Эд Макбейн Ed McBain stories collections

Эд Макбейн

Ed McBain
(pseudonym of Salvatore Alberto Lombino)
(legally changed name to Evan Hunter in 1952)
( 15 October 1926 - 6 July 2005)
New York City, USA - Weston, Connecticut, USA

Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America - 1986


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(Названия сериалов  подчеркнуты)
*?* - Предположительная дата первой публикации
(Русские названия, указанные в скобках, взяты из статей и анонсов)

Short Stories & Novelets:                                                    Рассказы и повести:

Reaching for the Moon (November 1951, Science Fiction Quarterly) as S. A. Lombino [sf]  
Fury on First (December 1951, Super Sports) as Hunt Collins  
Dead Freight (February 1952, Famous Detective Stories) as Hunt Collins Guthrie Lamb-1  
The Tinkerer (March 1952, Future Science Fiction Stories) as S. A. Lombino [sf]  
Welcome, Martians! (May 1952, If) as S. A. Lombino [sf]  
The Body Beautiful (May 1952, Famous Detective Stories) as Hunt Collins Guthrie Lamb-2  
Let the Gods Decide (Off-Trail Special). (July 1952, Ten Story Sports) as Hunt Collins  
Silent Partner (August 1952, Science Fiction Quarterly, as S. A. Lombino); (also 1960, in Collection " The Last Spin and Other Stories", as Evan Hunter) [sf]  
Smell the Blood of an Englishman (August 1952, Famous Western) as S. A. Lombino  [western]  
Eye Witness (August 1952 [1956*-?], Verdict Crime Detection Magazine, as Hunt Collins);
(also in the McBain's collections "The McBain Brief", 1982; and "Learning to Kill", 2006)

(aka: Eye-Witness)

Wrong Number (August 1952, Famous Detective Stories) as Hunt Collins [*Guthrie Lamb-???]  
Small Fry (September 1952, Future Science Fiction Stories) as Hunt Collins [sf]  
A-Hanging We Will Go! (September 1952, Smashing Detective Stories, as Hunt Collins); aka: Off-Trail Murder Mystery.  
The Little Man (October 1952, Famous Western Oct 1952) as Salvatore Lombino  [western]  
A Planet Named Joe (November 1952, Planet Stories) as S. A. Lombino [sf]  
P-A-T-R-O-L (November 1952, War Stories Magazine) as Hunt Collins  
Hook, Line and Murder (December 1952, Real) as Evan Hunter  
Die Hard (January 1953, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter  Matt Cordell-1 (Curt Cannon in the book publication 1958)  
Direct Hit! (January 1953, War Stories Magazine) as Evan Hunter  
Attack (February 1953, Manhunt) as Hunt Collins  
Carrera's Woman (February 1953, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten 
[misprint: Carrea's Woman]

[--"Carrera's Woman" concerns American rogue Jeff MacCauley, locked in a standoff with Mexican bandit Jose Carrera high in the Sierra Madres. Carrera has stolen MacCauley's money belt, containing $10,000. MacCauley has kidnapped Carrera's woman Linda.]

Two (February 1953, Bluebook) as Evan Hunter  
Against the Middle (March 1953, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten  
Dead Men Don't Dream (March 1953, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter  Matt Cordell-2 (Curt Cannon in the book publication 1958)
aka: The Dead and the Dying (May 1964, Manhunt)
as Evan Hunter
Мертвые не грезят [1 из сб. "Моя смерть"] (Курт Кеннон)
Forest of the Night (March 1953, Amazing Stories) as D. A. Addams [sf]  
Murder Comes Easy (March 1953, Real magazine) as Evan Hunter
aka: Vicious Circle (September 1953, Verdict Crime Detection Magazine; also 1956, in Collection " The Jungle Kids") as Evan Hunter
Порочный круг [2 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
Woman's World (March 1953, Fantastic Adventures) as by Ted Taine [sf]

[--Do you believe that women are the weaker sex? Do you feel that men are masters of the universe. Maybe, but what if women are tall as trees?
--There were a lot of things Damion didn't like about the planet; the moons were all wrong; the weather was very bad; and even the small women were over fifteen feet tall.]

Kid Kill (April 1953, Manhunt)  as Evan Hunter  Дитя-убийца [11 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
Robert (April 1953, Thrilling Wonder Stories) as Evan Hunter [sf] Мерцание (И.Хантер)
Now Die in It (May 1953, Manhunt as Evan Hunter; also - Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine, May 1975)  Matt Cordell-3 (Curt Cannon in the book publication 1958) Умри с этим [2 из сб. "Моя смерть"] (Курт Кеннон)
Don't Monkey with Murder (June 1953, Smashing Detective Stories)  as Hunt Collins  
Small Homicide (June 1953, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter
aka: A Very Small Homicide (July 1959, The Saint Mystery Magazine) as Evan Hunter
"Маленькое" убийство [3 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
The Killing at Triple Tree (June 1953, Gunsmoke) as Evan Hunter [western]  
One Down (June 1953, Manhunt) as Hunt Collins  
Dealer's Choice (July 1953, Vortex Science Fiction Vol. 1, No. 1) as S. A. Lombino [sf]  
The Follower (July 1953, Manhunt) as Hunt Collins  
{? = The Follower
(1956, in Collection " The Jungle Kids") as Evan Hunter}
Good and Dead (July 1953, Manhunt, as Evan Hunter ; also - Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine, June 1975)  Matt Cordell-4 (Curt Cannon in the book publication 1958) Добрый и мертвый [3 из сб. "Моя смерть"] (Курт Кеннон)
The Smell of Blood (July 1953, Private Eye) as Hunt Collins   
The Guinea Pigs (July 1953, If) as S. A. Lombino [sf]  
Still Life (August 1953, Manhunt)  as Evan Hunter   
Snowblind (August 1953, Gunsmoke; also in coll. "The Arbor House Treasury of Great Western Stories", compiled by Bill Pronzini & Martin H. Greenberg, NY: Morrow/Avon, 1982) as Evan Hunter [western]  
The Innocent One (August 1953, Manhunt, as Richard Marsten; also 1960, The Last Spin and Other Stories, as Evan Hunter)  
What Price Venus? (Aug/Sep 1953, Fantastic Universe as Evan Hunter);
: Tales of Tomorrow (in Collection "Vintage Science Fiction", ed. Peter Haining, Carroll & Graf 1999,
as Evan Hunter) [sf]

[NB! No similarities with teleplay "Tales Of Tomorrow: Appointment on Mars" (TV June 1952) as S. A. Lombino]

[*?* mistake*?* : Screened as "Appointment on Mars"]

Accident Report (September 1953, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten  
The Death of Me (September 1953, Manhunt, as Evan Hunter; also - Bloodhound Detective Story Magazine, October 1961, as Evan Hunter; also - Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine, August 1975) Matt Cordell-5 (Curt Cannon in the book publication 1958) Моя смерть [4 из сб. "Моя смерть"] (Курт Кеннон)
Law of the Wild (September 1953, Dime Western Magazine) as Hunt Collins [western]  
Necktie Party (September 1953, Cavalier) as Evan Hunter  
The Molested (September 1953, Manhunt, as Hunt Collins);
(also in
McBain's collection "Learning to Kill", 2006)
The Reluctant Hostess (September 1953, The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine) as Evan Hunter  
I Killed Jeannie (November 1953, Pursuit) as Evan Hunter
aka: Chalk (1982, in the collection "The McBain Brief"; and in "Learning to Kill", 2006) by McBain
The Right hand of Garth (November 1953, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter  
The Blackboard Jungle (1953, Discovery #2, ed. Vance Bourjaily, Pocket 1953) 
aka: To Break the Wall
(1956, in the collection " The Jungle Kids") as Evan Hunter
Сломать стену [6 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
Classification: Dead (November 1953, Manhunt; also in "Dames, Danger, and Death",ed. by Leo Margulies [Pyramid(NY),1960]) as Richard Marsten  
Outside in the Sand (November 1953, Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
Detour (December 1953, Private Eye Magazine) as Hunt Collins  
First Captive (December 1953, Imagination) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
Sucker (December 1953, Manhunt Detective Story Monthly; also - Tough Stories Magazine, February 1956) as Hunt Collins
aka: The Baby Sitter (Man's Magazine, October 1959, Vol. 7, No. 10) as Evan Hunter

