Charles Williams
(13 August, 1909 - * April, 1975)
San Angelo, Texas - Los Angeles, California
[* Such a potent image may have helped inspire the apocryphal story of Williams’ self-death in 1975. The author was rumored to have put out to sea in his boat, then never returned to shore. In truth, his body was recovered in his apartment on April 7, 1975. An examination of social security records indicates his death residence was in the Van Nuys neighborhood (near Hollywood) in Los Angeles, California. The sea, ironically enough, did not claim the burly-shouldered mariner.]
from article "The High Seas of Charles Williams" by Ed Lynskey 


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Series characters:

Billy & Sagamore Noonan  [seven-year-old narrator & his uncle-moonshiner] 2 humorous crime novels:
The Diamond Bikini (1956)
Uncle Sagamore and His Girls (1959)

John Ingram  [tough sailor] 2 sea-thrillers:
Aground (1960)
Dead Calm (1963)

(В скобках даны русские названия, появлявшиеся в анонсах и статьях).

Novels:                                                                  Романы:

1) Hill Girl (NY: Gold Medal #141, 1951)

[--Angelina was born to trouble... and most of it was men.]

Девушка с холмов.
2) Big City Girl (NY: Gold Medal #163, 1951)

[--Joy didn't belong in the hill country... but there she was.]

Девушка из большого города.
3) River Girl (NY: Gold Medal Giant #G207, 1951);
aka: The Catfish Tangle (London: Cassell, 1953)

[--Now here is Charles Williams' River Girl, in every way a giant of a book--the story of a man and a woman who met and knew instantly that not all the world would tear them apart. River Girl, first published in 1951 as "The Catfish Triangle," is a book that shares some similarities with Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice. Down in swamp country a deputy sheriff meets and falls in love with a young lass, but her husband stands in the way... for a time.]

4) Hell Hath No Fury (NY: Gold Medal #286, February 1953);
aka: The Hot Spot (Cassel, 1965) 
[* abridged magazine version - Hell Hath No Fury - Jan. 1957, Nugget magazine]

[----In the sleepy southern town, a woman's hatred spread a web of evil.
--"A most ingeniously plotted series of crimes... a fine, ironic, exciting story." Charles Williams - "One of the best of all specialists in paperback-original suspense stories..." NY Sunday Times.
--"Striking suspense technique... bitter blend of sex and criminality... sharp, unmannered prose style." New Times review of "Hell Hath No Fury" by Charles Williams.]

А в преисподней такая тишь…  
Горячее дельце.
Как по лезвию.
В аду все спокойно.
Нет ведьмы яростней
.[сокр. вариант].
(В аду гнева нет; Адская тишина).
5) Nothing in Her Way (NY: Gold Medal #340, October 1953)

[--Welcome to the roller-coaster world of professional con men - and the one wild beauty who can out-swindle and outwit them all. Utterly beautiful, smart as a whip, here is the most fascinating confidence woman in modern suspense fiction. Her name is Cathy Dunbar - all soft and warm and ready for the taking, until one by one her men find out who is really being taken...
--Was the big blonde a willing victim to the sadist with the whip, or did she hold the key to the Communist spy ring? Johnny had to know. Through a mess of murder, mayhem, lust, and sadism he smashed his way to the Chinese Keyhole, where hell was set to music.]

(Ничто на ее пути). (Цель оправдывает средства).
6) Go Home, Stranger (NY: Gold Medal #371, February 1954)

[--He intruded on a secret that only dead men knew.]

