Black Mask)
[*main character:
Dan Stiles, gunman]
Thieves in the Night (June 1932, Real Detective)
The Half-Wit (July 1932, Real Detective)
The Ace Wins (February 1933, Real Detective)
Kansas City Flash (March, 1933, Black Mask)
[-Reprinted in "Murder, Plain & Fanciful", ed. James Sandoe (Sheridan House, 1948);
-Reprinted in "The Hard-Boiled Detective", ed. Herbert Ruhm (Vintage Books 72156, pb, 1977)]
[*main character: Mark Hull, ex-stunt man in Hollywood & L.A.]

The Ghost of Murder Alley (December 1933/January 1934 [one issue], Frontier Stories) [western ?]

Red Goose (February 1934, Black Mask) Ben Shaley-1
[-Reprinted in "The Hard-Boiled Omnibus: Early Stories from Black Mask", ed. Joseph T. Shaw (Simon & Schuster, hc, 1946; Pocket #852, pb, 1952);
-Reprinted in "The Mammoth Book of Pulp Action", ed. Maxim Jakubowski (Constable & Robinson, UK, 2001; Carroll & Graf, 2001)

Four Drops of Blood (February/March 1934 [one issue], Frontier Stories)

[--Four scarlet rubies from a fat-paunched Rajah's hoard... Murder was their price and fear their heritage, for Bill Single was dogging the loot trail.]

The Price of a Dime (April 1934, Black Mask) Ben Shaley-2
The Black Pill (April/May 1934, Frontier Stories)
The Green Skull (July 1934, Frontier Stories) [western ?]
The Death Cross (September 1934, Frontier Stories)
The Gin Monkey (15 January 1935, Dime Detective)
[*main character: Max Clark]
Hit and Run (April 1935, Black Mask)
[*main character: Jake J. Tait, private eye]
Lunatic Lode (April 1935, Action Stories)
Black Death (18 May 1935, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[*main character: Sarr]
[--The Night Was Sudenly Filled with That Inhuman Scream - and the Man with the Hooked Hand Knew That Papa-loa, the Little Monster, Was Going to Strike.]

Sign of the Sidewinder (June 1935, Western Aces) Tom Band  [western]
[-Reprinted in "Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West" (Normal,IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011)]
The Girl with the Webbed Hand (24 August 1935, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[*main character: Slattery]
[--Between the Girl's Fingers Stretched the Weird Clue to the Twenty Million Dollar Murder.]

Trip to Vienna (19 October 1935, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[*main character: Gerwyn]
[--It Was Called the Case of the Man with the Cabbage Head - a $20,000 Joke That a Strange Battle in a Los Angeles Apartment House Settled.]
[!Error: 19 October 1939]

Boot-Hill Bait (November 1935, Western Aces) Tom Band [western]
[-Reprinted in "Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West" (Normal,IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011)]
The Devil's Scalpel (November 1935, Dime Detective)
[*main character: Bill Ray]
Death Creeps (December 1935, Action Stories) [western]
[-Reprinted in "Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West" (Normal,IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011)]
One Man Died (18 January 1936, Detective Fiction Weekly) Simeon Saxon

[--Creeping Across the Graves of the Dead the Murderer Came - with a Shovel in One Hand and a Gun in the Other.]

Dancing Dimes (February 1936, Public Enemy)
The Missing Legs (22 February 1936, Detective Fiction Weekly)  

[--It Wasn't Beer - It Wasn't Ale - Yet It Was Both - and That Was Only One Puzzle in the Riddle of the Scattered Corpse.]

The Devil in the Black Cat (March 1936, Dynamic Adventures)
Diamond Slippers (14 March 1936, Detective Fiction Weekly) Simeon Saxon
Hell's Freight (April 1936, Public Enemy)
Marriage for Sale (April 1936, Complete Stories magazine)

Body at Large, by Dave Barnes (April 1936, The Phantom Detective) Dave Barnes - pseudonym of Arthur K. Barnes (1911-1969) & Norbert Davis (1909-1949).

The Rag-Tag Girl (May 1936, Phantom Detective)

[* The Rag-Tag-Girl by Norbert Davis, Author of "Black Death", "Dr. Blood", etc.
--In His Attempt to Get a Friend Out of Jail, Lunsford Takes a Warped Path Through Underworld Trickery and Swift Slaughter!]

