Картер Браун

Carter Brown
(pseudonym of Alan Geoffrey Yates)

( 1 August, 1923 - 5 May, 1985 )
London (England)  -  Sydney (Australia) 

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chap = chapbook
(novelette, around 34 pages)
Carter Brown's serials:
Ivor MacCullum [ 2 books]
Andy Kane [ 3 books]
      Mark Jordan
[ 2 books]

         Joe Kahn [ 2 books]
            Mike Farrel [Mike Farrell] [ 3 books] 

               Mavis Seidlitz
[ 13 books]

      Al Wheeler [ 52 books]
                     Danny Boyd [36 books]
      Max Dumas [ 2 books]
                           Rick Holman [ 36 books]
                              Larry Baker [ 6 books]
                                 Randy Roberts [ 5 books]
                                    Paul Donavan [ 4 books]
Ivor MacCullum
1 Sweetheart You Slay Me (September 1952)
2 Blackmail Beauty (1953)
Andy Kane
1 The Lady's Alive! (August 1953)
2 The Hong Kong Caper (1962) [rewritten from "Blonde, Bad, and Beautiful", 1957]
3 Bird in a Guilt-Edged Cage (1963), aka (US and UK title): The Guilt-Edged Cage (1962) [rewritten from "That's Piracy, My Pet", 1957]

Mark Jordan
1 Model for Murder (October 1953)
2 My Mermaid Murmurs Murder (
Joe Kahn
1 Honky-Tonk Homicide (January 1954)
2 Perfumed Poison (July 1954)
Mike Farrel [
Mike Farrell]
1 The Lady Is Chased (September 1954) Mike Farrell
2 The Million Dollar Babe (February 1961, s#1909) [rewritten from "Cutie Cashed His Chips", 1955]
3 The Scarlet Flush (1963) [rewritten from "Ten Grand Tallulah and Temptation", 1957]
Mavis Seidlitz