= Sucker (1956, in the Collection " The Jungle Kids") as Evan Hunter

Козел отпущения [7 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
Дурачок. (И.Хантер)
Switch Ending (December 1953, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten
aka (reprint
as Manhunt Classics): The Fifty Grand Stretch (February/March 1967, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten
The Wife of Riley (December 1953, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter  
Million Dollar Maybe (December 1953/January 1954, Amazing) as Evan Hunter [sf] Не рискнуть ли за миллион? [Ивен Хантер]
Malice in Wonderland (January 1954, If) as Evan Hunter [переделан в роман "Tomorrow's World" (1956)] [sf]  
Deadlier Than the Mail (February 1954, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter  Matt Cordell-6 (Curt Cannon in the book publication 1958)  
Runaway (February 1954, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten
[*This story was changed and expanded into the novel "Runaway Black" (1954) by Richard Marsten]
Fatal Attraction (March 1954, The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine; also - Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (Australia) May 1957) as Evan Hunter  
The Plagiarist from Rigel IV (March 1954, Imagination) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
The Intruders (April 1954, Adventure) as Evan Hunter
[NB! : not to be confused with "The Intruder"]
Moon Mad (May 1954, Fantastic Universe) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
...Or Leave It Alone (May 1954, Manhunt; also 1956, in Collection"The Jungle Kids") as Evan Hunter    В любое время могу бросить... [4 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
The Seven-Year Witch (May 1954, Malcolm's) as Evan Hunter   
End as a Robot (June 1954, Thrilling Wonder Stories) as Richard Marsten [sf]  
Association Test (July 1954, Manhunt) as Hunt Collins  
Chinese Puzzle (July 1954, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten
(also in the anthology "Crime Squad", ed. by Ed McBain, 1968)
Return (July 1954, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter Matt Cordell-new story?  
Under Observation (July 1954, Fantastic Universe) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
Bedbug (September 1954, Manhunt, as Evan Hunter)
(also in McBain's collection "Learning to Kill", 2006)
Ticket to Death (September 1954, Argosy; also - in Collection "Best Detective Stories of the Year 1955", ed. by David Coxe Cooke, NY: Dutton, 1955) as Evan Hunter 
aka: Death Flight (in the McBain's collections "The McBain Brief", 1982; and "Learning to Kill", 2006)
Every Morning (September 1954, Manhunt, as Richard Marsten; also September 1954, Moongate de Homo Sentiens)   
The Helping Hand (September 1954, The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine) as Richard Marsten  
Kill Fight (September 1954, Cavalier) as Evan Hunter  
Terwilliger and the War Machine (September 1954, Universe Science Fiction) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
The Beatings (October 1954, Manhunt; also 1956, in Collection "The Jungle Kids") as Evan Hunter Matt Cordell-new story! Эпидемия [10 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
Dream Damsel (October 1954, Fantastic Universe) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
Lady Killer (October 1954, Manhunt [vol 2.8, US]) as Richard Marsten
[NB! : no connection to the McBain novel]
A Bull to Kill (November 1954, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten  
Kill Me, My Sweet (November 1954, Real; reprinted in November 1956, Verdict Crime Detection Magazine) as Richard Marsten  
Dead Nurse (December 1954, Bluebook) as Evan Hunter
[*? - magazine version of the novel "Murder In The Navy" (1955, as Richard Marsten); aka: "Death Of A Nurse" (1968, by Ed McBain)]
Lilacs (December 1954, Hunted) as Richard Marsten  
The Miracle of Dan O'Shaughnessy (December 1954, Imagination) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
The Scarlet King (25 December 1954, Manhunt, a special "Anniversary Issue" [v 2 #11]) as Evan Hunter [horror] Алый король [Эван Хантер]
Get Out of Town! (1954; also - August 1956, Verdict Crime Detection Magazine) as Evan Hunter  
The Death-Ray Gun (January 1955, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter  
Joker (January 1955, The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine ; also Pursuit—The Phantom Mystery Magazine #8, 1955) as Hunt Collins  
Kiss Me, Dudley (January 1955, Manhunt) as Hunt Cannon
[*featuring Dudley Sledge; a parody on Spillane's "Kiss Me, Deadly" (1952).]
Panama Panic (January 1955, Menace) as Evan Hunter  
Hot (February 1955, Manhunt; also - Shell Scott Mystery Magazine, May 1966 )   
Inferiority Complex (May 1955, Fantastic Universe) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
The Big Scream (June 1955, Real magazine) as Evan Hunter
aka: Dummy (2006, in the Collection "Learning to Kill" by McBain)
[*? misprint: The Big Dream]
The Fallen Angel (June 1955, Ladies Home Journal; also - Argosy (UK) April 1960) as Evan Hunter [sf] Падающий ангел
See Him Die (July 1955 [vol 3.7], Manhunt; also in the Collections " The Jungle Kids", 1956; and "Learning to Kill", 2006) as Evan Hunter
[*This story was greatly changed and expanded into the 87th Precinct novel #13 - "See Them Die" (1960) by McBain]
Посмотреть, как он умирает [8 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
The Big Day (September 1955, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten  
The Wild Ones (October 1955, Adventure);
aka: The Jungle Kids (1956, in Collection " The Jungle Kids") as Evan Hunter
misprint: The Mild Ones]
Дети джунглей [9 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
Time to Kill (November 1955, Manhunt) as Richard Marsten  
First Offense (December 1955, Manhunt)  as Evan Hunter
First Offence)
Первое обвинение [1 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
Beach Party (January 1956, Accused Detective Story Magazine) as Richard Marsten  
Murder on the Keys (February 1956, Argosy) as Richard Marsten
aka: Downpour (2006, in the McBain's collection "Learning to Kill")
The Big Noise (February 1956, Other Worlds Science Stories) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
Clean break (March 1956, Accused Detective Story Magazine) as Hunt Collins  
You Got to Love It (May 1956, Nugget) as Evan Hunter  
Three (September 1956, Short Stories) as Hunt Collins  
The Last Spin (September 1956, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter Твоя очередь! [12 из сб. "Дети джунглей"];
Поединок в подвале
The Philanderers (October 1956, Nugget) as Evan Hunter  
The Follower (1956, in Collection " The Jungle Kids") as Evan Hunter  {? = The Follower (1953) as Hunt Collins } Преследователь [5 из сб. "Дети джунглей"]
The "H" Killer (February 1957, Manhunt Detective Stories Monthly [Vol. 5, # 2]) 
{Condensed version of novel The Pusher (1956) 87th Precinct-3 }
Wife and Best Friend (March 1957, Escapade) as Evan Hunter  
The Iron Jungle (March 1957, Argosy) as Evan Hunter
aka: The Prisoner (in Collection "The Last Spin and Other Stories", 1960) as Evan Hunter
Circumstantial Evidence (April 1957, Manhunt) as Hunt Collins  
On the Sidewalk Bleeding (July 1957, Manhunt ; also - in the anthology "The Young Oxford Book of Nasty Endings", 1997, ed. Dennis Pepper, publ. Oxford University Press) as Evan Hunter [sf]  
The Merry, Merry Christmas (December 1957, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter
{? aka: A Very Merry Christmas (in the McBain's collections "The McBain Brief", 1982; and "Learning to Kill", 2006}
Pretty Eyes (December 1957, Rex; also - in Collection "Love Kills", ed. Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg, Carroll & Graf, 1997) as Evan Hunter
aka: The Girl with the Pretty Eyes (1960, The Last Spin and Other Stories) as Evan Hunter
Такие красивые глаза... (И.Хантер)
Just For Kicks (June 1958, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, as Richard Marsten; also - in coll. "Prime Suspects", edited by Bill Pronzini and Martin H. Greenberg,  NY: Ivy Books, 1987, as Ed McBain)  
Not a Laughing Matter (August 1958, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine) as Evan Hunter Нешуточное дело (Ивэн Хантер)
Escape (December 1958, The Gent; also - in Collection "The Last Spin and Other Stories", 1960) as Evan Hunter  
Killer's Wedge (February 1959, Manhunt) 87th Precinct-8 
Condensed version of the novel (1959)}
Just for the Weekend (April 1959, Escapade) as Evan Hunter  
The Mongol Murders (June 1959, Mystery Tales) as Evan Hunter  
It was lovely that summer (March 1960, The Dude; also - in the collection "Happy new year, Herbie and other stories", 1965 UK book edition only) as Evan Hunter  
Easy Money (September 1960, #202, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine) as Evan Hunter   
The Empty Hours (1960, Ed McBains Mystery Book #1, ed. Pocket Books, Inc., digest ; also - in Collection "The Empty Hours", 1962) 87th Precinct  (novelet) Предрассветный час.
Под утро.
Перед рассветом.
Alive Again (1960, The Last Spin and Other Stories) as Evan Hunter  
The Tourists (November/December 1960, Story Magazine; also - in the collection "Happy New Year, Herbie, and Other Stories", 1963) as Evan Hunter Туристы
J (May 1961, Argosy; also - in Collection "The Empty Hours", 1962) 87th Precinct  (novelet) Буква на стене.
Out of the Sun (August 1961, Argosy [UK]) as Evan Hunter  
Murder on Ice (November 1961, Argosy) 87th Precinct  (novelet)
Storm (1962, in Collection " The Empty Hours")
Буря, любовь и смерть.
Like Love (August 1962, Argosy)
{Condensed version of the full-length (1962) novel from 87th Precinct-16 }
My Name Is Wind (November 1962, Dude) as Evan Hunter
aka: The Final Yes (1963, in the collection "Happy New Year, Herbie, and Other Stories") as Evan Hunter
Happy New Year, Herbie (January 1963, Good Housekeeping; also in the collection "Happy New Year, Herbie, and Other Stories") as Evan Hunter  
Eighty Million Eyes (February 1963, Argosyalso - May 1966 [vol 47.5], EQMM; also - Spring 1976 [vol 31], Ellery Queen's Mystery Anthology) 87th Precinct (novelet)
Condensed version of the full-length (1966) novel from 87th Precinct-21 }

