Джон Д Макдональд John D MacDonald

John Dann MacDonald
(24 July, 1916 - 28 December, 1986)
Sharon, Pennsylvania - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America - 1972

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(Имена сериальных героев подчеркнуты)
(Русские названия, указанные в скобках, взяты из статей и анонсов)
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[sf] - фантастические произведения

Stories & Novellas:                                            Повести и Рассказы:

The Sign of the Cross (Breezy Stories, October 1945, v55 # 8)  
Conversation on Deck (The American Courier, January 1946)  
The Game (The American Courier, February 1946)  
Cash on the Coffin! (Detective Tales, May 1946)
[author title: Thousand dollar fall guy]
Tiger (Doc Savage [NY: Street & Smith Publications], 1946, vol. 28, # 4) as Peter Reed  
A Handful of Death (Doc Savage, June 1946) as Peter Reed  
Blame Those Who Die (Short Stories, 25 June 1946)  
Bury the Pieces! (Dime Mystery, July 1946)
[author title: Dry cell murder]
The Flying Elephants (Short Stories, 10 July 1946)  
Interlude in India (Story Magazine, July-August 1946)  
The Dry Mouth of Danger (Doc Savage, August 1946)
[author title: Mission to death]
The Dead Dream (The Shadow, September 1946)  
Justice in the Sun (Doc Savage, October 1946)
[author title: Justice of the Sun]
Female of the Species (Dime Detective, October 1946)
[author title: Paint on her hair]
Get Dressed for Death (Mammoth Mystery, October 1946)
[author title: Costume for robbery]
The Little People (Doc Savage, November 1946)  
The Scarred Hand (Doc Savage, November 1946, as John Wade Farrell);
aka: I Accuse Myself (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
The Startled Face of Death (Doc Savage, November 1946) as Scott O'Hara  
The Whispering Knives (The Shadow, November 1946)
[author title: Death is a whispering knife]
Coward in the Game (Short Stories, 25 November 1946)  
Private War (Doc Savage, December 1946)
[author title: My private war]
You Got to Have a Good Lip (Esquire, December 1946)  
Redheads Won't Wait (The Shadow, December 1946) as Peter Reed  
I Ain't So Dumb (The Shadow, December 1946) as Robert Henry  
A Bat in the Hall (The Shadow, December 1946)  
Muddy Gun (Best Stories, January 1947)  
The Hands of an Artist (The Shadow, January 1947)  
The Fixed Smile of Death (The Shadow, January 1947) as Robert Henry  
The Bright Flash of Vengeance (The Shadow, January 1947) as Peter Reed  
Eight Dozen Agents (Doc Savage, January 1947)  
Hole in None (Liberty, 4 January 1947)
[author title: Hex on Mr. Fingerhaven]
Dead to the World (aka: No Business for an Amateur) (Dime Detective, February 1947)
[author title: Shakedowns are rough ]
Занятие не для дилетантов.
Bonded in Death (Doc Savage, February 1947) as Harry Rieser  
The Deadly Game of Darts (Doc Savage, February 1947)
[author title: Deadly dart game
The Anonymous Letter (The Shadow, February-March 1947)  
Backlash (The Shadow, February-March 1947) as Peter Reed  
Nor Iron Bars (Doc Savage, March-April 1947)  
You've Got to Be Cold (The Shadow, April-May 1947) - short version (short story);
aka: The Night Is Over (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984) - lengthened version
[author title: Night is over]
The Notched Ears (Best Stories, May 1947)  
The Pay-Off (Cosmopolitan, May 1947)  
Suicidal Journey (Dime Detective, June 1947)
[author title: Never go back]
Crooked Circle (Fight Stories (?), after June 1947)  
The Pendans Box (Bluebook, July 1947)
[author title: Professor Oendaniels & the Mastoid clamps]
They Let Me Live (Doc Savage, July-August 1947; also in "Good Old Stuff", 1982) Меня оставили в живых. (повесть)
гл. герой - Говард Гарри (Howard Garry), капитан инженерных войск, сотрудник ЦРУ, 1946]
To Cut the Cards (Doc Savage, July-August 1947) as Peter Reed  
North on the Parkway (Esquire, August 1947)  
Never Marry Murder (The Shadow, August-September 1947) as Peter Reed  
Manhattan Horse Opera (Black Mask, September 1947);
aka: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, vol. 21, # 115, June 1953)
Design for Dying (Dime Detective, September 1947)  
The Chinese Pit (Doc Savage, September-October 1947)
[author title: Death in small letters]
Oh, Give Me a Hearse! (Dime Detective, October 1947);
aka: A Place to Live (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
Begin Again (Liberty, November 1947)  
My Mission Is Murder (Dime Detective, November 1947);
aka: Death For Sale (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
Or the World Will Die (Doc Savage, November-December 1947)  
Second Visitor (Doc Savage, November-December 1947) as Peter Reed  
Worse Than Murder (Doc Savage, November-December 1947) as Henry Rieser  
That Old Grey Train (Super Sports, November? 1947)  
What About Alice? (The Sign, December 1947)  
Big John Fights Again (Super Sports, December 1947)  
Punch Your Way Home (Sports Fiction, December 1947?)  
Murder in Mind (Mystery Book Magazine, Winter 1947, v 6, # 2; also in "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
[author title: Simplest poison]

[error date: Winter 1949, indicated in "The Good Old Stuff" -*?]