Clues on Crutches (20 June 1936, Detective Fiction Weekly)
Public Defender (27 June 1936, Detective Fiction Weekly) Michael-1

[--As Strong a Story as Was Ever Told by Norbert Davis.
--When Crooks Discover That They Have Been Double-Crossed, There Is No Telling What Will Be the Final Dread Outcome - for Their Victims.]

Reprieve from Death (July 1936, Detective Tales)
[*! error date: April ...]
Satan's Doll Shop (August 1936, Detective Tales)
The Upside-Down Man (August 1936, Ace-High Detective)
Murder Harvest (12 September 1936, Detective Fiction Weekly) James Michael-2
Paroled to Murder (September 1936, Detective Tales)
*? - Paroled to Murder!

[*! error dates: Sept' 1937; April 1932]
[*main character - John Dale]
The House That Walked, by Dave Barnes (September 1936, Astounding Stories) [SF] Dave Barnes - pseudonym of Arthur K. Barnes (1911-1969) & Norbert Davis (1909-1949).
[--Vibrations - which moved with a strange, horrible slowness - and yet with unerring speed!
--Vibrations handled by a master scientist can produce illusion clear enough to drive men mad!]
Death on the Credit Side, by Dave Barnes (September 1936, Ace-High Detective Magazine) Dave Barnes - pseudonym of Arthur K. Barnes (1911-1969) & Norbert Davis (1909-1949).
The Case of the Greedy Guardian (3 October 1936, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[*main character: Slattery]
[--On a Lonely, Hostile Isle, Deceit and Money and Dynamite Are the Weapons of a Scheming Madman.]

Murder Medicine (October 1936, Detective Tales)
Black Bandana (21 November 1936, Argosy) [western novelette]

[--Mystery Novelette. El Diablo Negro had a strange and intricate way of saving his diamond hoard from the revolutionists.]

Come Home and Die! (November 1936, Detective Tales)
[*main character: Mark Stevens]
Dead Man’s Chest (November 1936, Thrilling Adventures) [western novelette]

[--Treasure hunting in the mountains of Mexico. Needless to say, the territory is teeming with vicious desperados. No one dies gently in this one.
--Greed-Man Desperadoes Stage a Death Ambush for Possession of Buried Loot! Poco Kelly, Intrepid Adventurer, Straddles Danger Among Mexican Border Bandits!]

Death's Medal (December 1936, Pocket Book Detective)
[*? misprint: Death’s Model. Dec' 1936, Pocket Detective Magazine. *?]
Hell’s Dancing Master, by Dave Barnes (January 1937, Dime Mystery Magazine) Dave Barnes - pseudonym of Arthur K. Barnes (1911-1969) & Norbert Davis (1909-1949).
Bad Actor (February 1937, Pocket Book Detective)
5 to 1 Odds on Murder (6 February 1937, Detective Fiction Weekly)
aka: Five to One Odds on Murder.

[--A Knockout Novelette by Norbert Davis.
--Undercover Agent Matt Tuller Face Hood Heat, When He Taunts a Killer Mob With a Date at the Death House.]

Blue Bullets (13 March 1937, Argosy)

[*main character - Latimer, secret service man.
--A Complete Novelette. You take three pearls and drop them in a cauldron of tropic mystery. Stir well and mix in with a Spiggoty railroad, a fugitive from justice, and a Latin secret service man. The result — a story good to the last period!]

A Gamble in Corpses (March 1937, Detective Tales)
[*main character: Michael Bartlett]
Their Guardian from Hell (March 1937, Star Western) [western novelette]
[-Reprinted in "Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West" (Normal,IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011)]

[--Thrilling novelette of a broken drifter — and his lone-hand fight for manhood.
--A fresh-dug grave, a grief-stricken, kneeling kid, with a hog-leg in his grimy fist, and the tearful, sweet smile of a girl — those things sent Roy Falk, broken, discouraged drifter, into Wolfville — to show a townful of blood-mad killers that no real man is ever licked, this side boothill!]

Death Stops the Show (April 1937, Detective Tales)
Something for the Sweeper (May 1937, Dime Detective)
[-Reprinted in "Hard-Boiled Detectives: 23 Great Stories from Dime Detective Magazine", ed. Stefan Dziemianowicz, Robert Weinberg & Martin H. Greenberg (Gramercy, 1992);
-Reprinted in "A Century of Noir: Thirty-Two Classic Crime Stories", ed. Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins (New American Library, 2002)]
[*main character: Just Plain Jones]
Letters from Home (June 1937, Pocket Book Detective)
Top Hat Killer (26 June 1937, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[--He Wore a Fuzzy Yellow Coat and a Shiny Topper; the Crimes He Committed Seemed as Crazy as His Clothing.]