[The Dear Hunter  [or "The Deer Hunter"]  - part of "Eighty Million Eyes" published in Argosy 1965. Date of issue unknown]

A Sure Thing (February 1963, Redbook) as Evan Hunter
aka: Uncle Jimbo's Marbles (1963, in the collection "Happy New Year, Herbie, and Other Stories") as Evan Hunter
S.P.Q.R. (April 1963, The Gent; also - in the collection "Happy New Year, Herbie, and Other Stories", 1963) as Evan Hunter S. P. Q. R. (Ивен Хантер) /перевела с англ. Л. Завьялова/
Ten Plus One (July 1963, Argosy) 
Short version of novel with the same title (1963) 87th Precinct--17}
Human sharks (August 1963, Harlequin magazine; also - in the collection "Happy new year, Herbie and other stories", 1965 UK book edition only) as Evan Hunter  
The Man-Hungry Widow (March 1964, Men Vol 13, # 3)
{???-Condensed version of the novel Cop Hater (1956) 87th Precinct-1 }
The Broad-Minded Killer (May 1965, Man's Magazine) 87th Precinct novel
[??? - Maybe a retitled "The Dear Hunter" *?]
The Killer Who Played with Dolls (August 1965, Man's Magazine)
{Condensed version of the novel Doll
(1965) 87th Precinct-20 }
The Birthday Party ( December 1965, Playboy) as Evan Hunter  
The Paper Dragon (June 1966, Ladies Home Journal) as Evan Hunter
{Short story [
*?* Condensed version of the novel (1966) as Evan Hunter]}
A Horse's Head (July, August 1967, Playboy) as Evan Hunter
{?-Condensed version of novel with the same title (1967) as Evan Hunter}
The Beheading (October 1967, Escapade ; also - in collection "The Beheading and Other Stories", London: Constable, 1971; and in collection "The Easter Man and Six Stories", NY: 1972) as Evan Hunter  
The Sharers (November 1967, Playboy; also in the collection "The Easter Man and Six Stories", 1972) as Evan Hunter

[? error: The Serers. as Ed McBain [short fiction] ]

Fuzz  (September 21, 1968, The Saturday Evening Post)
{short story [87th Precinct] for the novel *?}
+ see {???-
Condensed version:
Night of the Executioner (June 1971, Men [Vol 20, # 6]).}
Beginnings (July 1969, Playboy) as Evan Hunter
[An excerpt from the novel
"Sons", 1969, as Evan Hunter] [not detective]
Wilt Thou Have This Woman? (August 1969, McCall’s) as Evan Hunter
[An excerpt from the novel "Sons", 1969, as Evan Hunter] [not detective]
Nightshade (August 1970 [vol 56 ?], Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; also - Spring-Summer 1975, Ellery Queen's Mystery Anthology; also - Ellery Queen's Aces of Mystery, 1975; also - Ellery Queen's Christmas Hamper, 1975; also - Queen: Masterpieces of Mystery, 1978; also - Pronzini & Greenberg: Great Modern Police Stories, 1986)

[1st half of the novel "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!" (1971)] 87th Precinct-25a

Terminal Misunderstanding (January 1971, Playboy; also in the collection "The Easter Man and Six Stories", 1972) as Evan Hunter  
Night of the Executioner (June 1971, Men [Vol 20, # 6])
{Condensed version of novel Fuzz (1968) 87th Precinct-22}
[--The story is advertised on the cover as "The madman had everyone in "Terror City" at his mercy –even the police. Wild climax."
On the last page (p.93) you can read: "... The deaf man ran as fast as he could, but the pain in his shoulder was intolerable. He could not understand what had happened. ... When Carella reached him, the deaf man was lying in a pool of blood mumbling to himself, "How...how...?". He died before Carella could answer."]
Someone at the Door (October 1971, EQMM) as Evan Hunter
aka: The Intruder (1972,
in the collection "The Easter Man and Six Stories") as Evan Hunter}
The Sardinian Incident (October 1971, Playboy) as Evan Hunter
aka: The Interview (
2000, in the collection "Running From Legs", 2000; also in coll. "Master’s Choice Volume II" ed. Lawrence Block, 2000; and "Mysterious Pleasures", 2003) as Evan Hunter (story)
Sympathy for the Devil (June 1972, Seventeen) as Evan Hunter  
The Intruder (1972,  in the collection "The Easter Man and Six Stories" as Evan Hunter
{*?* aka: Someone at the Door (October 1971, EQMM) as Evan Hunter}
The Movie Star (1972,  in the collection "The Easter Man and Six Stories" as Evan Hunter
(1st published ????)
Sadie When She Died (January 1973, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine) 87th Precinct  
{? = (1972) novel from 87th Precinct-26 }
Weeping for Dustin (July 1973, Seventeen) as Evan Hunter  
The Jesus Case (April 1974, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine [US])