Even Up the Odds (Street & Smith’s Detective Story Magazine, January 1948)  
Come Die with Me! (New Detective, January 1948)
[author title: Because my love is dead]
Cosmetics (Astounding Science Fiction, February 1948) [1st sf story]  
The Pastel Production Line (Bluebook, February 1948)
[author title: Dr. Hawes & the pastel production line]
Pickup (Cosmopolitan, February 1948)
[author title: Soupcon of despair]
High Walls of Hate (Dime Detective, February 1948);
aka: The High Gray Walls of Hate (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
With Soul So Dead (Dime Detective, March 1948)
[author title: Escape in October]
One Vote for Murder (New Detective, March 1948)
[author title: Vote for murder]
Her Black Wings (Shock, March 1948)
[author title: Help me find Judy]
High Dive to Oblivion (Dime Detective, April 1948)
[author title: Clara sends her love
The Corpse Rides at Dawn (Ten-Story Western, April 1948; also in "Western of the 40s: Classics from the Great Pulps", ed. Damon Knight, 1977) [western] (novella)
[author title: A Corpse rides at dawn]
With Malise toward all! (Detective Tales [Toronto: Popular Publications, Inc.], 1948, vol. 40, # 4) as John Lane  
The Spiralled Myth (Spectator Club, April 1948)  
The Mechanical Answer (Astounding Science Fiction, May 1948) [sf]  
Death Sleeps Here! (New Detective, May 1948)
[author title: Dream of death]
Blood of the Vixen (Shock, May 1948) (novella)  
Satan's Angel (Shock, May 1948) as Scott O'Hara  
The Cold Trail of Death (Doc Savage, May-June 1948)
[author title: Death loves a cold trail]
The Tin Suitcase (Doc Savage, May-June 1948; as Peter Reed);
aka: She Cannot Die (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
Homicidal Hiccup (Detective Tales, June 1948) (also in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Master's Choice" Random House, 1979) [horror]
[author title: Drugstore murder]
Call Your Murder Signals! (Dime Detective, June 1948)
[author title: Call signals for murder]
Venomous Lady (Shock, July 1948) (novella)
[author title: Heat in August]
Sepulchre of the Living (Shock, July 1948) as Scott O'Hara  
So Sorry (Sports Fiction, July 1948)  
Cavaliers Make Good Corpses (Dime Detective, August 1948)
[author title: Take care of Delia]
Loser Take All (Sports Novels, August 1948)
[author title: …and Magic on the greens]
Fatal Accident (The Shadow, Fall 1948);
aka: Never quite tough enough  (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine [Holyoke, MA: Davis Publications, Inc.],
1966, vol. 47, # 4)
The Case of the Carved Model (Black Mask, September 1948)  
Nicky and the Tin Finger (Bluebook, September 1948)  
Red-Headed Bait (Detective Tales, September 1948)
[author title: Frame for a lady]
Scene of the Crime (Detective Tales, September 1948) as Scott O'Hara  
Just a Kill in the Dark (New Detective, September 1948)   
Trial by Fury (New Detective, September 1948) as Scott O'Hara  
Tune in on Station Homicide (New Detective, September 1948; as Peter Reed);
aka: A Time for Dying (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
Dance of a New World (Astounding Science Fiction, September 1948) [sf]  
Runaway Cleats (Sports Novels, September 1948)
[author title: Sir Gallahan from Yohannus]
Thunder King (Sports Novels, September 1948) as Scott O'Hara  
Shenadun (Startling Stories, September 1948) [sf]
(? aka: Shenandun)
Deep Death (Doc Savage, September-October 1948)  
My Husband Dies Slowly (Dime Detective, October 1948)  
They Never Quit (Sports Fiction, October 1948)  
Death Is the Answer (Thrilling Detective, October 1948)  
That Mess Last Year (Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1948) [sf-?]
[author title: That mess last year at Los Ojos]
School for the Stars (Astounding Science Fiction, October 1948) [sf]  
Blonde Bait for the Murder Master (Crack Detective Stories, November 1948)  
The Gentle Killer (All Sports, November 1948)  
Glory Blaster (Sports Novels, November 1948) (novella)  
Ring Around the Redhead (Startling Stories, November 1948) [sf]  
No Grave Has My Love (Dime Detective, December 1948)
[author title: Murder is a surgeon]
Buzz-Saw Belter (New Sports, December 1948)  
A Child Is Crying (Thrilling Wonder Stories, December 1948) [sf]  
Successful Season (?, 1948-?)  
When You Got a Pigeon (The Shadow, December 1948-January 1949)  
Hot-Seat on the Aisle (Detective Tales), January 1949)
[author title: Stage for dying]
Damsels of the Deep (Dime Detective, January 1949)
[author title: Death hires a guide]
Take the Bum Out! (Fifteen Sports Stories, January 1949)
[author title: Take him out]
Three's a Shroud (New Detective, January 1949; also in  Saint Detective Magazine [NY: King-Size Publications, Inc.], 1956, vol. 5, # 2);
aka: Verdict (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
[author title: Verdict]
Flaw (Startling Stories, January 1949) [sf]
aka: Fatal Flaw (Redbook [publ.- Dayton, OH: McCall Corp.], 1985, vol.165, # 6)
The Great Stone Death (Weird Tales, January 1949) [sf-?]  
Blackmail Breeds Bullets (All-Story Detective, February 1949)
[author title: Dear and the dead]
Killer's Nest (Detective Tales, February 1949);
aka: Neighborly Interest (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)