Death Sings a Torch-Song (July 1937, Dime Detective)
[*main character: Dennis Lee]
Beauty in the Morgue (31 July 1937, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[*main character: John Mark]
[--Dismal Rain Pierced the Dark Night and Death Walked In the Morgue.]

Cubes of Blackmail (August 1937, Detective Tales)
Indian Sign (18 September 1937, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[--Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Is One Thing – Suing for Legal Collection Another!]

Trail of the Talented Butcher (September 1937, Detective Tales)
Mountain Man (2 October 1937, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[*main character: Saul Jarret]
[--A Sculptor Should Be Able to Recognize a Chizeler When He Sees One, But Even Saul Jarret Was Fooled For a Time.]

Idiot's Coffin Keepsake (October 1937, Strange Detective Mysteries)
Judge of the Damned (October 1937, Detective Tales) Benjamin Martin-1
Medicine for Murder (October 1937, Black Mask)
[*main character: Dr. Bruce Gregory]
Beware Death's Tolling Bell (November 1937, Strange Detective Mysteries)
Underworld Judge and Jury (November 1937, Detective Tales) Benjamin Martin-2
Devil Down the Chimney (11 December 1937, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[*main character: Dan Crail]
[--A good detective sees it through - even when the clues are tangled in murders, snow storms, dynamite, and the unpredictable movements of humans...]

Murder in Two Parts (December 1937, Black Mask)
[-Reprinted in "American Pulp", ed. Ed Gorman, Bill Pronzini, & Martin H. Greenberg (Carroll & Graf, 1997)]
[*main character: Brent]
Cat's Claw (8 January 1938, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[--A jealous husband, a crooked gambler, and a brutal killer can make any house party lively.]

Charge It to the Corpse! (January 1938, Detective Tales) Benjamin Martin-3
String Him Up! (February 1938, Double Detective)

[*main character: Randolph Lee]
[* a very long story (~ novel); an earlier version of the novel "Murder Picks the Jury" (1947, written with W. T. Ballard as Harrison Hunt).]

Murder Buried Deep (12 March 1938, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[--It's a long step from investigating ancient Egyptian tombs to solving a 20th century murder - but not for the "Tomb Detective".]

Noose Around Your Neck (March 1938, Double Detective)
Murder Walks Tonight (April 1938, Detective Tales)
Corpse on the Hearth (May 1938, Detective Tales)
The Judge Looks at Death (June 1938, Detective Tales) Benjamin Martin-4
Mad Money (25 June & 2, 9, 16, 23 July 1938, Argosy) [complete 5-part serial] Jim Daniels-1

[--Jim Daniels was an odd young man. He wouldn't marry the girl he loved because her father had a hundred million dollars... and then he got mixed up in the case of the missing mad girl and learned the realities of love - and death. An exciting new novel.]

You Listen! (July 1938, Double Detective) with Dwight V. Babcock
[-Reprinted in "101 Mystery Stories", ed. Bill Pronzini (Avenel, 1986)]
For They Would Gladly Die! (September 1938, Detective Tales) Benjamin Martin-5
Murder on the Mississippi (October 1938, Double Detective) Jeffrey Scott-1
Marriage is Murder (15 October 1938, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[--Death by daylight is something else in the dark.]

Jail Delivery (22 October 1938, Argosy)

[--The gentle art of selling automobiles is apt to involve everything from kowtowing to kidnapping.]

My Client, the Corpse (December 1938, Detective Tales)
Hex on Horseback (January 1939, Street & Smith Detective Story Magazine; also in All Fiction Detective Stories Annual, 1942)
Death of a Medicine Man (February 1939, Double Detective) Jeffrey Scott-2
Ideal for Murder (11 February 1939, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[--A Stirring Novelette by Norbert Davis.
--Tom Gray was adept at pulling other people's coals from the fire - so he had to be called in when a red hot mamma a play for $1,000,000.]

Oasis of Dying Men (March 1939, Detective Tales)
Sand in the Snow (1, 8, 15, 22, 29 April 1939, Argosy) [complete 5-part serial] Jim Daniels-2

[--Remember Counselor Jim Daniels, the courtroom magician? Again be's at his brilliant best in this novel of mystery and mayhem under the California sun.
--California has snow-capped peaks and burning sandy wastes - and Jim Daniels, following the threads of the strangest case he ever undertook, found that sudden and violent death was apt to occur in both climates. In fact, peril seemed to travel in the wake of the Young Millionaire with the Scarred Face, ready to pounce at any moment. An exciting novel of a brilliant young attorney's midwinter vacation from safety.]