{It's the Crucifixion scene from the novel "Let's Hear It For The Deaf Man" (1973) 87th Precinct-27 [the Deaf Man-3]}

Jazzing in A-Flat (September 1974, Playboy) as Evan Hunter 
(An excerpt from the novel
"Streets Of Gold", 1974, as Evan Hunter) [not detective]
Hot Cars (November 1974, Genesis Magazine, as Evan Hunter; also in Collection "The McBain Brief", 1982, as Ed McBain)  
The Analyst (December 1974, Playboy; also in "The Best American Short Stories 1975", ed. Martha Foley, Houghton Mifflin 1975) as Evan Hunter   
Dangerous Affair (March 1975, Good Housekeeping) as Evan Hunter
aka: Petals (2001, in the Collection "McBain Duet: Driving Lessons and Petals, Two Novellas")
The Confession (April 1975, Genesis Magazine; also in Collection "The McBain Brief", 1982-*?*)  
Roundelay (April 1975, Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine)  
Lilyan's Dream House (October 1975, Gallery) as Evan Hunter  
Skin Flick (December 1975, Playboy, as Evan Hunter; also - in Collection "The McBain Brief", 1982)  
Consolation (June 1976, Mystery Monthly; also - in coll. "Uncollected Crimes", edited by Bill Pronzini and Martin Harry Greenberg, NY: Walker, 1987) 
(An excerpt from the novel "Guns", 1976)
What Happened to Annie Barnes? (June 1976, #391, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine) as Evan Hunter;
Catalyst (1994, in Collection "Tales of Obsession", ed. Cynthia Manson, Signet 1994)
as Evan Hunter [novelet]
Sebastian The Cat (January 1977, Playboy) as Evan Hunter Matthew Hope-01

[I heard the burglar-alarm siren the moment I turned the corner into my street. I immediately looked at the dashboard clock. The time was 25 minutes past five. I could not imagine why the siren was going or why Reginald Soames was standing on the sidewalk in front of my house, together with a handful...]

["Sebastian, the Cat" is by Hunter even though the main character is Matthew Hope. The story later became part of the novel "Goldilocks" (1977).]

Motel (1978, Playboy [German edition]- *?*; also Jun 2000, in Collection "Barking at Butterflies and Other Stories" ) as Evan Hunter  
Heat  (November 1981, Playboy}
{extract of the novel (1981) 87th Precinct-35}
And All Through the House (December 1984, Playboy; also released as Mystery Guild promotional item, 1984) 87th Precinct (novelet) 
{? =
(1994) novel from 87th Precinct-46 }
Honesty (The New Black Mask #7, 1986)
{It's Chapter 4 of "Poison" (1987) 87th Precinct-39}
Tricks (December 1987, Playboy) (1987)
{extract from the novel (1987) 87th Precinct-40 }
Lullaby (January 1989, Penthouse)
{extract from the novel (1989) 87th Precinct-41 }
The Promise (January 1991, Playboy)  
Monsters (1994, in Collection "Murder for Halloween", ed. Michele Slung & Roland Hartman, Mysterious Press 1994)
(1st published ????)
Running from Legs (1996, in the collection "Murder for Love", edited by Otto Penzler)
(1st published ????
Reruns (January 11-17, 1997, TV Guide) (1987 -*?*) 87th Precinct  
Driving Lessons (Audiobook - May 1998, Random House Audio in the Series: "Sounds Like Murder", Volume III, Edited by Otto Penzler); (Text publication - in the Collection "Criminal Records", ed. by Otto Penzler, [Orion, 2000])

[First released as an audiobook-on-tape; Publication Date: May 19, 1998, Series: Sounds Like Murder.
--Edgar Award-winning editor Otto Penzler presents "Sounds Like Murder" original, unabridged mysteries available on audio. 1 cassette / 110 minutes. Unabridged. Read by Barbara Rosenblat.
--When a student driver and her teacher hit and kill a woman crossing the street, it seems like a terrible accident. But when blood tests show that the teacher was under the influence of a sedative, and the woman killed turns out to be the teachers wife, things get complicated. An apparent accident turns into a crime, and Detective Karen Logan's discoveries hit a little too close to home.
--Ed McBain--author of the immensely popular 87th Precinct crime series--packs his plots with the kick of a .44. Driving Lessons--his entry in the Sounds Like Murder collection of original crime stories--is no exception. Written exclusively for audio production, it's a twisting tale of murder, deceit, and love gone bad that opens with an accident. One crisp autumn day, a woman steps off the curb in front of a student driver. It's the last mistake she ever makes. "She lay in the gutter some twenty feet from where a highway patrol car was just pulling in behind the Ford. Red coat open over a blue skirt and jacket. White blouse with a stock tie. Eyes closed. Hands at her sides, palms upward, fingers twitching." You might chalk it up to inexperience, just one more tragic blunder. But when a local detective starts digging she uncovers some troubling clues.
--Tony Award-winning Broadway actress Barbara Rosenblat gives an impressive performance, switching between character voices and straight narration convincingly, while moving the action forward without striving. "Driving Lessons" is a short and not-so-sweet treat by one of the master craftsmen working the crime story beat. (Running time: two hours, one cassette) -- George Laney.
--"This is old-fashioned story-telling at its best. Interesting and involving tales from some of the masters of mysteries."-- Michael Connelly, author of "Blood Work".]

Where or When (1998, in Collection "The Best of the Best", ed. Elaine Koster & Joseph Pittman, Signet 1998)
(1st published ????
Barking at Butterflies (1999, in Collection "Murder and Obsession", ed. Otto Penzler, Delacorte 1999)
(1st published ????
Short Short Story (Jun 2000, in Collection "Barking at Butterflies and Other Stories")
(1st published ????)
The Couple Next Door (2000, in Collection "Running From Legs and Other Stories")
(1st published ????)
The Victim (2000, in Collection "Running From Legs and Other Stories")
(1st published ????)
But You Know Us (2000, in Collection "Running From Legs and Other Stories")
(1st published ????)
I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus (1999, New York: The Mysterious Bookshop - first published as a separate holiday booklet given to customers of The Mysterious Bookshop 1999; also - January 2001, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine #713)   
Activity in the Flood Plain (2001, in Collection "The Mysterious Press Anniversary Anthology", ed. The Editors of the Mysterious Press, NY: Mysterious Press, 2001  
A Little Sitdown (May 2003, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine #741)  
Leaving Nairobi (June 2003, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine)  
Love Or Money (Autumn 2003, BBC Three (www.bbc.co.uk:  'End of Story' web project)  87th Precinct (novelet)

[--BBC3:'End of Story' web project. Read the full-length story of McBain here. These are the 6 lucky writers (amateurs) who have made it through to the Ed McBain shortlist: Valerie Atkinson (-WINNER!); Barbara Baker; Helen Gibson; Richard Lutz; Peter Riley; Paul Roberts.
--Synopsis: When literary critic Helen McReady dies from arsenic poisoning at an Italian restaurant, Detectives Carella and Mayer are soon on the scene. Who could be responsible for bumping off one of the city’s most feared reviewers? A writer whose work she trashed? Or someone close to her? As Helen’s complicated private life gets unveiled, there are no shortage of suspects.]