[JDM updated a little the original 1949 story, he changed some names in "Neighborly Interest"]

A Coffin a Day (FBI Detective, February 1949)
aka: Coffin for a Day.
[author title: Death's agent]
Fight, Scrub, Fight! (New Sports, February 1949)
[author title: College pro]
Killing All Men! (Black Mask, March 1949);
aka: Deadly Damsel (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
Kiss the Corpse Goodbye (Black Mask, March 1949) as Scott O'Hara  
I'll Drown You in My Dreams (Dime Detective, March 1949)
[author title: Stake out a lamb]
Danger - Death Ahead! (New Detective, March 1949)
[author title: Dead on her feet]
Last Chance Cleats (Sports Novels, March 1949)  
A Corpse in His Dreams (Mystery Book, Spring 1949; also In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)

[? = A Coffin in His Dreams (na) (Triple Detective, Fall 1953, v 9 #3)-?]

The Widow Wouldn't Weep (All-Story Detective, April 1949)
[author title: Widow wasn't merry]
His Own Funeral (Detective Tales, April 1949) as John Lane  
The Corpse Belongs to Daddy (Dime Detective, April 1949)
[author title: His way to die]
Loot for the Unlucky Lady (FBI Detective, April 1949)
[author title: Cross her heart]
Death Quotient (Super Science Stories, April 1949) [sf]
[author title: Degree of warfare]
All Our Yesterdays (Super Science Stories, April 1949) as John Wade Farrell [sf-?]  
Delusion Drive (Super Science Stories, April 1949) as Peter Reed [sf-?]
[author title: Space frame]
Murder in One Syllable (Black Mask, May 1949)
[author title: Body of an unhappy wife]
You'll Never Escape (Dime Detective, May 1949);
aka: State Police Report That... (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
[author title: State police report that…]
Get Out of Town (New Detective, May 1949)  
Immortality (Startling Stories, May 1949) [short short sf]  
Somebody Has to Do the Job (Toronto Star Weekly, 14 May 1949)  
But Not to Dream (Weird Tales, May 1949) [sf]  
You Remember Jeanie (Crack Detective Stories, May 1949; also in "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
[misspelling: You Remember Jessie]
Three Strikes - You're Dead! (All-Story Detective, June 1949)
[author title: Devil-head]
Too Many Sinners (Dime Detective, June 1949)
[author title: Glint of silver]
Make Mine Murder! (FBI Detective, June 1949)  
Like a Keepsake (Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1949) [sf-?]  
Death Is a Lap Ahead (Adventure, July 1949)  
Tank-Town Matador (Argosy, July 1949)  
Heritage of Hate (Black Mask, July 1949);
aka: Triple Cross (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine #125, April, 1954);
aka: Secret Stain (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
[author title: Heritage of hate]
Swing-Time Sucker (Detective Tales, July 1949)
[author title: Handmade murder]
A Corpse-Maker Goes Courting (Dime Detective, July 1949);
aka: Unmarried Widow (In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984)
The Glory Punch (Fifteen Sports Stories, July 1949)
[author title: Like this, Kid]
Bye, Bye, Backfield (Fifteen Sports Stories, July 1949) as John Wade Farrell  
The Thunder Road (Fifteen Sports Stories, July 1949) as Peter Reed  
Blue Water Fury (Fifteen Sports Stories, July 1949; as Scott O'Hara);
aka: The Big Blue (In "End of the Tiger and Other Stories", 1966; also In the anthology "The Hilton Bedside Book", Vol. 7, Chicago, 1968)
The Cold, Cold Ground (New Detective, July 1949)
[author title: Identity]
The Hunted (Super Science Stories, July 1949) [sf]  
Bedside Murder (Mystery Book Magazine, Summer 1949, v 8 #3)  
Trojan Horse Laugh (Astounding Science Fiction, August 1949) [sf novelette]  
Looie Follows Me (Collier's, 27 August 1949)  
What Makes Sammy Laugh? (Detective Tales, August 1949)
[author title: Thumb game]
Amphiskios (Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1949) [sf]  
Poor Little Rich Corpse (Detective Tales, September 1949)
[author title: Ask for murder]
Murder Run-Around (Dime Detective, September 1949)
[author title: Death for three]
Mad About Murder (Dime Detective, September 1949) as Scott O'Hara  
Six Points to Remember (Fifteen Sports Stories, September 1949) [football short story]
[author title: Naked reverse]
Dead - As in Darling (New Detective, September 1949)
[author title: Deeper than a well]
A Condition of Beauty (Startling Stories, September 1949) [sf]  