The Lethal Logic (29 April 1939, Detective Fiction Weekly)
[-Reprinted in "Dark Lessons: Crime and Detection on Campus", ed. Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini (Macmillan, 1985)]

[--Professor Carlson proves, to his utter dissatisfaction, that there is no logic in a nightstick.]

Death Asked for Golden Slippers (May 1939, Detective Tales)
Murder Highway #1 (July 1939, Detective Tales)
A Vote for Murder (15 July 1939, Detective Fiction Weekly)
[*main characters: Pop Teale & John Gaul]
Children of Murder (September 1939, Detective Tales) Doctor Flame-1
Back Road to Death (October 1939, Detective Tales)
Model for Murder (October 1939, Double Detective)
Mud in Your Eye (14 October 1939, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[*main character: Craig]
[--Here's how - and it's up to you to say when - in this mystery of a Hollywood starlet who wouldn't say "Uncle" even when she came home to murder.]

Never Say Die (11 November 1939, Detective Fiction Weekly)

[--Les Free had an account to square with a lady, but first came murder plus a beautiful lie to make the columns come out even.]

Drop of Doom (December 1939, Dime Detective)
[*main character: Dale]
The Corpse Lottery (January 1940, Detective Tales) Doctor Flame-2
Murder Down Deep (February 1940, Dime Detective) Bail Bond Dodd-1

[--William Dodd's business was bonds - not murder. The mere fact that it was bail-bonds instead of gilt-edged securities he dealt in, didn't give him any license to mix into police-work - but an impossible homicide the cops insisted on calling in accident, an amazing array of pleasant drunks, a bunch of carney folks and the prospective loss of his best customer all proved too much for his bump of curiosity. He had to solve the kill - even if it meant losing his shirt and maybe his life in the process.]

Murder in the Red (April 1940, Dime Detective) Bail Bond Dodd-2
[-Reprinted in "Tough Guys & Dangerous Dames", ed. Robert E. Weinberg, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg (Barnes & Noble, 1993)]

[--A "Bail-Bond Dodd" Novelette In which that fabulous luminary of the criminal courts and his man, Meekins, solve the riddle of the red-headed street-walker who handed out rubies to men she accosted on Kester Street, and bet a blue chip on murder in the red to win thanks from one gambling man and catch hell from another.]

No Miracles in Murder (June 1940, Detective Tales) Doctor Flame-3
[*! error date: December 1940]
Dance for the Dead (July 1940, Street & Smith Detective Story Magazine; also: July 1940, Detective Story Magazine [UK])
This Will Kill You! (August 1940, Dime Detective) Bail Bond Dodd-3

[--A "Bail-Bond" Dodd Story In which that extraordinary luminary of the Criminal Courts involves himself in the complicated affair of Mr. Banner-Pennant - or Flag as was sometimes called. And  Mama Mandalay, that ribald and sagacious ex-doxie de luxe rallies  round when murder rears its hydra head to help Dodd clean up the kill-puzzle.]

Fear House (September 1940, Detective Tales; also - October 1950, 15 Mystery Stories)

[--Suspense-Packed Mystery Novelette. What monstrous, shapeless terror cast its spell over the huge, foreboding Grant mansion, where admission could be gained only at the point of a .45 — and exit was made feet first?
--What strange terror hung over the Grant mansion and its fearful, doomed occupants?]

A Gunsmoke Case for Major Cain (October 1940, Dime Western) [western]
[-Reprinted in "Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West" (Normal,IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011)]

[*Davis sold to Hollywood this western story. It was the basis for the black and white film "Hands Across The Rockies" (1941, Columbia, 56 minutes) Screenplay by Paul Franklin, Directed by Lambert Hillyer, Starring: Bill Elliott (as Wild Bill Hickok) & Dub Taylor (as Cannonball Taylor).]