(Любовь или деньги)
The Frumious Bandersnatch (December 2003, Maxim # 72)
{chapter 1 from the novel 87th Precinct-53 (2003)}
Merely Hate (2005, in Collection "Transgressions") 87th Precinct  (novelet) Просто ненависть
(Обычная ненависть)
Improvisation (2005, in Collection "Dangerous Women", ed. Otto Penzler, Mysterious Press 2005)  

Collections:                                                                  Сборники (некоторые требуют уточнения):

The Jungle Kids (NY: Pocket Books, 1956) as Evan Hunter
1) First offense;
2) Vicious circle;
3) Small Homicide;
4) ...Or leave it alone;
5) The follower;
6) To break the wall [aka: The blackboard jungle];
7) Sucker;
8) See him die;
9) The jungle kids;
10) The beatings;
11) Kid Kill
12) The Last Spin]
[сборник из 12 рассказов, из которых 6 были включены в "Last Spin" ]
Дети джунглей (сборник рассказов):
[1. Первое обвинение.
2. Порочный круг.
3. "Маленькое" убийство.
4. В любое время могу бросить...
5. Преследователь.
6. Сломать стену.
7. Козел отпущения.
8. Посмотреть, как он умирает.
9. Дети джунглей.
10. Эпидемия.  Matt Cordell
11. Дитя-убийца.
12. Твоя очередь! ]
I Like 'em Tough (NY: Fawcett, 1958) as Curt Cannon
1) Die hard;
2) Dead men don't dream;
3) Now die in it;
4) Good and dead;
5) The death of me;
6) Deadlier than the male.]  Curt Cannon-1
Моя смерть (Курт Кеннон) [М.,1993, перевод. Л. Синицыной]
(сборник рассказов)
[ 1 (2.) Мертвые не грезят
  2 (3.) Умри с этим
  3 (4.) Добрый и мертвый
  4 (5.) Моя смерть.]

The Last Spin and Other Stories (Constable [London], 1960; Corgi, 1961) as Evan Hunter
Contents 15 stories: 
First Offence;
The Fallen Angel;
Silent Partner;
Small Homicide;
The Girl With The Pretty Eyes;
See Him Die;
Kid Kill;
Alive Again;
The Innocent One;
The Prisoner;
...Or Leave It Alone;
Kiss Me, Dudley;
The Last Spin.]
[Originally published in Great Britain by Constable & Company Ltd., 1960]
(«Последняя попытка и другие рассказы»)
The Empty Hours (NY: Simon and Schuster, 1962)
Contents 3 novelets:
The empty hours; 
"J "; 
Storm ] 87th Precinct-15

[--In The Empty Hours, Claudia Davis was young and rich. And dead. Detective Steve Carella had nothing to go on except a book of cancelled cheques. In 'J', when a Rabbi is stabbed in a dark alley, a calling card is left splattered in blood. And in Storm, a dead girl is found in the snow, skewered with a ski pole.]

Happy New Year, Herbie & Other Stories (NY: Simon and Schuster,1963, hc) as Evan Hunter  
Uncle Jimbo's Marbles;
The Tourists;
On the Sidewalk, Bleeding;
The Fallen Angel;
Alive Again;
The Prisoner;
S. P. Q. R.;
The Final Yes;
Innocent One;
Pretty Eyes;
Million Dollar Maybe;
Happy New Year, Herbie]
[--12 superlative short stories by the author of THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE]

+ Reprint collection, contents revised:
Happy new year, Herbie
and other stories (London: Constable, 1965) as Evan Hunter
The final yes 
Happy new year, Herbie
Human sharks
Innocent One
It was lovely that summer
Million dollar maybe
On the sidewalk, bleeding
Pretty eyes
The tourists
Uncle Jimbo's marbles.]

The Beheading and Other Stories (London: Constable, 1971)
aka: The Beheaded and Other Stories
(aka: The Beheaded).
[Contents: ?
The Easter Man (a Play) And Six Stories (NY: Doubleday, 1972) as Evan Hunter
: Seven (London: Constable, 1972)
The Easter Man (a Play); The beheading; The birthday party; The intruder; The movie star; The sharers; Terminal misunderstanding]
The McBain Brief (NY: Arbor House, 1982 [83-?]; London: Hamish Hamilton, 1982)
[Contents 20 stories:
A Brief Introduction, (biographical info)
First Offense
Skin Flick
The Prisoner
Every Morning
One Down
Kiss Me, Dudley
Chinese Puzzle
The Interview
Accident Report
Hot Cars
Eye Witness
Still Life
A Very Merry Christmas
Small Homicide
Kid Kill
Death Flight
The Confession
The Last Spin]
McBain's Ladies: The Women Of The 87th (NY: Mysterious Press, 1988; London: Hamish Hamilton, 1988) 87th Precinct [excerpts from novels]
[Contents: ?

[*In both "Ladies" books McBain has taken excerpts from previous books and compiled them into one. The first book looks at some of the best storylines featuring Teddy Carella, Claire Townsend, Augusta Blair, and Eileen Burke. The second one (see below ) focuses on some of the more memorable femme fatales he created including the pregnant hooker, Hillary Scott, Virginia Dodge, and the Fat Lady].

McBain's Ladies, Too (NY: Mysterious Press, 1989) 87th Precinct [excerpts from novels]
[Сборник коротких отрывков про женщин из серии 87th Precinct:
The Pregnant Hooker [from "Ice"]
The Girl [from "Doll"]
Chloe Chadderton [from "Calypso"]
Hillary Scott [from "Ghosts"]
Naomi Schneider [from "Eight Black Horses"]
Oona Blake [from "’Til Death"]
Virginia Dodge [from "Killer’s Wedge"]
The Fat Lady [from "Ice"]
Running From Legs and Other Stories (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series, 2000) by Ed McBain a.k.a. Evan Hunter
Contents 11 stories:
Introduction by Evan Hunter
The Interview
The Fallen Angel
The Prisoner
Terminal Misunderstanding
The Sharers
The Couple Next Door
The Victim
But You Know us
Running From Legs
Happy New Year, Herbie
The Last Spin
Five Star's Second short story collection by Mystery Writers of America's Grand Master, Ed McBain]
Barking at Buttrflies and Other Stories (Five Star, 2000 [June], 275pp, hc, cover by Dragica Dimitrijevic-Hunter) by Evan Hunter a.k.a. Ed McBain
Contents 11 stories:
First Offense 
Uncle Jim’s Marbles {1963-*?*}
To Break the Wall 
Short Short Story 
The Beheading 
The Birthday Party 
The Movie Star 
Barking at Butterflies 
The Intruder
On the Sidewalk, Bleeding
Afterword (by Evan Hunter)]
McBain Duet: Driving Lessons and Petals, Two Novellas (Mystery Guild, 2001, hc)

Driving Lessons;
Learning to Kill: Stories by Ed McBain. (July 3, 2006 - USA edition: Harcourt)
[Contents 25 stories:
by Ed McBain