Minion of Chaos (Super Science Stories, September 1949) [sf]
[author title: Magician's gesture]
The Miniature (Super Science Stories, September 1949) as Peter Reed [sf]  
Blue Stars for a Dead Lady (Detective Tales, October 1949)
[author title: Blue death for my lady]
Target for Tonight (Dime Detective, October 1949)
[author title: Arrow for my love]
Last Rendezvous (Dime Mystery, October 1949)
[author title: Winter death]
Warrant for an Old Flame (FBI Detective, October 1949)
[author title: Sellout]
A Young Man of Promise (Argosy, November 1949)
[author title: Promising young man]
The Durable Corpse (Dime Detective, November 1949)  
Run the Man Down (Fifteen Sports Stories, November 1949)
[author title: Blocking back]
Hang the Man High! (Fifteen Western Tales, November 1949)
[author title: Wooden woman]
Half Past Mayhem (New Detective, November 1949)
[author title: Women can die]
Appointment for Tomorrow (Super Science Stories, November 1949) [sf-?]  
The Sleepers (Super Science Stories, November 1949) as John Wade Farrell  
Love, Inc. (Today's Woman, November 1949)  
Case of the Burning Blonde (Detective Tales, December 1949)
[author title: Scarlet blossom of death]
Take a Powder, Galahad! (Dime Detective, December 1949)  
Nine Coffins for Rocking H (Dime Western, December 1949)
[author title: Easy-going man]
Moonlit Sport (The American Magazine, January 1950)
[author title: Thing of beauty]
Swing and Slay (Dime Detective, January 1950)
[author title: Hanging woman]
Stand Up and Slug! (Fifteen Sports Stories, January 1950)  
Stop, Look - and Die! (New Detective, January 1950)
[author title: Killer cop]
The First One (Startling Stories, January 1950) [short short sf]  
Spin, Devil! (Super Science Stories, January 1950) as John Wade Farrell  
Spectator Sport (Thrilling Wonder Stories, February 1950) [sf] Любимое занятие
The Filly from Philly (Toronto Star Weekly, 25 February 1950)  
Man-Stalk (Argosy, March 1950)  
The Judas Chick (Detective Tales, March 1950, [vol. 44, # 4])
aka: A Trap for the Careless (In "The Good Old Stuff", 1982)
A Corpse on Me! (Dime Detective, March 1950)
[author title: Sentence for a Lady]
Fall Guy (New Detective, March 1950)  
The Ultimate One (Super Science Stories, March 1950) [sf-?]
[author title: Bedtime story]
The Sitting Duck (Detective Tales, April 1950)
[author title: Knife for Katrina]
Blood on the Midway (Dime Detective, April 1950) as Scott O'Hara
[author title: Midway murder]
Pigskin Patsy (Fifteen-Story Detective, April 1950)
[author title: Murder on the house]
The Plunder Five (New Sports, April 1950)
[author title: Teach the coach]
Journey for Seven (Thrilling Wonder Stories, April 1950) [sf novelette]  
Portrait of a Murderess (Detective Book Magazine, Spring 1950)  
Breathe No More, My Lovely (Detective Tales, May 1950);
aka: Breathe No More (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
The Long, Red Night (Detective Tales, May 1950) as John Lane
[author title: Unbroken]
Night Watch (Detective Tales, May 1950; as Scott O'Hara);
aka: Check Out at Dawn (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
Yes, Sir, That's My Slay-Babe! (Dime Detective, May 1950)  
Vanguard of the Lost (Fantastic Adventures, May 1950) [sf]
[author title: Time for heroes]
Money Green (Fifteen Sports Stories, May 1950)
[author title: Pitch, a punt, and a prayer]
This One Will Kill You (New Detective, May 1950);
aka: Death Writes the Answer (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
[author title: Death writes the answer]
Wine of the Dreamers (Startling Stories, May 1950) [sf ] (novella)
[magazine version of the novel (1951)]
By the Stars Forgot (Super Science Stories, May 1950) [sf]
[author title: You can't kill Dixieland]
Gift of Darkness (Super Science Stories, May 1950) as Peter Reed [sf-?]  
College-Cut Kill (Dime Detective, June 1950) (novelette)  
Sir Lancelot's Crime Wave (Dime Detective, June 1950) as Scott O'Hara  
Dead on the Pin (Mystery Book, Summer 1950; also in "The Good Old Stuff",1982)  
Jukebox Jungle (Black Mask, July 1950)  
Run, Sister, Run! (Detective Tales, July 1950)
[author title: Murder for Molly]
Dead Men Don't Scare (Dime Detective, July 1950)  
Five Star Fugitive (Dime Detective, July 1950; as Scott O'Hara);
aka: Border Town Girl (In " Border Town Girl", Popular Library, June 1956) [повесть]