Holocaust House (16, 23 November 1940, Argosy) [2-part novelette] Doan & Carstairs-1
[-Reprinted in "The Arbor House Treasury of Detective and Mystery Stories from the Great Pulps", ed. Bill Pronzini (Arbor House, 1983)]

[---Introducing Mr. Doan, probably the most cheerfully cherubic of private detectives - certainly the most dangerous. He's going up to Desolation Lake, where all the year around is raging winter - and homicide is the favorite winter sport.
Description:  Doan, the 'hero' of this story is a small-time detective with a dry, sardonic wit, and a huge Great Dane (Carstairs--don't call him a "pet") in these absolutely delightful series of humor-tinged mysteries. Great fun that shouldn't be missed!
  In "Holocaust House" the duo is given the job of protecting a young heiress who is on the verge of inheriting millions. This is the book that introduces the duo, but the other three books are more humorous and feature the Great Dane much more prominently. A great read nonetheless!]

You'll Die Laughing (November 1940, Black Mask)
Do a Dame a Favor? (September 1954, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine)

[*main character: Dave Bly, loan-shark's legman.
--A Complete Novelette In which a soft-hearted loan-shark's legman learns - the hard way - never to buy a strange blonde a hamburger or complain if the neighbor's radio blasts too long and loud.]

Hang Him High (17, 24, 31 May & 7, 14, 21 June 1941, Argosy) [complete 6-part serial] Jim Daniels-3

[--Exciting Novel of a Dude Ranch and Sudden Death.
--Jim Daniels is an old hand at crimes with lunatic trappings. So when he's bewildered, you've got something; you've got, in fact, a dude ranch nicely tricked out with a quite incredible Russian prince, a fugitive from a reform school, the dumbest blonde outside of Reno, several cowboys - and several dangling dead men.]

Watch Me Kill You! (July 1941, Dime Detective) Max Latin-1
[*! error date: 1940]
Come Up and Kill Me Some Time (October 1941, Dime Detective) Bail Bond Dodd-4

[--A Dodd Novelette. Dodd has a doleful hangover but it's nothing to the headache the benighted bail-bondsman accumulates when he finds himself in the soak for 50 Gs bail. For Sadie's kootch-show has just been raided and a cop drilled in the process! The killer may be a kootch-show comic but he's no joke to Dodd.]

Leetown’s One-Man Army (October 1941, Star Western) [western]
[-Reprinted in "Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West" (Normal,IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011)]
Don't Give Your Right Name (December 1941, Dime Detective) Max Latin-2
[-Reprinted in "The Hardboiled Dicks", ed. Ron Goulart (Sherborne Press, 1965; Pocket, 1967; Boardman, UK, 1967)]
Crime at Hudson's Rill (January 1942, Street & Smith Detective Story Magazine)
[* misprint: Crime at Hudson's Hill]
Murder: Do Not Disturb (7 February 1942, Argosy) [aka: Murder – Do Not Disturb]
[*! error date: 2 February ...]

[-Complete Short Novel.
--Welcome to the Mar Vista, where every guest is a millionaire, and even the law has been bought and paid for. You enjoy a gold-plated holiday here - but it's worth remembering that sometimes Death, too, takes a holiday.]

Have One on the House (March 1942, Dime Detective) Bail Bond Dodd-5

[--A Dodd Novelette. The onus of ownership hangs heavy on Dodd when a bail-security lands in his lap in the form of a low-down jive-dive, together with a boogie-playing professor, his sin-chasing wife, his sin-less "sponsor" - and a liquor bill for $613.02. But when the benighted bail-bondsman finds himself the target of an uncanny killer thirsting for blood, he's damned if he'll let him - Have One on the House.]

Walk Across My Grave (April 1942, Black Mask; also in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, November 1953)
[-Reprinted in "Pure Pulp", ed. Ed Gorman, Bill Pronzini, & Martin H. Greenberg (Carroll & Graf, 1999)]

[*main character: Sheriff Jim Laury.
--No wonder they held the banker's son for the murder of his "date" when they found him dancing drunkenly in the graveyard by the light of the moon. But it took a sheriff with foresight to test a far-sighted witness, and place the cold hand of the law on the murderer's back.]

Don't Cry for Me (May 1942, Black Mask) John Collins-1
*?  Don't You Cry for Me
Give the Devil His Due (May 1942, Dime Detective) Max Latin-3
The Tale of the Homeless Corpse (June 1942, Detective Tales)
The Gunsmoke Banker Rides In (July 1942, Star Western) [western]
[-Reprinted in "Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West" (Normal,IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011)]
Bullets Don't Bother Me (August 1942, Black Mask)
[*main character: Sam Carey & Japanese agents in wartime San Francisco]
Who Said I Was Dead? (August 1942, Dime Detective) Bail Bond Dodd-6
[-Reprinted in "Hard-Boiled: An Anthology of American Crime Stories", ed. Bill Pronzini & Jack Adrian (Oxford University Press, 1995)]

[--It was bad enough when Dodd had to fork up $516.87 for Blinky Tooper's funeral - only to have his criminal ex-client write him a letter of congratulation. But when someone spotted the benighted bail-bondsman as stand-in for the stiff, he had to see that the corpse climbed back in his coffin and stayed decently dead.]