1 The Killer Is Kissable (March 1955)
2 Honey, Here's Your Hearse! (July 1955)
3 A Bullet for My Baby (September 1955)
[Main Character is Johnny Rio, although Mavis Seidlitz does appear in the book]
4 Good Morning, Mavis (1957)
5 The Loving and the Dead (1959)
6 None But the Lethal Heart (1959), aka: The Fabulous (1961)
7 Tomorrow Is Murder (1960)
8 Lament for a Lousy Lover (1960) > Mavis Seidlitz & Al Wheeler
9 Murder Wears a Mantilla (Signet, February 1962) [rewritten from "Murder Wears a Mantilla", 1957]
10 The Bump and Grind Murders (1964)
11 Seidlitz and the Super-Spy (1967)
12 Murder Is So Nostalgic! (1972)
13 And the Undead Sing (1974)
Al Wheeler
1The Wench Is Wicked (November 1955)
2 Blonde Verdict (1956)
3 Chorine Makes a Killing (1957)
4 The Body (July 1958 #s1527) [rewritten from "No Law Against Angels", 1957]
5 The Blonde (1958 #s1565) Horwitz*, 1958 Novel. Numbered Series #67;
6 The Corpse (December 1958 #s1606) [rewritten from "Death on the Downbeat", 1958]
7 The Lover (1958 {H #72})
8 The Mistress (1958 {H #73})
9 Walk Softly Witch! (1959 {H #75}), aka (US title): The Victim (March 1959) [rewritten from "Eve - It's Extortion", 1957]
10 The Passionate (1959)
11 The Wanton (1959)
12 The Dame (1959)
13 The Desired (1959 {H #83})
14 The Bombshell (1960 {H #85}) [rewritten from "Doll for the Big House", 1957]
15 The Temptress (1960 {H #87})
16 The Brazen (1960)
17 Lament for a Lousy Lover (1960 #s1856; {H,1961 #90}) > Mavis Seidlitz & Al Wheeler
18 The Unorthodox Corpse (1961 {H, #91-?}; #s1920) [rewritten from "The Unorthodox Corpse", 1957]
19 The Stripper (1961 {H, #92})
20 The Tigress (1961), aka (UK title): Wildcat (1962)
21 The Exotic (1961)
22 Angel! (1962), aka: Angel (1963)
23 Hellcat (1962), aka: The Hellcat (1962)
24 The Lady Is Transparent (1962)
25 The Dum Dum Murders (1962), aka: The Dumdum Murder (1962)
26 The Lady Is Not Available (1963)
27 The Sinners (1963), aka (US & UK title): The Girl Who Was Possessed (1963)
28 Girl in a Shroud (1963)
29 The Dance of Death (1964)
30 The Vixen (May 1964), aka (US and UK title): The Velvet Vixen (June 1964)
31 A Corpse for Xmas (1965), aka: A Corpse for Christmas (1965)
32 The Hammer of Thor (1965)
33 Target for Their Dark Desire (October 1966)
34 Until Temptation Do Us Part (1967)
35 The Plush-Lined Coffin (1967)
36 The Deep Cold Green (1968)
37 The Up-Tight Blonde (1969)
38 Burden of Guilt (April 1970)
39 The Creative Murders (1971)
40 W.H.O.R.E.! (1971)
41 The Aseptic Murders (1972)
42 The Clown (1972)
43 The Born Loser (1973)
44 Wheeler Fortune (1974)
45 Night Wheeler (1974)
46 Wheeler, Dealer! (1975)
47 The Dream Merchant (1976)
48 The Spanking Girls (1979)
49 Busted Wheeler (1979)
50 Model for Murder (1980)
51 The Wicked Widow (1981)
52 Stab In The Dark (1984)
Danny Boyd
1 Siren Signs Off (
January 1958) [the main character changed from Danny Boyd to Max Royal in the revised version "The Myopic Mermaid" (April 1961)]
2 Tempt a Tigress ( April 1958)
3 So Deadly, Sinner! (1959), aka (US & UK title): Walk Softly, Witch (1959)
4 Suddenly By Violence! (1959)
5 Terror Comes Creeping (1959)
6 The Wayward Wahine (February 1960), aka: The Wayward (1962)
7 Graves, I Dig! (March 1960) [rewritten from "Cutie Wins a Corpse", 1957]
8 Death of a Doll, (1960) [rewritten from "Death of a Doll", 1956]
9 The Dream Is Deadly (1960 {H #89})
10 The Savage Salome (1961 {H, #91}; #s1896 ) [rewritten from "Murder Is My Mistress", 1954]
11 The Seductress (1961 {H, #95), aka (US & UK title): The Sad-Eyed Seductress (1961 #s2023)
12 Ice Cold Nude (1962), aka: The Ice-Cold Nude (1962)
13 Lover, Don't Come Back! (1962)
14 The Passionate Pagan (1963)
15 Nymph to the Slaughter (1963)
16 The Silken Nightmare (1963)
17 Catch Me a Phoenix! (1965)
18 The Sometime Wife (1965)
19 The Black Lace Hangover (1966)
20 House of Sorcery (1967)
21 The Mini-Murders (1968)
22 Only the Very Rich? (1969)
23 Murder Is the Message (1969)
24 The Coffin Bird (1970)
25 The Sex Clinic (1971)
26 The Angry Amazons (1972) > Randy Roberts & Danny Boyd
27 Manhattan Cowboy (1973)
28 So Move the Body (1973)
29 The Early Boyd (1975)
30 The Savage Sisters (1976)
31 The Pipes Are Calling (1976)
32 The Strawberry Blonde Jungle (1979)
33 The Rip-Off (October 1979)
34 Death to a Downbeat (1980)
35 Kiss Michelle Goodbye (June 1981)
36 The Real Boyd (1984)
Max Dumas
1 Deadly Miss (July 1958)
2 Goddess Gone Bad (September 1958)