First Offense
Kid Kill
See Him Die [It was changed and expanded into "See Them Die", 1960 - an 87th Precinct novel]
The Molested
Carrera's Woman
Dummy [aka: "The Big Scream"]
Good and Dead [featuring Matt Cordell; It was changed and included in Curt Cannon's collection "I Like 'em Tough", 1958]
Death Flight [aka: "Ticket to Death"]
Kiss Me, Dudley
Small Homicide
Still Life
Accident Report
Chinese Puzzle
The Big Day
Runaway [It was expanded into the novel "Runaway Black", 1954]
Downpour [aka: "Murder on the Keys"]
Eye Witness
Every Morning
The Innocent One
Chalk [aka: "I Killed Jeannie"]
Association Test
The Merry Merry Christmas
On the Sidewalk, Bleeding.
The Last Spin.
Bibliography ]

[*A collection of 25 short stories wrote in his learning period (between 1952 and 1957).
---Ed McBain made his debut in 1956. In 2004, more than a hundred books later, he personally collected twenty-five of his stories written before he was Ed McBain. All but five of them were first published in the detective magazine Manhunt and none of them appeared under the Ed McBain byline. They were written by Evan Hunter (McBain's legal name as of 1952), Richard Marsten (a pseudonym derived from the names of his three sons: Richard, Mark and Ted), or Hunt Collins (in honor of his alma mater, Hunter College).
Here are kids in trouble and women in jeopardy. Here are private eyes and gangs. Here are loose cannons and innocent bystanders. Here, too, are cops and robbers. These are the stories that prepared Evan Hunter to become Ed McBain, and that prepared Ed McBain to write the beloved 87th Precinct novels. In individual introductions, McBain tells how and why he wrote these stories that were the start of his legendary career.]


Plays:                                                                                  Пьесы:

The Easter Man (1964, included in "The Easter Man (a Play) And Six Stories") as Evan Hunter 
(produced Birmingham and London, 1984);
aka: A Race of Hairy Men (produced in New York City at the Henry Miller's Theatre in April 1965, revisited and retitled)
The Conjuror (produced Ann Arbor, Michigan,1969) as Evan Hunter  

Screenplays:                                                               Сценарии:

Strangers When We Meet (1960, Columbia) as Evan Hunter (based on his own novel [1958]) (Мы чужие, когда встречаемся)[режиссер - Richard Quine]
The Birds (1963) as Evan Hunter (based on on the story by Daphne du Maurier)

The Birds (Scenario - the Magazine of Screenwriting Art, Volume 5, No. 2, ed. Howard Cadel, 1999) as Evan Hunter

Птицы (режиссер - Alfred Hitchcock)
Fuzz (1972, United Artists) as Evan Hunter (based on his own novel [1968 by Ed McBain]) 87th Precinct (режиссер - Richard A. Colla)
Walk Proud (1979, Universal) as Evan Hunter (based on his own novel [1979]) (режиссер - Robert E. Collins)
The Legend of Walks Far Woman (1982, TV movie) (based on the novel by Colin Stuart) Teleplay by Evan Hunter (western) (режиссер - Mel Damski )

TV plays:                                                                Сценарии для TV:

for "Tales Of Tomorrow" TV Series (Season 1, Episode 39)
Appointment on Mars (aka: A Trip to Mars) (TV:
27 June 1952, ABC Fri) as S. A. Lombino

[Note: Hunter's first teleplay supposedly adapted from his story "What Price Venus?". No similarities with the story.]
{*?* Adaptation of the story
Welcome, Martians! (May 1952, If) as S. A. Lombino}

[Tales of Tomorrow - Appointment on Mars (1952, episode in 4 parts?)
written by S.A. Lombino, directed by Don Medford
, starring: Brian Keith (credited as Robert Keith Jr.) Jack, William Redfield Bart, Leslie Nielsen Robbie. Martian narration by Sam Locante & Mark Allen.
--Three astronauts arrive on Mars, sponsored by a mining company who will share the profits with them Illness, paranoia and other problems develop until all three are dead - but what caused it?
--Three astronauts have landed on Mars and discover enough Uranium to make them rich. When one of them becomes paranoid that Martians are watching them, he is ridiculed by one of the others and they start fighting amongst themselves. Having become their own worst enemies they kill each other, much to the amusement of two off-screen Martians who are watching them.]
[Note1: This plot does not match the story 'What price Venus?' at all. The teleplay - also written by S.A. Lombino - seems to have been "inspired" by the Hunter (under the by-line S. A. Lombino) story, written for Fantastic Universe Magazine.
Note2: “Appointment on Mars,” aired June 22, 1952, a chilling tale whose writer, S. A. Lombino, pretty obviously ripped off the basic situation from "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", only instead of Mexico he set it on Mars. Three astronauts — Robbie (Leslie Nielsen), Bart (William Redfield) and Jack (Brian Keith, billed as “Robert Keith, Jr.”) — have flown to Mars on a spaceship built for them by an international mining conglomerate in exchange for half of whatever valuable minerals they discover on the Red Planet. They discover treasure, all right — Robbie’s Geiger counter starts clicking away like the percussion section of an Afro-Cuban band and they realize Mars has enormous deposits of uranium — and they stake a claim, but pretty soon Robbie’s rabbit’s foot mysteriously disappears and he starts tearing into his comrades about it. (It was a felicitous touch on Lombino’s part to make the scientist of the crew also the superstitious one.]

for "Climax!", aka "Climax Mystery Theater" (USA) (1954-58, James Bond TV Series) [adaptation of the novel "Casino Royale" by Ian Fleming
story for episode -
The Deadly Tattoo (as Ed McBain
for "The Kaiser Aluminum Hour" (TV Series 1956)
adaptation of episode -
Angel's Ransom (as Evan Hunter
for "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (TV series 1955-65):
Vicious Circle (14 april 1957, 2nd Season; based on the story by Evan Hunter), [teleplay - Bernard Schoenfeld, directed - Paul Henreid]);
Appointment at Eleven (11 october 1959, 5th Season; based on a story by Robert Turner) as Evan Hunter, [adapted - Evan Hunter, directed - Robert Stevens]
"Альфред Хичкок представляет":

(Порочный круг)

(В одиннадцать часов)

for "Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre", aka "The Chrysler Theater" (1963-67),  writer of episodes:
Deadlock (as Ed McBain), [teleplay - with Stanford Whitmore; directed - Leo Penn]
Guilty or Not Guilty (as Evan Hunter), [teleplay - with Roland Kibbee; directed - Roland Kibbee).
for "Ironside"(1967-75, NBC TV Series) Writers include: Evan Hunter (as Ed McBain)  
The Chisholms (1978-79,CBS, 4 episodes) (mini-series from his own novel [1976]) as Evan Hunter (western) (режиссер - Mel Stuart)
Dream West (1986, CBS) Teleplay by Evan Hunter [historical mini-series based on the novel by David Nevin] (western) (режиссер - Dick Lowry)
for "Columbo" (TV series 1989- , NBC): 
No Time to Die (1992; based on a story by Ed McBain); (teleplay - another  writer)
Undercover (1994; teleplay by Ed McBain)

Editor [Anthologies] (as Ed McBain):