Doctor Flame's Murder Blackout (September 1942, Detective Tales) Doctor Flame-4
[--Doctor Flame, who spent his life serving the destitute, expected hardship. But he had never followed a corpse-strewn trail, in the midst of a city-wide black-out, to a young girl patient clutching a crimson razor!]
You Bet Your Life! (September 1942, Dime Detective) Bail Bond Dodd-7

[--A Bail-Bond Dodd Novelette. When Lilybud, the twelve-year-old nag that had never won a race in her life, copped the Crater Lake Sweep, Horse Car Jackson had fifty bucks on her nose - at two hundred to one! But it was Dodd who had to collect the little bum's freak bet - or forfeit his life as well as his bail-bond.]

Japanese Sandman (25 October 1942, Short Stories magazine; also: July 1947, Short Stories [UK])

[--American Luck the Japanese Call It; Sometimes They Add Dumb Luck!]

Beat Me Daddy (November 1942, Black Mask) John Collins-2

[--A John Collins Novelette. Barbolla, proprietor of the Jeep Inn, the soldiers' hang-out, was desperate when they took away his juke-box, but when that superlative piano-pounder Collins appeared on the scene, everybody was happy - except the killer he caught between beers]

Dead Man’s Brand (November 1942, Star Western) [western]
[-Reprinted in "Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West" (Normal,IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011)]

[--A Novel of a Manhunt Through Hell!
--Nothing in the world he could either do or say would convince the cold-eyed, manhunting sheriff of Three Pines that Dave Tully, drifting pilgrim, wasn't actually
his own murderer carrying out a grim masquerade in the vain, desperate hope of avoiding hang-noose death.... For his filled grave would also fill the pockets of crookedest murder-combine on the roaring gold frontier!]

You Can Die Any Day (December 1942, Dime Detective) Max Latin-4
Tigers in the Sky (March 1943, Argosy)

[--A Novelette of the A.V.G.
--Hired mercenaries, some called the Flying Tigers. But day after day they flew their battered, bullet-riddled planes
blasting the men of Nippon from the sky!]

Too Many Have Died (April 1943, Dime Detective)
[*main character: Peter Tracy]
Name Your Poison (May 1943, Black Mask) John Collins-3
Rendezvous with the Russians (May 1943, Argosy)

[--Simon Blue, fugitive from Hitler, rode a box-car into Russia to discover that the thundering, snow-swept battlefront was Europe's safest refuge from the Fuehrer!]

Wild Rubber Runs Red (September 1943, Argosy)

[--Argosy Novel of the Month.
--You'll feel the pulsebeat of the jungle in this lusty book-length novel of high adventure and grim Yankee humor on a crazy search for wild rubber in the black-lands of the Amazon.]

Charity Begins at Homicide (October 1943, Dime Detective) Max Latin-5
Take It from Me (December 1943, Dime Detective; also: June 1944, Dime Detective Magazine [Canada]) Bail Bond Dodd-8

[--A "Bail-Bond" Dodd Novelette. Dodd thought he could enjoy himself the afternoon he gate-crashed into the social stratosphere of a lawn fete at J. Stuart Grant's, but murder followed him right up to the gate... Cellini, that old Roman, had been dead a long time, he discovered, but he could still cause a slaying or two.]

A Is For Annabelle (1 January 1944, Collier's magazine) [*not detective]

[--To be sure - kids liven up the home, but so does dynamite. And dear Scrawny was TNT wrapped in one small package.]

Get Out and Get Under (1 January 1944, The Saturday Evening Post)  [*not detective]

[--Mr. Bishop will never forget the day he (a) had ashes thrown in his face; (b) found a man under his wife's bed; (c) was himself accused of seduction.]

Cry Murder! (July 1944, Flynn's Detective Fiction [new title for "Detective Fiction Weekly"]) Doan & Carstairs-4
[-- Introducing Carstairs, who's almost human...Doan, who's almost bloodhound... and a road which stretched through the night to - trackless murder!]

aka: Till the Killer Comes (February 1951, New Detective; also: June 1961, Detective Tales [UK])
[-- Meet Carstairs, who’s almost human ... Doan, who’s almost a cop . . . and the killer who was almost innocent — till It tracked Itself down as a corpse! Seldom have the traditional elements of a mystery thriller been brought together in a happier combination — welded by that priceless ingredient that is the hallmark of that deathless being — an author.]