Rick Holman
1 Zelda (December 1961 {H # 96}; #s2033)
2 Murder in the Harem Club (1962), aka (US and UK title): Murder in the Key Club (1962)
3 The Murderer Among Us! (1962), aka (US & UK title): A Murderer Among Us (1962)
4 The Ballad of Loving Jenny (1963), aka: The White Bikini (1963)
5 Blonde on the Rocks (1963)
6 The Jade-Eyed Jinx (1963), aka (US & UK title): The Jade-Eyed Jungle (September 1963)
7 The Wind-Up Doll (1963)
8 The Never Was Girl (1964), aka: The Never-Was Girl (1964)
9 Murder Is a Package Deal (1964)
10 Who Killed Doctor Sex? (1964)
11 Nude - with a View (1965)
12 The Girl from Outer Space (July 1965)
13 Blonde on a Broomstick (1966)
14 Play Now... Kill Later (1966)
15 No Tears from the Widow (November 1966)
16 Long Time No Leola (1967)
17 The Deadly Kitten (December 1967)
18 The Flagellator (1969)
19 Die Anytime, After Tuesday! (1969)
20 The Streaked-Blonde Slave (1969)
21 The Hang-Up Kid (1970)
22 A Good Year for Dwarfs? (1970)
23 Where Did Charity Go? (December 1970)
24 The Coven (1971)
25 The Invisible Flamini (December 1971)
26 The Pornbroker (1972)
27 The Master (1973)
28 Phreak-Out! (1973)
29 The Star-Crossed Lover (1974)
30 Negative in Blue (1974)
31 Ride the Roller Coaster (1975)
32 Remember Maybelle? (1976)
33 See It Again, Sam (1979)
34 The Phantom Lady (1980)
35 The Swingers (1980)
36 The Blonde Avalanche
Larry Baker
1 Charlie Sent Me! (November 1963) [rewritten from "Swan Song for a Siren", 1955]
2 No Blonde Is an Island (1965)
3 So What Killed the Vampire? (1966)
4 Had I But Groaned (1968)
5 True Son of the Beast! (1970)
6 The Iron Maiden (1975)
Randy Roberts
1 Murder in the Family Way (August 1971)
2 The Seven Sirens (1972)
3 The Angry Amazons (1972) > Randy Roberts & Danny Boyd
4 Murder on High (1973)
5 Sex Trap (1975)
Paul Donavan
1 Donavan (February 1974)
2 Donavan's Day (1975)
3 Chinese Donavan (1976)
4 Donavan's Delight (1979)

Carter Brown (A. G. Yates) wrote 297 books and sold 80 million copies.
Other pen names: Caroline Farr, Paul Valdez, Dennis Sinclair, Peter Yates*, Tom Conway*, Tex Conrad*..
In the beginning Yates wrote crime, horror stories, and westerns under the pen name of Tex Conrad. For the magazine Thrills Incorporated he cowrote around 1950 some tales with G.C. Bleek.

Alan Geoffrey Yates (1923-85) began his writing career as a contributor to Horwitz’s ‘Scientific Thriller’ series in the 1940s. He also wrote westerns, romances, and horror stories – under various pseudonyms, including ‘Paul Valdez’ and ‘Tex Conrad’ – but was soon persuaded to concentrate on crime fiction. Between 1951 and 1984 Horwitz published hundreds of ‘Carter Brown’ titles, many of which were taken up by the American paperback publisher Signet – individual titles achieving sales of up to 200,000. They were also highly popular in Europe.
Yates’s books formed the basis of an Australian radio series, ‘The Carter Brown Mystery Theatre’ (1956-58), and a musical, "The stripper", produced by the Sydney Theatre Company in 1982.

Произведения под другими псевдонимами
(авторство некоторых требует уточнений

Goddess of Space (Sydney. Transport, ~circa 1950, Thrills Incorporated #20) as Alan Yates ( sf )

"THRILLS INCORPORATED No. 20. GODDESS OF SPACE. Adventures in space and the world of tomorrow"
(Sydney. Transport Publishing Co. [1950 's]., 1950. 34pp. Thin digest with three stories. Original illustrated wrappers. Classic Australian pulp item. Contains three short stories by N.K. Heming [Norma Heming, the first Australian woman to write science fiction], Wolfe Herscholt and Alan Yates ['Carter Brown'] (cover story)]

Hypnotic Death (1949 chap) as Paul Valdez ( sf )  
The Fatal Focus (1950 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )

["The Fatal Focus" was part of the "Scientific Thriller" series. The hero, George Wiggs had X-ray vision.]

