Thomas Blanchard Dewey
( 6 March 1915, Elkhart, Indiana [USA] - 22 April 1981)

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(Названия сериалов подчеркнуты) 
(Русские названия, указанные в скобках, взяты из статей и анонсов)

series characters:
Singer Batts [eccentric amateur-detective] 4 books
[private detective ] 17 books & a short story
Pete Schofield
[funny private detective] 9 books

Novels:                                                  Романы:

Hue And Cry (NY: Jefferson House, 1944);
aka (british title): The Murder of Marion Mason (London: Dakers, 1951);
also: Room For Murder (NAL [Signet], 1950) Singer Batts-1
(Шум и плач)
As Good As Dead (NY: Jefferson House, 1946) Singer Batts-2 (Не жилец на белом свете)
Draw The Curtain Close (NY: Jefferson House, 1947);
aka: Dame In Danger (Dell, 1958) Mac-1
(Задерни штору плотнее)
Mourning After (NY: The M. S. Mill Co.and William Morrow & Co., 1950) Singer Batts-3 (После траура)
Handle With Fear (NY: The M. S. Mill Co.and William Morrow & Co., 1951) Singer Batts-4 (Обращаться с опаской)
Mountain Girl (NY: Gold Medal # 276, 1952 [*1953]) as Cord Wainer [not detective] (Девушка с гор)
Every Bet's A Sure Thing (NY: Simon & Schuster,1953) Mac-2  
Kiss Me Hard (NY: Popular Library, 1953 [*1954] ) as Tom Brandt (Целуй меня крепко)
Run, Brother, Run! (NY: Popular Library, 1954) as Tom Brandt  
Prey For Me (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1954);
aka: The Case Of The Murdered Model (Avon, 1955)
 [*magazine publication (as The Case Of The Murdered Model) - Mar. 1968, Sir! magazine ]
(Молись за меня)
The Mean Streets (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1955) Mac-4 (Зловещие улицы)
The Brave, Bad Girls (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1956) Mac-5
[*magazine publication (aka: The Brave Girls) - Dec. 1955, Cosmopolitan]
(Смелые плохие девчонки)
My Love Is Violent (NY: Popular Library, 1956)  
And Where She Stops (NY: Popular Library, 1957);
aka (british title): I.O.U. Murder (London: Boardman, 1958) Pete Schofield-1
[*NB (misprints): 'When', and  'There' ]
You've Got Him Cold (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1958) Mac-6  
What Women Want to Know. with Harold M. Imerman (NY: Crown, 1958; London: Hammond, 1960) [not detective]  
The Case Of The Chased And The Unchaste (Random, 1959) Mac-7  
Go To Sleep, Jeannie. (NY: Popular Library, 1959) Pete Schofield-2 (Иди спать, Дженни)
The Girl Who Wasn't There (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1960);
aka: The Girl Who Never Was (Mayflower, 1962)
Too Hot For Hawaii (NY: Popular Library, 1960) Pete Schofield-3 (Слишком жарко для гавайских островов)
The Golden Hooligan (NY: Dell, 1961);
aka (british title): Mexican Slayride (Boardman, 1961)
Pete Schofield-4
Золотая хулиганка.
Не бей копытом.
Hunter At Large (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1961)
[*magazine publication - Apr. 1968, Sir! ]
Go, Honeylou (NY: Dell, 1962) Pete Schofield-5  
How Hard To Kill (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1962) Mac-9 (Как трудно убивать)
The Girl With The Sweet Plump Knees (NY: Dell, 1963) Pete Schofield-6 Девушка с пухлыми коленками
A Sad Song Singing (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1963) Mac-10 (Печальная песня)
Don't Cry For Long (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1964) Mac-11
[*magazine publication -  Mar. 1967, Sir! ]
(Не плач долго)
The Girl In The Punchbowl (NY: Dell, 1964) Pete Schofield-8
[*magazine publication -
Aug. 1964, Argosy Magazine]
Only On Tuesdays (NY: Dell, 1964) Pete Schofield-7
[*magazine publication - Oct. 1963, Argosy Magazine]
(Только по вторникам)
Nude In Nevada (NY: Dell, 1965) Pete Schofield-9  
Can A Mermaid Kill? (Tower, 1965)  
Portrait Of A Dead Heiress (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1965) Mac-12
[*magazine publication - Jul. 1967, Sir! ]
(Портрет мертвой наследницы)
Deadline (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1966) Mac-13
[*magazine publication - Aug. 1968, Sir! ]
A Season For Violence (NY: Gold Medal, 1966) Сезон насилия
Death And Taxes (NY: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1967) Mac-14  
The King Killers (NY: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1968);
aka (british title): Death Turns Right (Hale, 1969)
The Love-Death Thing (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1969) Mac-16 Карманный рай
The Taurus Trip (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1970) Mac-17 (Путешествие быка)

Stories:                          Рассказы:

Thorn in the Flesh (January 1953, Cosmopolitan)  
Never Send to Know (January 1965, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine)  
The Prevalence of Monsters (April 1965, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine)  
The Big Job (December 1965, The Saint's Mystery Magazine; also in the coll. "The Best Stories of the Year", ed. by Anthony Boucher [NY: Dutton, 1966]) Mac  
Lucien's Nose (July 1966, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine)  

Editor [Anthologies] :

A Pride of Felons: twenty stories by members of the Mystery Writers of America. Edited by Dewey, The Gordons (Gordon Gordon & Mildred Gordon), and Jean Leslie (NY: Macmillan, 1963)
Contents: Foreword.
The twelve-hour caper by Mike Marmer
The converted spouse
by Ann May and Ryerson Johnson
The dumb-belle
by Richard M. Gordon
Homicide house
by  Day Keene
An instrument of justice
by Margaret Manners
Mr. Manning's money tree
by  Robert Arthur
The numbers man
by Anthony Boucher
You'll be sorry when I'm dead
by Henry Slesar
The adventure of the spectacled band
by Robert L. Fish
The death of Erick Heilkram
by Miriam Allen deFord
Stickler for details
by Ed Lacy
The seeds of murder
by John Suter
The Banquo trap
by Lillian de al Torre
Money isn't everything
by C.L. Sweeney, Jr.
The scarf
by Hugh Munro
Piropos at midnight
by Antonio Helu
The big switch
by Fred S. Tobey
His wonders to perform
by Gladys Cluff
Absolute pitch
by Jerome Barry
Run into trouble
by Lawrence Treat.
Sleuths and Consequences: an Anthology of Mystery Stories By the Mystery Writers of America. Edited By Thomas B. Dewey (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1966)
Contents: Foreword
by Thomas B. Dewey
The Hochmann miniatures
by Robert L. Fish
Ask a stupid question
by Lawrence Treat
The specialist
by James Reach
Squeeze play
by Allen King Lang
Twelve and a half cents
by Charles Norman
The five-minute millionaire
by James Cross
Pretty Polly Perkins
by Gladys Cluff
The scent of terror
by Robert Bloch
A choice of witnesses
by Henry Slesar
End game
by Polly Podolsky
Game of skill
by Edward D. Hoch
The journeymen
by John Buchanan
The impossible theft
by John F. Suter
The tired Romeo
by Jean Johnson
Guessing game
by Rose Million Healey
The $2,000,000 defense
by Harold Q. Masur
The perfectionist
by Donald McNutt Douglass
By the scruff of the soul
by Dorothy Salisbury Davis
"Puddin' and pie"
by De Forbes
The crime of Ezechiele Coen
by Stanley Ellin .
[--A nifty little collection with mystery stories]


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