Not So Very United (26 August 1944, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--Many a girl wouldn't stop at much to get an apartment in an overcrowded city. But Miss Beryl Brown was different: She wouldn't stop anything.]

The Desperate Divorcée (30 September 1944, The Saturday Evening Post)

[*misprint: The Deperate Divorcee]
[--A gay romance that reveals a dangerous truth: In Hollywood a divorce doesn't always mean you are no longer married.]

Send Back Something (27 January 1945, Collier's magazine) [*not detective-?]

[--He owned a hundred front feet on Happiness Street in the City with a Friendly Future, but when the girl came along it seemed like Gloom Alley.]

Never Argue with a Civilian (5 May 1945, Collier's magazine) [*not detective-?]

[--The sergeant mistrusted civilians, particularly female civilians, but a girl reporter who played chess taught him a few important new moves.]

A Penny Saved Is Not Much (12 May 1945, Collier's magazine) [*not detective-?]

[--Hesitance's heart was tripping over her bank account until she got the last laugh in a gagman by combining money with romance.]

The Beezlebub Blast (2 March 1946, Collier's magazine) [*not detective-?]

[--If your eyeballs don't pop out and bounce when you read this story, then our heroine isn't as blood-curdling as she thinks she is.]

You Can Always Marry the Woman (13 April 1946, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--John Thursday meant well, but he found it hard to cope with a crooked uncle and a pretty stranger who was always yelling: "Police!"]

Just a Nice Quiet Title (8 June 1946, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--Is it ever good technique for a man to tell a girl that her father is an old walrus... even when it's true?]

I'll Tell My Mother (25 January 1947, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--Any man who will hit a child - the bounder - is mean enough to borrow one piece of a girl's two-piece bathing suit - the beast. But Clancy had a secret they needed in the big house on the hill.]

Kelly Makes a Deal (17 May 1947, The Saturday Evening Post) by Todhunter Ballard & Norbert Davis
[*not detective]

[--When Kelly Hiram walked into the employment agency things began to happen. He found a fraud, a job and a girl who informed him: "You are exactly the type of veteran that is ruining this country!".]

What Will Marjory Say? (25 October 1947, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--A partnership in the firm was within young Driscoll's reach if he continued to make good - as Miss Allstair's fiancé, errand boy and doormat.]

Build Me A Bungalow Small (6 December 1947, Collier's magazine) [*not detective]

[--The deer didn't really mean any harm - and the girl was just trying to be neighborly. Or was she?]

Defiant Lady (28 February 1948, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--Is a woman justified in using her sex to keep from being evicted?]

A Beautiful Fraud (27 March 1948, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--To get what she wanted she'd break a man's heart - or her own.]

Girl Hunt (10 July 1948, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--She was the loveliest crook he had ever met. How could he refuse when she asked him to hide her?]

The Lady on the Highway (23 October 1948, The Saturday Evening Post)

[--If a girl tried to flag you down on the road would you drive on, wondering what adventure you missed - or stop and take a chance?]

The Captious Sex (8 January 1949, The Saturday Evening Post) by Nancy & Norbert Davis

[--She couldn't stand the dullness of being a college professor's wife. She left him - never dreaming another woman might want him.]

Swindle, Sweet And Simple (April 1949, The American Magazine)  [*not detective-?] 

[--George objected to being robbed in cold blood, so Uncle Hermy turned on the heat.]


The Mouse in the Mountain (Morrow, 1943; McLelland [Canada], 1943);
aka [British title]:
Rendezvous With Fear (Cherry Tree [pb #190; UK], 1944);
Dead Little Rich Girl (Handi-Books [pb #40], 1945) Doan & Carstairs-2

[--Doan is a detective and Carstairs his enormous canine companion (don't call him a "pet"), and in this first hard-boiled adventure they travel to Mexico, along with an heiress, a revolutionary, an artist, and more than a few mysteries.]