The Time Thief (1951 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Flight into Horror (1951 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Killer by Night (1951 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Ghosts Don't Kill (1951 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Satan's Sabbath (1951 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
You Can't Keep Murder Out (1951 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Kill Him Gently (1951 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Celluloid Suicide (1951 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Murder Gives Notice (1951) as Paul Valdez  (not SF)  
The Murder I Don't Remember(1952 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
There's No Future in Murder (1952 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
The Crook Who Wasn't There! (1952 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Maniac Murders (1952 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Feline Frame-Up (1952 chap) as Paul Valdez  ( sf )  
Death Rides the Mexican Border [Australian edition, "Frontier Western series" #13] by A. G. Yates
[???*- author*]
Rawhide Noose [Australian edition, "Invincible Western series "#38] by A. G. Yates
[???*- author*]
The Cold Dark Hours (Sydney: Horwitz, NY: NAL & London: Barker, 1958) as A. G. Yates

--A rare non-crime story by the author better known as "Carter Brown". A big company tries to launch on the Australian market a TV set that doesn't work. Novel.
--Full-length novel written by Yates (Alias Carter Brown) under his real name. Business theme, apparently set in Sydney.

(Холодная ночь; Час перед рассветом).
The Temple Dogs Guard My Fate (NY: Signet, 1969 #T4101) as Dennis Sinclair
Intrigue and suspense in Red China as an amateur spy races against time to rescue a doomed city from a hideous new chemical weapon.]
The Third Force (Corgi, 1976) by Dennis Sinclair
[???*- author*]
[the 'SURVIVAL' series.?]
The Blood Brothers (Corgi, 1976) by Dennis Sinclair
[???*- author*]
mystery paperback . Anti-Japanese sentiment in Australia boils over into terrorism and the secret international organization pledged to maintaining world peace, SURVIVAL, send in their ace operative to defuse the situation.
The Friends of Lucifer (London: Corgi, 1977) by Dennis Sinclair
[???*- author*]
Occult thriller, in the 'SURVIVAL' series.]
Coriolanus, The Chariot! (NY: Ace Books, July 1978 #11739-2) as Alan Yates ( sf )

Fantasy. Fantastic art work to cover by Alex Ebel.
(245 pages). Yates' major work in science fiction was CORIOLANUS, THE CHARIOT! (1978), a story about illusions, paranoia, and a toxic game.
On the planet Thesbos, the Word of Shakespeare is law. Through the mystery of his works, embodied in his living Arcana, the power of illusion holds the eyes-and mind-of the entire galaxy in thrall. At the center of this web of dreams within a dream lie the Council of Five. They have given up their very selves to become the Major Arcana, to possess power beyond the dreams of groundlings.]

Prompt for Murder (1981) as Sinclair McKellar  
Ready when you are, C. B. ! : the autobiography of Alan Yates alias Carter Brown  (South Melbourne: Macmillan [Australia], 1983) as Alan Yates
--The Autobiography of Alan Yates alias Carter Brown. 109pp. Twelve col. plates of covers over the years. Life of the English-born Australian resident whose world-wide sales reached seventy million copies.
"This, his autobiography, then, is as important an insight into the life and times of one of the world's truly successful novelists as it is an amusing and warm account of the road to success and the people met along that road". But, in true Carter Brown style, this work is crammed with anecdotes, stories and circumstances that have little regard for the nicety of strict chronology. 243 x 162mm., pp. 8, 109, 12 col. plates of Cover Art Work, index.
--109pp with full-page full-colour photos showing the changing styules of covers over three decades from 1951 "The Lady is Murder" to 1981 "The Swingers". Alan yates has written over 150 Carter Brown novels. This is his autobiography, and as such is an insight into the life and times of a truly successful novelist. it is witty and full of anecdotes - and the narrative is frequently interrupted by Cater brown's main character, Lieutenant Al Wheeler. A must for Carter Brown fans.
--since the first Carter Brown master work appeared in 1953, each book has had its own success and has made Alan Yates/Carter Brown one of the most widely-read, most enjoyed and most successful mystery writers that the world has seen, this, his autobiography, then is as important an insight into the life and times of one of the world's truly successful novelists as it is an amusing and warm account of the road to success and the people met along that road.
--Life of the English-born Australian resident whose world-wide sales reached seventy million copies.
--The 150-plus Carter Brown mystery stories have sold over 70 million copies in 14 languages & 22 countries.
--The biography of the famous Carter Brown - crime writer, coloured illustrations.
--This autobiography provides a great insight into the life and times of a successful mystery novelist.
--autobiography of the man whose name is synonymous with pulp fiction. 12 pages of colour illustrations of Carter Brown book covers. 109 pages.}