Crime Squad, ed. by Ed McBain (London: New English Library [Four Square crime paperback], 1968)
Chinese Puzzle by Ed McBain
Film Strip by Richard S. Prather
Drum Beat by Stephen Marlowe
And Start with a Blonde by Jack Webb
Hard Sell by Craig Rice
The Big Roll by Michael Brett
Dead in Bed by Henry Kane
Slay Ride Tio Eternity by Tedd Thoney
Assassin by Fletcher Flora
[--In this unique anthology Ed McBain not only presents one of his own best stories, but also tales from the crime writers he most admires.
Crime Squad is a deast of detection for the aficionado.]
Homicide Department (New English Library [L.],1968)
{Contains the story "Still Life" by McBain and 10 stories by other writers including Richard S. Prather, Ellery Queen, Richard Deming, Helen Nielsen, W. R. Burnett, Robert Bloch, Harold Q. Masur, Fletcher Flora, Michael Brett.}
Downpour (New English Library [L.],1969)
{Anthology including stories by Fredric Brown, Ellery Queen, Richard S. Prather, Jonathan Craig, Stephen Marlowe and the title story "Downpour" by Ed McBain.}
Ticket to Death (New English Library [L.],1969)
{Collection includes works by Ed McBain ("Ticket to Death"), Richard S Prather, Ellery Queen, Andre Maurois, Frederic Brown & Richard Deming.}
The Best American Mystery Stories 1999, ed. by Ed McBain; Otto Penzler (Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 1999)
by Ed McBain
Keller's last refuge
by Lawrence Block
by Gary A. Braunbeck
by Thomas H. Cook
Wrong time, wrong place
by Jeffrey Deaver
by Brendan DuBois
by Loren D. Estleman
And maybe the horse will learn to sing
by Gregory Fallis
by Tom Franklin
Hitting Rufus
by Victor Gischler
Out there in the darkness
by Ed Gorman
by Joseph Hansen
A death on the Ho Chi Minh trail
by David K. Harford
An innocent bystander
by Gary Krist
The jailhouse lawyer
by Phillip M. Margolin
Secret, silent
by Joyce Carol Oates
In Flanders fields
by Peter Robinson
Dry whiskey
by David B. Silva
by L. L. Thrasher
Bech noir
by John Updike.
Transgressions [Ten Brand-New Novellas] (Forge Books [N.Y.], 2005)
"Keller's Adjustment" by Lawrence Block
by Jeffery Deaver
"The Ransome Women"
by  John Farris
"The Things They Left Behind"
by Stephen King
"Merely Hate"
by  Ed McBain [87th Precinct]
"The Resurrection Man"
by  Sharyn McCrumb
"Archibald Lawless, Anarchist at Large"
by  Walter Mosley
"The Corn Maiden"
by  Joyce Carol Oates
by Anne Perry
"Walking Around Money"
by Donald Westlake
[A mixed-bag collection of 10 novellas (NOT short stories), never-before-published tales from today's very best novelists]
Вне закона. (Составитель Эд Макбейн) [Сборник]
Дональд Уэстлейк. Прогулка вокруг денег
Этьен Перри. Заложники
Джойс Кэрол Оутс. Кукурузная дева
Уолтер Мосли. Арчибальд Беззаконец, вольный анархист
Шэрин Маккрамб. Воскреситель
Эд Макбейн. Просто ненависть
Стивен Кинг. Вещи, которые остались после них
Джон Фаррис. Женщины Рэнсома
Джеффри Дивер. Навсегда
Лоренс Блок. Приспосабливаясь к реальности



I Raced a Volcano (February 1953, Brief Magazine)  as Evan Hunter [non-fiction]  
Sin and Suburbia (February 1961, Rogue) as Evan Hunter  
Introduction [for the book "Writing To Sell" by Scott Meredith] (NY: Harper & Row, 1974) as Evan Hunter  
Mary Lamb and Mr. Wrong (Published byline: July 26, 1981, The New York Times*?) as Evan Hunter

[about the novel "Other People: A Mystery Story" by Martin Amis]

Introduction (for the book "Gun in Cheek" by Bill Pronzini, NY: Mysterious Press, 1982)  
Philip Marlowe Is Back, and in Trouble (Published byline: October 15, 1989, The New York Times*?) by Ed McBain

[Review of "Poodle Springs" by Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker.
In a review of a posthumous novel by Raymond Chandler, McBain writes that Robert B. Parker, who edited and completed the book, "has taken the slimmest of beginnings [and] fashioned from it a rattling good mystery."]

Afterword [for his novel "The Pusher"] (1989; published in "The Pusher", NY: Pocket, 2002, pages: 223-227) [87th Precinct]
[McBain tells the story of how Carella was saved from dying in "The Pusher" (1956).]
The Bad Cop in Everyone (December 30, 1993, The New York Times*?) as Evan Hunter

[McBain, who considered a lawsuit against "Hill Street Blues" because of its similarities to his 87th Precinct series, discusses his plans for TV movies and his latest novel, "Romance."]
For Beansie, The Short Goodbye (Published byline: January 25, 1998, The New York Times*?)  as Evan Hunter

[Historical essay about Lieut. Charles Becker of the New York City Police Department]

She Was Blond. She Was in Trouble. And She Paid 3 Cents a Word (Published byline: March 29, 1999, The New York Times*?) by Ed McBain

[As part of the Writers on Writing series, McBain fondly recalls a time "when a person could make a decent living writing crime stories."]

Introduction (for anthology "The Best American Mystery Stories 1999", ed. by Ed McBain; Otto Penzler. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 1999) by Ed McBain  
Afterword (for his book "Barking at Butterflies and Other Stories", US: Five Star, June 2000)  
Introduction (for the book "Crime Time: Mystery and Suspense Stories" by John Jakes [Collection of 12 stories], US: Five Star, 2001)  
Afterword (for his book "Learning to Kill", US: Harcourt 2006)  


"The Many Faces of Evan Hunter" by Lewis Nichols (August 3, 1958, The New York Times*?)

[In a profile written at a time when McBain had several bestsellers under different names, Lewis Nichols writes "Mr. McBain can knock out a mystery in a month, pacing himself at twenty pages a day. Hunter is slower, dawdles along, takes all the time he likes."]

"Front and Center at the 87th Precinct" by Rosemary Herbert (Summer 1998, Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine)  
"Interview: Ed McBain" by David Harlequin (January 1981, Mystery)  
"Ed McBain" conversation by John C. Carr (in the book "The Craft of Crime: Conversations with Crime Writers". Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1983. p.1-23)  
"Ed McBain : an interview" (The New Black Mask #7, 1986)  
"If It's Murder, It's McBain" by Bill Slocum (April 30, 1995, The New York Times*?)

[McBain, who considered a lawsuit against "Hill Street Blues" because of its similarities to his 87th Precinct series, discusses his plans for TV movies and his latest novel, "Romance."]

"Ed McBain" interview (from column "The Third Degree") by Barry Forshaw (Crime Time, issue 2.2 1998)
also - on-line: http://www.crimetime.co.uk/interviews/edmcbain.html

"Ed McBain" interview by Charles L.P. Silet (in the book "Speaking of Murder. Interviews With the Masters of Mystery and Suspense", edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg. NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1998. p.43-54)  
"Writing for Hitchcock: An Interview with Ed McBain" by Charles L. P. Silet (~1998, mysterynet.com - a MysteryNet Website since 1995).
on-line: http://www.mysterynet.com/hitchcock/mcbain/

[Novelist Evan Hunter (aka Ed McBain) discusses his work]

"The Poet of Pulp: How Ed McBain Made the Precinct House a Respectable Place" by Pete Hamill (January 10, 2000, New Yorker)  
"Writing Under an Assumed Name: An Interview with Ed McBain" by Selwyn Raab (January 30, 2000, The New York Times*?)

["I'm not quite accepted among mystery writers because they suspect that I think I'm slumming when I'm Ed McBain," McBain said in a New York Times interview. "And I'm not quite accepted in the 'literary community' because I write mystery novels."]