Sally's in The Alley (Morrow, 1943; McLelland [Canada], 1943; Boardman, 1944) Doan & Carstairs-3 

[--In this adventure, G-men take over Doan's life and complications ensue - a search for unique ore in the demented desert town of Heliotrope, mistaken identity, spies, and general chaos. As usual, the dog steals the show...
--Doan's on a government-sponsored mission to find an ore deposit in the Mojave Desert, but he's got to manage an odd (and oddly named) bunch of characters Dust-Mouth Haggerty knows where the mine is but isn't telling; Doc Gravelmeyer's learning how undertaking can be a "growth industry"; and film star Susan Sally's days are numbered in an old-fashioned romp that matches its bloody crimes with belly laughs.]

Oh, Murderer Mine (Handi-Books pb #54, 1946) Doan & Carstairs-5 

[--Doane and Carstairs Again!]

Murder Picks the Jury (Curl [*Mystery House], 1947; also (abridged) in Bestseller Mystery [digest pb #108], April 1949) written with W. T. Ballard as Harrison Hunt
[*Revised version from an earlier (and somewhat different) long story "String Him Up" (Feb' 1938) by Davis. *Probably Ballard was working alone at this expanded dark novel]

[--There were three witnesses to swear that only Gregory Drake could have been in the back room with Maysie Grey when she was strangled to death. Even Randolph Lee, Drake's defense counsel, thought that his client was guilty. It took two more murders to wake Lee up, to show him that the only way he himself could survive was to track down the killer, before the killer found him...]


The Adventures of Max Latin (Mysterious Press, 1988) Max Latin
1. Watch me kill you
2. Don't give your right name
3. You can die any day
4. Give the devil his due
5. Charity begins at Homicide.

[*with Introduction by John D. MacDonald. Contains all five of the Max Latin stories which appeared in Dime Detective in the 1940s.]

Dead Man's Brand: and Other Tales of the Old West (Normal, IL.: Black Dog Books, 2011, 234 pages)  [westerns]
INTRODUCTION by Bill Pronzini --- 7
1. A Gunsmoke Case for Major Cain (Oct. 1940, Dime Western Magazine) --- 11
2. Their Guardian From Hell (March 1937, Star Western) --- 34
3. Leetown's One-Man Army (Oct. 1941, Star Western) --- 61
4. Dead Man's Brand (Nov. 1942, Star Western) --- 98
5. The Gunsmoke Banker Rides In (July 1942, Star Western) --- 130
6. Death Creeps (Dec. 1935, Action Stories) --- 165
7. Sign of the Sidewinder (June 1935, Western Aces) --- 179
8. Boot-Hill Bait (Nov. 1935, Western Aces) --- 205
APPENDIX by Ed Hulse (Hands Across the Rockies: The Lone Film Credit of Norbert Davis) --- 227

[--When justice come to a cowtown, hell follows with it.
DEAD MAN'S BRAND and other tales of the Old West by Norbert Davis
With an introduction by Spur Award winner Bill Pronzini And an afterword by Ed Hulse.
All the excitement of frontier life — and in contrast, the bleak, violent, powerful nightmare side of the Western myth — come alive in this collection by acclaimed author Norbert Davis (1909-1949), deftly combining memorable characters, plot twists, gunplay and humor into unique tales of the American West. The author's eight best Westerns are reprinted here for the first time since their original magazine appearances, including, "A Gunsmoke Case for Major Cain," the basis for the 1941 film, Hands Across the Rockies.
"Any reader who has enjoyed Norbert Davis's mystery and detective fiction should find these Western tales equally satisfying." — Bill Pronzini, Spur Award Winner, and recipient of the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America.]

To Grandmothers House We Go.
[article] by Nancy Davis (6 January 1945, Collier's magazine)

*? - a story (or article) by Nancy Davis (August 1950, American Magazine)

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Norbert Davis: Profile of a Pulp Writer (by John L. Apostolou) http://www.blackmaskmagazine.com/bm_03.html

Hard-boiled Wit: Ludwig Wittgenstein and Norbert Davis (by Josef Hoffmann) & NORBERT DAVIS (1909-1949): A BIBLIOGRAPHY by Steve Lewis, Bill Pronzini & Victor A. Berch.  http://www.mysteryfile.com/NDavis/Wit.html

Russian translations / Переводы
You'll Die Laughing (November 1940, Black Mask) / Умрешь со смеху (в Антологии "Криминальное чтиво: Обитель зла". (Под редакцией Отто Пензлера). М: АСТ, 2008).
The Price of a Dime (April 1934, Black Mask) Ben Shaley-2
/ Десять центов (в Антологии "Криминальное чтиво: Кровавый ветер". (Под редакцией Отто Пензлера). М: АСТ, 2008).


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