The Man from Tomorrow (~circa 1950, Thrills Incorporated #15) = Ace Carter [?] ( sf )
["THRILLS INCORPORATED No. 15 THE MAN FROM TOMORROW Adventures in space and the world of tomorrow"
Sydney. Transport Publishing Co. [1950 's], 1950. 32pp. Original illustrated wrappers. Classic Australian pulp item. Contains two short stories by Alan Yates writing as Ace Carter, and G.C. Bleeck.]

[author?] Planet of Fury (~circa 1950, Thrills Incorporated #16)  =  Alan Yates [?] or Ace Carter [?] ( sf )
["THRILLS INCORPORATED No. 16. PLANET OF FURY Adventures in space and the world of tomorrow"
Sydney. Transport Publishing Co. [1950 's], 1950. 32pp. Original illustrated wrappers. Classic Australian pulp item. Contains three short stories by Alan Yates ('Carter Brown'), Ace Carter (Alan Yates again) and N.K. Heming.]

[author?] Amazons of the Asteroids (~circa 1948(?*), Thrills Incorporated #17) = as Alan Yates [?] ( sf )
["THRILLS INCORPORATED No. 17 Amazons of the Asteroids" Sydney. Transport Publishing Co. No date 1948., 1948. 32pp. Original illustrated wrappers. Scarce Australian pulp item. Contains short stories by N K Heming, G C Bleeck and Alan Yates (Carter Brown).]

"Romantic-Thrillers" (as Caroline Farr)
Actually Carter Brown only wrote one Caroline Farr that I can find. The rest were writen by a few other Australian authors, Carl Ruhen, Lee Pattinson and Richard Wilkes-Hunter. [from RARA-AVIS]

The most popular of the Horwitz Gothic authors was Caroline Farr. Farr was a pseudonym. The first Farr novel (The Intruder, 1962) was written by Lee Pattinson but all the subsequent Farr books up to 1977 were written by Richard Wilkes-Hunter. Books such as: Web of Horror (GM5, 1966), Mansion of Evil (GM7, 1966), The House of Tombs (GM8, 1966), Witch’s Hammer (GM11, 1967), The Possessed (GM12, 1973) and Castle of Terror (GM13, 1975) to name but a few.
[ from "Pulp Fiction in Oz" by Steven Paulsen ]

Richard Albert Wilkes-Hunter (1907-1991) Australian author.
As 'Caroline Farr'  ["Romantic Thrillers"],
also wrote under the pseudonyms  'Todd Conrad'  and 'Alex Crane'
* Richard Wilkes-Hunter (1906-?)

Caroline Farr Gothic Novels:
Романтические Триллеры (авторство требует уточнений

The Intruder (Sydney: Horwitz, 1966)

[The first Caroline Farr novel (The Intruder, 1962) was written by Lee Pattinson]

Villa of Shadows (Horwitz, 1966)

--'What was the eerie tragedy which threatened to engulf a young girl in a remote mountain village? - Bianca Cavendish became terrified by her discovery of something hidden'.}

Web of Horror (Horwitz, 1966; Signet, 1966)
aka: A Castle in Spain (Signet, 1967 Romance #P3323)