Страх на побережье.
7) A Touch of Death (NY: Gold Medal #434, October 1954);
aka: Mix Yourself a Redhead (Cassel, 1965) 
[*1st magazine version of "A Touch of Death" - as
And Share Alike - Aug. 1954, Manhunt magazine]

[--The classic suspense novel about a ruthless, amoral woman called Madelon Butler.
--"Charles Williams is just about as good as they come" -Anthony Boucher, The New York Times.
"Mr. Williams has the narrative knack." New York Herald Tribune review of "A Touch of Death" by Charles Williams]

Дыхание смерти.
Сооруди себе рыжий парик.
(Прикосновение смерти.)
8) Scorpion Reef (NY: Macmillan, 1955);
aka: Gulf Coast Girl, (Dell, 1956) 
[*Condensed magazine version of "Scorpion Reef" - as
Flight to Nowhere - September 1955, Manhunt magazine]

[--A voyage to violence and rapture... "One of the fastest and hardest hitting books in a long time".
--Off the coast of Yucatan stretches a great coral barrier known as Scorpion Reef. And somewhere along the reef, under 60 feet of water, lies a fabulous treasure in diamonds. It's just waiting for someone who can take it - and return. Beautiful Shannon Macaulay has the only map to the fortune. And Bill Manning is the only man she can trust to help her get it. But unknown to them, a pair of killers is about to turn their treasure hunt into a whirlpool of terror and death.
--"A grand thriller, with tensely shifting suspicion and fine scenes of diving and sailing in the Gulf of Mexico." (The New York Times) ]

Риф Скорпиона.
Мертвая яхта
.[сокр. вариант]. 
Исчезнуть и раствориться.
(Скорпионий риф). (Девушка с побережья Галфа).
9) The Big Bite (Dell #A114, 1956)
[*Condensed magazine version -  July 1956,
Manhunt magazine]
Солидный куш.
Большой обманщик.
10) The Diamond Bikini (NY: Gold Medal #s607, September 1956) Billy & Uncle Sagamore-1

[--Two Chicago hoodlums and a beautiful nightclub singer on the run decide to hide out in the bayou country of the deep South, land of moonshine whisky and easy loving. Then Miss Choo-Choo Caroline disappears wearing nothing but a very tiny G-string encrusted with diamonds, and the neighborhood erupts into a fevered search of the woods. Only one thing is certain, and that is that Sagamore Noonan aims to- make himself some big money from the whole scandalous business.
--"Earthy, yes. Bawdy, yes. And a deeply moving book." - Richard S. Prather, creator of Shell Scott]

Бриллиантовое бикини.
11) Girl Out Back (Dell #B114, February 1958);
(british title): Operator (Cassell, 1958) 
[* ? magazine version of "Girl Out Back" - as Operation - February 1957, Cosmopolitan magazine]
Женщина из захолустья.
12) Talk of the Town (Dell #A164, 1958);
aka: (british title): Stain of Suspicion, (Cassell, 1959)
(reprinted in the US under the british title in 1973)

[--The whole town was the jury, and every time she walked down the street she was on trial]

Клеймо подозрения.
Тень подозрения.
(Та, на которую указывали пальцем.)
13) All the Way (Dell First Edition #A165, September 1958);
(british title): The Concrete Flamingo (Cassell, 1960) 

[--A minutely planned murder with a totally new gimmick... horrifyingly readable. John D. Lindon's]

Бетонный фламинго.
(Всю дорогу).
14) Man on the Run (NY: Gold Medal #822, November 1958);
(british title): Man in Motion (Cassell, 1959)

[--He had to trust the strange girl - or the police or the real killers would shoot him on sight.]

Человек в бегах.
(Лучше удрать.)
15) Uncle Sagamore and His Girls (NY: Gold Medal #s908, 1959) Billy & Uncle Sagamore-2

[--The moonshine and those pretty nieces made Uncle Sagamore's still waters run even deeper.]