[aka: Five- Star Fugitive]
Случай на американо-мексиканской границе.
Half-Past Eternity (Super Science Stories, July 1950) [sf]
[author title: One day life]
Escape to Fear (Super Science Stories, July 1950) as Peter Reed [sf-?]  
Make One False Move (Argosy, August 1950)
[author title: Deep green jungle]
His Fatal Fling (Dime Detective, August 1950)
[author title: And a pocketful of wry]
The Lady Is a Corpse! (Detective Tales, September 1950);
aka: From Some Hidden Grave (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
Exit Smiling (Dime Detective, September 1950)
[author title: Murder is a floor show]
The Homesick Buick (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine # 82, September 1950)  
Too Early to Tell (Adventure, October 1950)  
Miranda (Fifteen Mystery Stories [15 Mystery Stories], October 1950; also In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)  
Shadow on the Sand (Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1950) [sf short novel]   
The Paw of the Cat (Detective Tales, November 1950)  
Tri-Kill Cutie (Dime Detective, November 1950)
[author title: That big strong girl]
For Murder - or Worse (New Detective, November 1950)
[author title: Death is a novelty item]
Final Mission (Planet Stories, November 1950) [sf]
[author title: Functional obsolescence]
The Big Contest (Worlds Beyond, December 1950) (aka: The Contest) [sf]  
I Love You (Occasionally) (This Week, 31 December 1950)  
Death for the Asking (Detective Fiction, January 1951)  
Susceptibility (Galaxy Science Fiction, January 1951) [sf]
[author title: Susceptivity]
Hand from the Void (Super Science Stories, January 1951) [sf-?]
[author title: Decoy]
Destiny Deferred (Super Science Stories, January 1951 as John Wade Farrell [sf-?]  
Over My Dead Body! (Detective Tales, February 1951)
[author title: Funeral Belle]
The Curse of the "Star" (Short Stories, February 1951)
[author title: Lady is afraid]
Get Thee Behind Me (Detective Fiction, March 1951)  
Case of Nerves (Detective Tales, March 1951)
[author title: Friendly gesture]
The Deadliest Game (Detective Tales, April 1951)
[author title: She talked and then she died]
Death Is My Comrade (New Detective, April 1951)
[author title: Deadlier design]
Salute to Courage (Fifteen Sports Stories, April 1951)
[author title: Lonely journey]
Violence Inherited (Detective Fiction, May 1951)  
Nothing Must Change (Redbook, June 1951)  
Escape to Chaos (Super Science Stories, June 1951) [sf]
[author title: Minus probability]
Cosmic Knot (Super Science Stories, June 1951) as Peter Reed [sf]  
Path of Glory (Adventure, July 1951)
[author title: Hero, hero, burning bright]
Lay Me Down and Die (Detective Fiction, July 1951)  
Common Denominator (Galaxy Science Fiction, July 1951) [sf]  
Crime of Omission (Detective Tales, August 1951)
[author title: Circumstantial guilt]
Death Runs in the Family (Dime Detective, August 1951)  
Dateline - Death (New Detective, August 1951)
[author title: Dirty way to die]
Who Stopped That Clock? (This Week, 12 August 1951)
[author title: Late dead]
The White Fruit of Banaldar (Startling Stories, September 1951) [sf]  
Big League Busher (Sport Magazine (?), after September 1951)  
Case of the Gorgeous Gams (Detective Tales, October 1951)
[author title: Slim dead legs]
The Cloob from Glasgow (Fifteen Sports Stories, October 1951)  
The Cardboard Star (The American Legion Magazine, December 1951)  
The Girl Who Wanted Money (Dime Detective, December 1951)  
The Man Who Died (Toronto Star Weekly, 15 December 1951)  
Very Junior Miss (McCall's, January 1952)  
Mr. Killer (Today's Woman, January 1952)  
Hell's Belter (Fifteen Sports Stories, February 1952)
[author title: Man in the ring]
There Comes a Time (Redbook, February 1952)
[author title: Witness for the wedding]
The Feather Wrench (Toronto Star Weekly, 2 February 1952)  
Betrayed (The American Magazine, March 1952)
(also in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, 1964, vol. 15, # 2)
All That Blood Money Can Buy (Detective Tales, April 1952);
aka: Murder for Money (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
The Man from Limbo (Dime Detective, April [or March-?*] 1952; reprint in Detective Story Magazine [England, {ed. Anon.} (Atlas Publishing & Distributing],  vol. 9, # 2, February 1954)
[author title: Terror in town]