A Castle in Spain (Also released as: Web of Horror.) (Bound with Caroline Farr--So Near and Yet.)
Farr, Caroline (Pseudonym of R. Wilkes-Hunter) (Bound with Caroline Farr: Web of Horror.)
Signet. [0-451-08057-2 E8057] 1978, (Double paperback). Pseudonym of R. Wilkes-Hunter. Bound with Caroline Farr (So Near and Yet.). Also released as: Web of Horror. (Gothic)
Synopsis: 127 pages. A Castle in Spain --Lisa Walton and her friend (traveling companion) Angela were delighted whe Desmond O'Neill offered to guide them through Spain. But then the terrors began. Who was trying to murder her??
--A Castle in Spain. An affair of honor leads to romantic young girl to a castle in Spain, a mysterious suitor , and a desperate love. . a girl about to be trapped by a wild and demonic love that would not be silenced. }

Замок в Испании.
Mansion of Evil (Horwitz, 1966; Signet, November 1966 #D3008) Ravensnest

--New York. Signet. 1966 1st US Edition., Paperback. Pseudonym of Australian author Richard Wilkes Hunter.
Lovely Diane Montrose came to the mansion called Ravensnest to save a life - and finds her own threatened as she seeks love in a house shadowed by death.}

Дом зла.
The House of Tombs (Horwitz, 1966; Signet, December 1966 #D3062)
[???*aka: The House of Tomba (the first as Caroline Farr)?]

The House of Tombs. New York. Signet. 1966 1st US Edition., 1966. Paperback. This title written by Australian author Richard Wilkes Hunter. Published by Horwitz in Sydney the same year.
-- horror gothic in which a mummy terrorizes people on a small island.
--Two beautiful women, a love-starved madman and a bizarre ritual murder. Weregild Island's ghastly secret would soon be known only to history.. }

Дом на могиле.
Mansion of Peril (Sydney: Horwitz, 1966; NY: NAL, 1967; Signet, 1975)  
The Secret of the Chateau (Signet, 1967 #P3100)

--"A gothic novel" ...a charred face, a velvet mask, an iron fist. "She was a ravishing decoy, lured by a madman to a castle dedicated to vultures, devoted to death.".}

Каролина Фарр. Тайна замка Грифов.
Witch's Hammer (Horwitz, 1967; Signet, 1967 #P3135)

--"A bewitching young writer and an aging matinee idol court tragedy in a windswept fortress on the Maine coast"

Молот ведьмы.
Granite Folly (Horwitz, 1967; Signet, September 1967 #P3242)

--Gail Walton was a pushover. Until she started asking questions. Until she and Adrian Hammond started prowling the premises of Granite Folly. A headstrong heiress inherits a pirate ancestor's mansion and a legacy of plunder and death...}

Тайна замка Грэнит-Фолли.
So Near and Yet... (Signet, 1967 #D3447)

--Castle in Spain/So Near and Yet.. (ISBN: 0451080572)
A Signet Gothic Double.
Castle in Spain: Lisa Walton and her friendAngela were delighted whe Desmond O'Neill offered to guide them through Spain. But then the terrors began. Who was trying to murder her?? /
So Near and Yet: Madelin Ferrari had been hired to write the Simone Stanton script and not to explore the strange and frghtening mansion. Was she to be a helpless pawn in a terrifying and deadly game?. }

Загадка Кондор Хаус.
House of Destiny (Signet, 1969 #T4109)

--"She was drawn in innocence to a place of evil and damned by another woman's fate."}

The Secret of Castle Ferrara (Signet, 1971 #T4459) Castle Ferrara  
Terror on Duncan Island (Signet, 1971 #T4618) Ужас острова Дункан.
Dark Citadel (Signet, July 1971 #T4686; Horwitz, 1976)

--an isolated tropic island: a perfect setting for love, and murder! the warm stirrings of love she felt for him turned suddenly to cold suspicion.}

The Towers of Fear (Signet, August 1972 #T5138-0; Horwitz, 1977)

--Terror , like a cold fog, enveloped the house. To Storm Towers, the brooding mansion of the wealthy and influential Hailsworth family , came lovely black-haired Ali Cavanagh on a visit to her former college friend, Joan, young daughter of the house.}