Дядюшка Сагамор и его девочки.
16) The Sailcloth Shroud (Viking press, 1960)
[*magazine version - September 1959, Cosmopolitan magazine]

[--Charles Williams - One of the best of the hewer American writers of tough and intelligent thrillers]

Парусиновый саван.
Парусиновая нить.
17) Aground (Viking press, July 1960) John Ingram-1
[*abridged magazine version - July 1960, Cosmopolitan magazine]
На мели.
18) The Long Saturday Night (Gold Medal #s1200, March 1962);
aka (british title): Confidentially Yours (London: Penguin, 1988);
also published as: Finally, Sunday!
[*The French film "Vivement dimanche!" (1983). Directed by François Truffaut];
[*magazine version: The Long Saturday Night - October 1961, Cosmopolitan magazine]

[--A tense, smashing novel by "one of the best of all specialists in...suspense" - the author of Hill Girl and Aground. (NY Sunday Times Book Review)]

Долгая воскресная ночь.
Искренне Ваш...
(Длинная субботняя ночь).
19) Dead Calm (Viking press, 1963) John Ingram-2

[--John and Rae Ingram are alone on their honeymoon yacht in the Pacific, becalmed. It should be idyllic... but it's not. On the near horizon a ship is sinking. They rescue its lone passenger, a young man who claims he buried his wife and another couple, dead from food poisoning. But suspicion gnaws at Ingram, a suspicion only too soon justified. Soon Ingram and his wife are nearly overside with the killer's other victims!
--"A brilliant tour de force. . .breathtaking." (The New York Times)]

[*** In 1967 Orson Welles began directing "The Deep", based on the novel "Dead Calm" by Charles F. Williams and filmed off the shore of Yugoslavia. The cast included Jeanne Moreau, Laurence Harvey and Oja Kodar. Personally financed by Welles and Kodar, they could not obtain the funds to complete the project, and it was abandoned a few years later after the death of Harvey. The surviving footage was eventually edited and released by the Filmmuseum Munchen.]

Мертвый штиль.
(Мертвое спокойствие).
20) The Wrong Venus (New American Library, 1966);
aka (british title): Don't Just Stand There (Cassell, 1967) 
[*magazine version: The Wrong Venus - September 1966, Cosmopolitan magazine]
Промедление смерти подобно.
21) And the Deep Blue Sea (Signet, March 1971)

[*-Nominated for an Edgar in the category of Best Paperback Mystery, 1972.
--A master storyeller's most menacing sea adventure.
--When the S.S. Leonard hauled Harry Goddard out of the freezing waters of the Pacific, he thought his troubles were over--but he was dead wrong. For what appeared to be a cruise ship enroute to the Philippines turned out to be the board on which a lethal game was being played--a game of international intrigue, double deception, and multiple murder, where the stakes were sex and power and the price of one wrong move was certain death.]

И глубокое синее море...  
Глубокое синее море.
22) Man on a Leash (NY: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1973)
[*Comment by Ed Lynskey: “Nona Tyson, an assistant to Steven Spielberg who also helped Williams out on THE HOT SPOT script, is uncredited for helping him on this last book.  I read somewhere that they had married, but I never substantiated it for a fact. Charles Williams also had one final book that was never published, but I never tracked down any additional information about it.”]
Человек на поводке.

Stories & Novelettes                                                                     Рассказы:

The Strike (January 1954, Cosmopolitan)
[*A short short story (pages 83-85);
It is not a serialization of one of Wiliams' novels.]
And Share Alike (August 1954, Manhunt)
[Comment by Peter Enfantino: I ran across an interesting biography of Williams in the October 1954 issue of Manhunt. They note that “And Share Alike” was expanded to novel length and “just released by Gold Medal under the title of Madelon Butler. Matching this up with Bill’s commentary above, we see that the book actually came out as the one below:
"A Touch of Death". Gold Medal #434, pb, October 1954]
Flight to Nowhere (September 1955,  Manhunt) (also in the anthology "The Mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction" ed. Maxim Jakubowski, 1996, Carroll & Graf [pages 15-66])
[a 55-page novella-prequel to "Scorpion Reef"].
(Побег в никуда). [* возможно "Мертвая яхта".*]
Operation (February 1957, Cosmopolitan)
[*? Note: This may be an abridged version of "Girl Out Back", the British editions of which were entitled “Operator.”]
Pacific Honeymoon (July 1963, Cosmopolitan)
[*?  = Dead Calm (Viking press, 1963)]