[*? - The Man from limbo. (Dime Detective [Chicago: Popular Publications, Inc.], 1951, vol. 67, # 1)]

My Brother's Widow (Collier's, 15 March 1952 to 12 April 1952)
magazine version of the novel Area of Suspicion (1954)]
Refund for Murder (Cosmopolitan, May 1952)  
Delivery Boy War (Bluebook, August 1952)  
Who's the Blonde? (Collier's, 9 August 1952)  
Trap for a Tigress (Dime Detective, August 1952, vol. 67, # 3);
Noose for a Tigress (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)
Hit and Run (Good Housekeeping, August 1952)
[? = story "Hit and Run" (The Saturday Evening Post, 16 September 1961; also in "A Treasury of Modern Mysteries", 1973)]
The Clay Pigeon Shoots Back! (New Detective, August 1952)
[author title: Gun in his hand]
Elimination Race (Collier's, 13 September 1952)  
Game for Blondes (Galaxy Science Fiction, October 1952) [sf]  
The Doll (Cosmopolitan, November 1952)  
Double Harness (Detective Story Magazine, November 1952)  
Identification (Author's Guild Bulletin, after November 1952)  
Incubation (In " Future Tense", N.Y.: Greenberg Publishers, December 1952) [sf]  
He Knew a Broadway Star (This Week, 14 December 1952)
[author title: I knew her when]
Dead on Christmas Street (Collier's, 20 December 1952)  
A Good Judge of Men (Argosy, ? 1952)
[***Argosy - ???, not in 1952]
A Day in the Sun (Bluebook, February 1953)
[author title: Free ride]
Forever Yours (McCall's, February 1953)
[author title: Don't look too closely]
Death's Eye View (New Detective, February 1953)
[author title: Death on the ebb tide]
What Are the Symptoms, Dear? (This Week, 22 February 1953)
[author title: corporate enterprise] [article-?]
The Second Chance (Bluebook, March 1953)
[author title: Warrior's return]
Dead Reckoning (Detective Story Magazine, March 1953)  
Suspicion Island (Cosmopolitan, May 1953)  
Labor Supply (Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1953) [sf]  
A Matter of Life and Death (This Week, 14 June 1953)
[author title: Closed circle]
Finders Killers! (Detective Story Magazine, July 1953)
[author title: All the money in the world]
He's Not Talking to Me (?, July 1953)  
A Coffin in His Dreams (Triple Detective, Fall 1953, v 9 #3) (novella)

[ ? = A Corpse in His Dreams (Mystery Book, Spring 1949; also In "More Good Old Stuff", 1984) - ?]

The Trouble with Erica (Cosmopolitan, September 1953)  
The Innocent Victims (Bluebook, November 1953)  
Night Fright (Cosmopolitan, November 1953)  
Six Golden Pennies (Cosmopolitan, February 1954)  
Flight of the Tiger (Collier's, 5 March 1954 - 2 April 1954)  
She Tried to Make Her Man Behave (This Week, 7 March 1954)
[author title: Moose and the redhead]
The Big Gun (Bluebook , May 1954 [Dayton, OH: Bluebook McCall Corp.], vol. 99, #1, 1954)
[author title: Window on the square]
The Man Who Almost Blew His Top (This Week, 30 May 1954)
[author title: We love you anyway ]
Built for Speed (Argosy, June 1954)  
First Offense (Cosmopolitan, August 1954)  
The Man Without a Home (This Week, 22 August 1954) [article-?]
[author title: Sure, I knew Lew]
I Always Get the Cuties (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, November 1954) [sf-?]
[author title: Confront]
The Killer (Manhunt, January 1955)  
There Hangs Death! (This Week, 20 February 1955; also in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories to be Read with the Door Locked", Random House, 1975) [horror]  
Tournament (Bluebook, April 1955)  
Deadly Victim (Cosmopolitan, April 1955) (short story-?)
magazine version of the novel You Live Once (1956)]
The Bear Trap (Cosmopolitan, May 1955)  
Virus H (Bluebook, June 1955)  
The Impulse (Cosmopolitan, June 1955)
[working title: "The Girl Was a Stranger"]
In a Small Motel (Justice [NY: Non-Pareil Publishing Co.], July 1955, vol. 1, # 2)  
Too Young to Marry (This Week, 25 September 1955)  
Long Shot (Argosy, October 1955; also In "Two", 1983)  
Scared Money (Justice, October 1955)  
Man on a High Ledge (Bluebook, November 1955)  
Neon Jungle  («Cavalier» magazine [Greenwich, CN: Fawcett Publications, Inc.], 1955, vol. 3, # 30)
[*The novel was published in book-form:
The Neon Jungle (Fawcett Gold Medal, August 1953)]
Неоновые джунгли.
Jail Bait (Argosy, January 1956; also In "Two", 1983)  
April Evil (Cosmopolitan, January 1956)
[magazine version of the novel (1956)]
The Unsuitable Girl (Collier's, 3 February 1956)
[author title: Entirely unsuitable girl]
The Magic Valentines (This Week, 5 February 1956)
[author title: Fourteenth of February]
The Fourteenth of February (?, February 1953*)
Enough to Cure the Blues (Bluebook, March 1956)
[author title: Old ones are the good ones]
Don't Get Carried Away (Toronto Star Weekly, 24 March 1956)  
The Fraud That Paid Off (This Week, 22 April 1956)  
Squealer (Manhunt, May 1956)
[author title: Let's go get them]
The Men Women Marry (Collier's, June 1956)
[author title: I don't know him at all]
Linda (In " Border Town Girl", Popular Library, June 1956) (novella)
(also it was published in «Climax» magazine [NY: MacFadden Publications, Inc.], 1959)
Hangover (Cosmopolitan, July 1956) Похмелье. 
Hurricane (Redbook, August 1956)
magazine version of the novel Murder in the Wind (1956)]