Башни страха.
The Castle in Canada (Signet/NAL, 1972 #T5211)

--"Horror lurks in a mist-shrouded castle and love's dream becomes a nightmare of terror."}

House of Secrets (Horwitz, 1972; Signet, 1973)  
House of Dark Illusions (Signet/NAL, 1973 #T5579) Castle Ferrara

--" A nightmare lingered in its shadows. Would it engulf Megan and her newfound love.?" Gothic.
--She was trapped in a house possessed by evil.}

Замок мрачных иллюзий.
The Possessed (Horwitz, 1973)  
Dark Mansion (Signet, 1974 #Q5802)  
Mansion Malevolent (Horwitz, 1974; Signet, 1974 #Q6039)

--A cold wave of apprehension washed over Darlene when she arrived at the Bastion, the gray-walled fortress on Cartouche Island that was the home of the wealthy planter, Henri Racine.}

The House on the Cliffs (Signet, 1974 #Q6157)

--" terror and evil shadowed trudy in the dark chambers of an ancient mansion."}

Castle of Terror (Horwitz, 1975; Signet, August 1975 #6653)

--Castle of Terror. Canada. New American Library of Canada. 1975 1st Canadian Edition ?., 1975. Paperback. A very good copy. Published by Horwitz, Sydney, the same year. Pseudonym of Australian author Richard Wilkes Hunter.
--CASTLE OF TERROR (Passion & Adventure).}

The Scream in the Storm (Signet, 1975 #Y6762; Horwitz, 1977)

--The Scream in the Storm. Farr, Caroline (Pseudonym of R. Wilkes-Hunter) Signet. [0-451-06762-2 Y6762] 1975, 1st thus. (Paperback). Pseudonym of R. Wilkes-Hunter. (Gothic)
"Was the ghost of woman twenty years dead luring her to an evil fate."}

Mansion of Menace (Signet, June 1976)  
Brecon Castle (Signet, October 1976 #Y7188)  
Chateau of Wolves (Signet, 1976)

--She had come to the chateau to claim her fortune but found only a legacy of suspicion and fear. Gothic Romance book}

The House at Landsdowne  (Horwitz, 1977; Signet, 1977 #7700)

--The house of Lansdowne. Farr Caroline (pseudonym for Richard Wilkes Hunter). NEL Signet with Horwitz 1977, paperback. Author is Australian.}

House of Treachery (Signet, 1977)  
Ravensnest (Signet, 1977) Ravensnest  
Sinister House (Horwitz, 1978; Signet, 1978 #W7832)

--Sinister House. New York. Signet New American Library. 1978 1st US Edition., 1978. Paperback, Pseudonym of Australian author Richard Wilkes Hunter.}

Heiress to Corsair Keep (Horwitz, 1978; Signet, 1978 #W7980)

--Heiress to Corsair Keep. Farr, Caroline (Pseudonym of R. Wilkes-Hunter)
Signet. [0-451-07980-9 W7980] 1978, 1st thus. (Paperback) Very good. Pseudonym of R. Wilkes-Hunter. (Gothic).}

House of Valhalla (Signet, 1978 #8130)  
Heiress of Fear (Horwitz, 1978; Signet, 1978 #8300)  
Island of Evil (Horwitz, 1978; Signet, January 1979 #8476)  
Castle on the Rhine (Horwitz, 1979; Signet, 1979 #8615)  
Castle on the Loch (Signet, 1979 #8830)

--For a lovely young actress, a film assignment in Scotland becomes a nightmare encounter with fear. Gothic Romance book.}

Room of Secrets (Horwitz, 1979; Signet, 1979 #E8965)

--A haunting melody lures a lovely young woman to the brink of terror.. Mandy's search for long-buried secrets might lead her so far along the terrifying path to darkness that ther could be turning back.}

Secret at Ravenswood (Horwitz, 1980; Signet, 1980 #9181)

[the last as Caroline Farr. ]


Caroline Farr sources:
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