"How Ed McBain Made His Name" by James Grady (July 11, 2005, Slate)

"Evan Hunter/Ed McBain" by Stuart Kaminsky and Laurie Roberts (in the book "Behind the Mystery: Top Mystery Writers Interviewed". Cohasset, MA: Hot House, 2005. p. 176–187)  
"Ed McBain: A Tribute" by Lorenzo Carcaterra (February-May 2006, The Strand Magazine #18)  

[as Ed McBain] One of the Tricks novel intrigues published in Playboy, December 1987.

? articles by Evan Hunter ?
Versatility plus Success (August 1961, Books and Bookmen [Vol. 6, No. 11])
as Evan Hunter*?
Millhouse Mystery [the Evan Hunter (Ed McBain) home in Connecticut] (June 1986, Architectural Digest) as Evan Hunter*?
[The Evan Hunter' Storied Connecticut Residence In]

as John Abbott  [short fiction] *written by E. Hunter ???
The Jump-Whiskey Code (EQMM 1969/7) [Dept of 1st Stories]
ABC Code
(EQMM 1970/2)
The Coffee House Code
(EQMM 1970/6)
Death of a Rock'n'Roller
(EQMM 1971/11)
The Telegram Code
(EQMM 1972/5)
The Ringer
(EQMM 1980/12)
The Man with Ideas
(EQMM 1981/9)
For Medicinal Purposes?
(EQMM 1986/2)
[John Abbott's first appearence in EQMM was in the July 1969 issue. Notice that "The Jump-Whiskey Code" was that issue's Dept of 1st Stories entry.]
Ed McBain 's pseudonyms ???? :
"John Abbott" (for SCIMITAR, but does anyone know if Hunter authored the Abbott stories that appeared in EQMM back in the seventies?)

There's some uncertainy yet, as to whether he authored the "Hodge Evens" books - which I finally just bought from eBay (yay!). Also, his wife - "Mary Vann Hunter" - authored a book that's copyrighted by "HUI, Inc.," as all his book are and as far as I know, isn't his wife an artist? I've long wondered if he didn't actually write this book. Might anyone know? "Hodge Evens" is listed in Hawk's Authors' Pseudonyms III, 1999.
#846 From: "DH". Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 2:06 pm
Subject: Re: pseudonyms jackhamlet2001
Hodge Evens - there are 5 books with this byline. I spent a good $500 collecting them, only to be told by Hunter himself (a couple weeks ago) that they are not his. It looks like they are actually by Dudley Dean McGaughey (better known as Dudley Dean or Dean Owens), prolific westerne & crime writer.
There is a play named "CAPER", with co-author Stuart Ostrow - and a book/musical "MINSKY'S" , both by Evan Hunter.
Is there a chance that they will ever be published????
Posted: 02 Nov 2010
Anybody knows something about :
a play "The 87th - 'Final Curtain'"
? = last novel or a play "Exit" or "No Exit" (once mentioned)?
Ted Bergman (Posted: 18 Dec 2010)
When interviewed by a daily Swedish paper during a visit to Sweden in 1984 Ed McBain declared that he had decided upon the title of his last novel in the 87th series -- PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER AND THEY SPELL MOTHER(a line by songwriter Howard Johnson). The author added that he planned to write another two 87th novels to be published after his death. One entitled EXIT and the other THE OPERA AIN’T OVER [‘til the fat lady sings].

In a letter to me of May 1994 McBain explained that: “PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER AND THEY SPELL MOTHER will refer to my custom of using titles for each letter of the alphabet, which I started doing with AX in 1964 when Sue Crafton was still an infant in her craddle ... “E” as you know is saved for EXIT .”

We now know that neither of the mentioned novels were written. On the other hand the author succeded in creating an almost complete alphabet of one word titles. Just a few letters remain. We find AX (1964), BREAD (1974), CALYPSO (1979), DOLL (1965), EXIT (never written), FUZZ (1968), GHOSTS (1980) and HEAT (1981). When Sue Crafton in 1982 started her own alphabet series McBain followed up with ICE (1983). The other alphabet novels are JIGSAW (1970), KISS (1992), LIGHTNING (1984), MISCHIEF (1993), NOCTURNE (1997), POISON (1987), ROMANCE (1995), SHOTGUN (1969), TRICKS (1987), VESPERS (1990) and WIDOWS (1991) .


Произведения, требующие уточнения:

Good Deal
(1953; as Curt Cannon)[ roman]-??? = Good and dead 1953 (story)
Sucker (1958; as Hunt Collins) [ roman -???] = Sucker 1956 (story)
*?*Buddwing (1964) (1961-?) as Evan Hunter
*?*Downtown (1991) (1989-?)
Ten Plus One (1963) 87th Precinct-17 {? = (July 1963, Argosy)
short story, not from 87th Precinct - ??? }
Eighty Million Eyes (1966) 87th Precinct-21 {? = (1966)
novelet 87th Precinct }
"The Deer Hunter" is another name for a shorter version of "Eighty Million Eyes" (May 1966, EQMM)]
*?*Sadie When She Died (1972) 87th Precinct-26 {? = (1973)
novelet  87th Precinct }
*?*And All Through The House (1994) 87th Precinct-46 {? = (1984)
novelet 87th Precinct }
The Broad-Minded Killer (May 1965, Man's Magazine) by Ed McBain
87th Precinct novel (?) [??? - Maybe a retitled "The Dear Hunter" *?]

The Beheaded
(1971) [Collection] = The Beheading and Other Stories (Constable [L.],1971)
(January 11-17, 1997, TV Guide) (January 11-17, 1987, TV Guide -*?*) 87th Precinct 
The Follower
(July 1953, Manhunt) as Hunt Collins = The Follower (1956) as Evan Hunter
*?*A Very Merry Christmas
(1982, in Collection "The McBain Brief"-*?*) = The Merry, Merry Christmas (December 1957, Manhunt) as Evan Hunter
*?* Someone at the Door
(October 1971, EQMM) as Evan Hunter = {*?* aka: The Intruder (1972, The Easter Man and Six Stories) as Evan Hunter}

?????  information from McBain's forum:
BREAD ( first published in Argosy as MONEY, MONEY, MONEY) ---?????
Переводы, требующие уточнения:
(И.Хантер-?) = The Beatings (1954; from The Jungle Kids (1956)
Бегство (И.Хантер-?) = Running from Legs (1996) -? or = Escape (1960, The Last Spin and Other Stories) as Evan Hunter
День рождения (рассказ) (И.Хантер-?) = The Birthday Party (1965) as Evan Hunter
Королевская гвардия.
(И.Хантер) /начало: Под дождем, истекая кровью, лежал юноша в ярко-красной нейлоновой куртке с надписью "Королевская гвардия". Юношу звали Энди-это имя было аккуратно вышито черными нитками на груди, над самым сердцем. Энди. Его ранили десять минут назад./
Безупречный план. (рассказ) /начало: Потому что так было меньше риска, вот почему. Я тебе сейчас кое-что расскажу, Джон. Только очень прошу, не перебивай меня, пожалуйста. Мы с тобой сидим в этой камере уже два месяца и судя по всему нам придется ее делить еще как минимум три года, потому что раньше мне никак не выйти даже с учетом досрочного освобождения. Но всякий раз, когда я пытаюсь объяснить тебе всю прелесть моего безупречного плана, ты перебиваешь меня и говоришь, что, если бы план был таким безупречным, то я бы не сидел сейчас в этой дыре./

Возмездие (87п.у.)
Рожденная смертью.
Убийство оплачено, действуйте!
Алло, полиция? (87п.у.)
Проливной дождь. (повесть)

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