[*? = aka: Florida Keys in Hurricane Alley (story) (Holiday, 1968, vol. 44 # 6) - reprint]

A Criminal Mind (Cosmopolitan, November 1956)  
Open Before Christmas (Woman's Home Companion, December 1956)
[author title: Humbug]
Death of a Dealer (This Week, ? 1956)  
The End of Her Life (Cosmopolitan, January 1957)
magazine version of the novel Death Trap (1957)]
The Rabbit Gets a Gun (Manhunt, January 1957)
[author title: Shortest vacation]
The Bullets Lied (This Week, 6 January 1957)  
The Heat of Money (Cosmopolitan, April 1957)
magazine version of the novel The Price of Murder (1957)]
The Giant Who Came to Our House (This Week, 5 May 1957)
[author title: One Sunday, with giant]
A Romantic Courtesy (Cosmopolitan, July 1957)  
The Executioners (Ladies Home Journal, October 1957 - November 1957)
magazine version of the novel (1958)]
College Man (Cosmopolitan, February 1958)  
Black Cat in the Snow (Manhunt, February 1958)  
Taint of the Tiger (Cosmopolitan, March 1958)
magazine version of the novel The Soft Touch (1958)]
The Faithless (Redbook, May 1958)
magazine version of the novel The Deceivers (1958)]
The Knife, the Chain, and the Schoolyard (Ladies Home Journal, May 1958)  
Man in a Trap (This Week, 15 June 1958) (EQMM, 1958 -?)  
The Fast Loose Money (Cosmopolitan, July 1958)  
Ultimate Surprise (Cosmopolitan, January 1959)  
Crossroads (Cosmopolitan, June 1959)
magazine version of the novelа (1959)]
Honeymoon in the Off Season (Redbook, September 1959)  
That Strangest Month of All (Family Circle, October 1959)  
The Tug of Evil (Cosmopolitan, January 1960)
magazine version of the novel Slam the Big Door (1960)]
The Trap of Solid Gold (Ladies Home Journal, April 1960) (short story)  
End of the Night (Cosmopolitan, May 1960)
magazine version of the novel (1960)]
Where Is Janice Gantry? (Cosmopolitan, December 1960)
magazine version of the novel (1961)]
The Underwater Safari (Bluebook, ? 1960)  
Travel Light and Travel Far (Cosmopolitan, January 1961)  
Kitten on a Trampoline (The Saturday Evening Post, 8 April 1961)  
A Young Man's Game (Argosy, May 1961)
[author title: It's supposed to be fun]
Saturday's Child (McCall's, May 1961 [or 1988-?*, vol. 88, # 8])
[author title: I don't know what to do about you]
Double, Double (Golf, June 1961)  
The Tempestuous Career of Molly Murdock (McCall's, July 1961)
[author title: Remarriage]
Sing a Song of Terror (The Saturday Evening Post, 9 September 1961)
[author title: To stay alive]
Hit and Run (The Saturday Evening Post, 16 September 1961; also in "A Treasury of Modern Mysteries", 1973)
[? = story "Hit and Run" (Good Housekeeping, August 1952)
One Monday We Killed Them All (Cosmopolitan, November 1961)
magazine version of the novel (1961)]
An Island of Her Own (Redbook, February 1962)  
Where the Body Lies (Cosmopolitan, August 1962) (short story-?)
[working title: "While the Old Man Des"]
magazine version of the novel On the Run (1963)]
The Widow's Estate (Good Housekeeping, October 1962)  
The Drowner (Cosmopolitan, January 1963)
magazine version of the novel (1963)]
The Obvious Woman (The Saturday Evening Post, 30 March 1963)
[author title: That obvious woman]
Funny the Way Things Work Out (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, April 1963)
[author title: No heart for the law]
End of the Tiger (This Week, 20 October 1963)  
The Straw Witch (This Week, 12 January 1964)
[author title: One of the straw witches]
Blurred View (This Week, 23 February 1964) Шантаж. 
The Loveliest Girl in the World (This Week, 15 March 1964)  
Wild, Wonderful Old Man (This Week, 29 March 1964)
[author title: Wild, wonderful old man]
The Night Jamie Grew Up (This Week, 24 May 1964)
[author title: Kid stuff]
A Touch of Miss Mint (This Week, 19 July 1964)  
A Matter of Trust (Redbook, August 1964)  
The White Lie (This Week, 2 August 1964)
[author title: Fisherman's life]
Eyewitness (Argosy, September 1964)  
Cop Probe (Argosy, October 1964)  
The Legend of Joe Lee (Cosmopolitan, October 1964) [sf] Легенда о Джо Ли
Everglades (Venture [Des Moines: Cowles Magazine and Broadcasting Co.],1965, vol. 2, # 1)