Screenplays:                                                                             Сценарии :

Les Félins (1964, France) Screenplay by Charles Williams, René Clement and Pascal Jardin (Based on the novel "Joy House"(1954) by Day Keene ) 
[aka: Joy House (USA); also: The Love Cage (UK) ]
L'Arme à Gauche (1965, France) Screenplay with Claude Sautet (Based on the novel "Aground", 1960).
[aka: Guns for the Dictator; also: The Dictator's Guns (USA)]
(Сыграть в ящик).
Don't Just Stand There! (1968) (Based on the novel "The Wrong Venus", 1966).  
The Pink Jungle (1968)  (Based on the novel "Snake Water" by Alan A. Williams )   
The Hot Spot (1990) Co-screenwriters: Charles Williams & Nona Tyson. (Based on the novel "Hell Hath No Fury", 1953).  Director: Dennis Hopper. Starring: Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen & Jennifer Connelly (Горячая точка)

??? “Stain of Suspicion” (Cosmopolitan, April 1958 serialization of Man on the Run)?

Williams' namesake & errors

NB! 1. the novel: "Fires Of Youth" is not "our" Charles Williams !!!
[Fires of Youth by Charles Williams. (NY: Magnet, 1960) [mainstream]
U.S. Copyright Office database: "Fires of youth. By Charles Williams, pseud. of James Lincoln Collier."
The original copyright registration date is January 2, 1960. In the past, this novel has been attributed to Charles Williams, author of A Touch of Death and other crime novels.
 ( George Tuttle )

NB! 2. роман "Слабые женские руки", приписываемый в России Чарльзу Вильямсу заявленный как "Murder with Love" в журнале "Искатель" 1986 № 4-5, перевод А. Краковского), в котором действует калифорнийский частный детектив Марк Престон из Монктон-Сити, на самом деле никакого отношения к творчеству писателя не имеет (не смотря на активные переиздания в России:
см. сборник Ч.Вильямса "Мёртвая яхта" - М, 1991: Центрполиграф (МОД выпуск 3);
сб. "Супердетектив вып.1"
Новосибирск, 1992: Наука;
сб. "Зарубежный детектив вып.18" - Вильнюс, 1993: Полина)

автор этого романа - англичанин Питер Чамберс (Peter Chambers
, pseud. of Dennis Phillips; born 1924),
и в оригинале он называется:
The Big Goodbye (London: Hale, 1962) [2nd book in Mark Preston series]
[--Book description: When Juanita Morales arrived in Monkton City she was looking for excitement. Instead she disappeared. The letters to her Mexican home had simply stopped. Her father walked all the way from his village with $100 to persuade private eye Mark Preston to find
--General synopsis: When gorgeous Juanita Morales arrived in Monkton City looking for bright lights and glamour, she found herself mixed up in an elaborate racket and finally murder... Mark Preston didn't mind so long as women like Dixie Whitton and Sylvia Le Fay kept cropping up. He minded more when a fat man stuck a pistol in his face, and ice-picks in the back became the things to wear. Preston was on thin ice, because Rourke of Homicide was muttering about jail... And of course there were still more dames.]

*Самое хитрое то, что у Чамберса (в 36-серийной саге о Престоне) есть роман с заглавием, похожим на "Слабые женские руки" ("Female-Handle with Care" 1981). Но там совершенно другая история. А вот откуда взялось "сверх-оригинальное" название - "Murder with Love"? Видимо, без Дядюшки Сагамора, в этом Большом Обмане, ну никак не обошлось...

Переводы, требующие уточнения:  
(Жду тебя на повороте).
Прощальная улыбка.
Дурные деньги.
След убийцы (рассказ).

Charles Williams' links:  "The High Seas of Charles Williams" by Ed Lynskey  "The Gold Medal Corner" by Bill Crider (&  Steve Lewis)