[? =  Last chance to save the Everglades (Life, 1969, vol. 67, # 10)]

Bright Orange Shroud (Cosmopolitan, April 1965) Travis McGee-6
magazine version of the novel (1965)]
Taste for Mischief (This Week, 20 June 1965)  
Child Wife (This Week, 29 August 1965)  
The Girl in the Yellow Suit (This Week, 19 December 1965)
[author title: Sadness of Miranda]
Darker Than Amber (Cosmopolitan, April 1966) Travis McGee-7
magazine version of the novel (1966)]
Funny Man (The Saturday Evening Post, 21 May 1966);
aka: Afternoon of the Hero (In "End of the Tiger and Other Stories",1966)
[aka: Funnyman]
The Quickest Way Home (This Week, 19 June 1966)  
Triangle (Cavalier, September 1966)  
One Fearful Yellow Eye (Cosmopolitan, November 1966) Travis McGee-8
magazine version of the novel (1966)]
Quarrel (Playboy, May 1967)  
The Last One Left (Argosy, July 1967)
magazine version of the novel (1966-?)]
Little doll and the mousetrap (Rudder [Greenwich, CN: Fawcett Publications, Inc.], 1968, vol. 84, # 1)  
The Annex (Playboy, May 1968) [sf]  
The Reference Room (In "With Malice Toward All", an Anthology of Mystery Stories by Members of the Mystery Writers of America, edited by Robert L. Fish [NY: G. P. Putnam's Sons,  1968])  
Last chance to save the Everglades (Life, 1969, vol. 67, # 10)

[? =  Everglades (Venture [Des Moines: Cowles Magazine and Broadcasting Co.],1965, vol. 2, # 1)]

Dear Old Friend (Playboy, April 1970)  
Double Hannenframmis (Playboy, August 1970)  
Parody of Spillane (The JDM Bibliophile, August 1970)  
He Was Always a Nice Boy (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March 1971)  
The Random Noise of Love (In " S*E*V*E*N", Fawcett Gold Medal, April 1971)  
The Willow Pool (In " S*E*V*E*N", Fawcett Gold Medal, April 1971)  
Woodchuck (In " S*E*V*E*N", Fawcett Gold Medal, April 1971)  
The Turquoise Lament (Cosmopolitan, March 1974) Travis McGee-15
[condensation magazine version of the novel (1973)]
The Taste of Gravy (Playboy, June 1974)  
The Dreadful Lemon Sky (Cosmopolitan, September 1975) Travis McGee-16  
magazine version of the novel (1975-?)]
Finding Anne Farley (In "Best Detective Stories of the Year", 1978);
aka: Ring My Love with Diamonds (Various Field Syndicate newspapers beginning 22 May 1977)
Wedding Present ( Antæus [Antaeus], Spring/Summer 1977, #25/26) [sf-?]  
A Terminal Case (New York, 3 October 1977) [McGee- ?]  
Condominium (Book Digest, November 1977)
magazine version of the novel (1977)]
Friend of the Family (Various Field Syndicate newspapers beginning 24 September 1978)  
The Accomplice (In " Who Done It?", Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, Spring 1980)  
J. R. Eats Humble Pie (Panorama, September 1980)  
The Lad Is Not for Burning (In " Bred Any Good Rooks Lately?", Doubleday 1986) [sf-?]  

Link: John D. MacDonald Manuscript Collection               

 Произведения, требующие уточнения:

With Malise toward all!
(Detective Tales [Toronto: Popular Publications, Inc.], 1948, vol. 40, # 4) as John Lane

The Magic Valentines (This Week, 5 February 1956) [author title: Fourteenth of February] aka: The Fourteenth of February (?, February 1953*)

The Man from Limbo (Dime Detective, April [or March -?*] 1952; reprint in Detective Story Magazine [England, {ed. Anon.} (Atlas Publishing & Distributing],  vol. 9, # 2, February 1954) [author title: Terror in town]
[*? - The Man from limbo. (Dime Detective [Chicago: Popular Publications, Inc.], 1951*, vol. 67, # 1)]

A Good Judge of Men (Argosy, ? 1952) [***Argosy - ???, not in 1952]

Florida Keys in Hurricane Alley (story) (Holiday, 1968, vol. 44 #6) reprint -?
[*? =
(Redbook, August 1956), [magazine version of the novel Murder in the Wind (1956)] ]

"Bimini Gall" (story). aka: Bimini kill (1987, vol.4, #2, "The Yacht" magazine [Newport, RI: Bayview Corp.])
[film "KONA COAST" (1968, Warner brothers/Seven Arts, 93 min.) Based on the story "Bimini Gall" 
Screenplay by Gilbert Ralston,  Directed by Lamont Johnson ]

Death Is the Answer (Thrilling Detective, October 1948)
[*? =
Death Writes the Answer. *see: This One Will Kill You (New Detective, May 1950); aka: Death Writes the Answer (In "The Good Old Stuff",1982)]



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