Джеймс Чейз Chase stories collections

  James Hadley Chase
(pseudonym of René Brabazon Raymond)
/René Brabazon Lodge Alan Raymond/

(24 December, 1906 - 6 February, 1985)
Ealing (west London borough)[Great Britain] - Corseaux-sur-Vevey [Switzerland]


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(*персонажи*, указанные по-русски, даны с целью уточнения некоторых переводов)

Рассказы       Short Stories

Get A Load of This (Jarrolds,1941 (1942); Hale, 1984) (collection of 14 stories)
1."Get A Load of This"
2."Two Thumb a Ride"
3."Morning Visit"
4."Twist in the Tail"
5."Conversation Piece"
6."The General Dies in Bed"
7."The Magnificent Opportunity"
8."Walk in the Park"
9."The Place of Love"
11."Night Out"
12."Skin Deep"
14."The Painted Angel"

[--Get a load of this! The hardboiled world of James Hadley Chase, the thriller maestro, is recaptured in this new edition of tough and gritty tales.
  An early morning stroll in the park, or a lonely cross-country drive to Florida; evading arrest in war-torn Cuba, or sipping bourbon in the Bronx—it makes no odds, serious trouble lies just around the corner.... The sleazy jungle of lamp-lit streets, faded hotel lobbies and soulless freeways is the setting for a menagerie of typically brash Chase characters: all-metal blondes that weaken your resistance, merciless thugs in uniform and third-rate double-crossers.
  Fast-paced and crackling with cynical wit, this classic anthology shows why Chase is the unchallenged British champion of the tough American tradition.
  Publisher's Note: This remarkable collection of short stories was first published in 1942 and is now re-issued for the first time. It is a tribute to the vigour and storytelling ability of James Hadley Chase that after so many years these tales still shock and thrill the reader.]

-- "After two more novels (The Dead Stay Dumb and Twelve Chinks and a Woman), Jarrolds published Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief (1941) and advertised his next book as Get a Load of This, a collection of fourteen stories with some tough episodes in a volume due for publication in the autumn of 1941. No tangible proof has been found that this book ever appeared, though some confusion was aroused in collecting circles a few years ago when an enthusiast claimed to have seen a copy. There is a school of thought that the book was withdrawn due to an action by the authorities against both publisher and author. It is quite possible, therefore, that some copies were printed and perhaps found their way into circulation before most were withdrawn from sale and distribution. It is not listed in either the British Library Catalogue or the English Catalogue of Printed Books." [from "COLLECTING JAMES HADLEY CHASE, HIS RACY AND VIOLENT THRILLERS ARE ACQUIRING CULT STATUS", write W.O.G. LOFTS & D.J. ADLEY, published: "BOOK AND MAGAZINE COLLECTOR" n° 85, APRIL 1991]

-- Advertisement from "Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief" (Jarrolds, 1941):
"Look out for the fifth James Hadley Chase tough book,
A Collection of Stories and Tough Episodes
James Hadley Chase, now serving in the Royal Air Force, sends us the following letter:

Cherry Kearton, Esq., Director,
Messrs. Jarrolds Publishers London, Ltd., London, S.W.7.

My dear Cherry,

Some time ago you warned me against writing short stories. You stressed that the public didn't like them, and that I would be heading for a big flop if I persisted. Your views have always proved sound, so I've laid off until now. My present activities don't permit me to tackle a full-length novel, but as I have a number of situations up my sleeve I have been tempted to turn them into shorts. Have a little flutter on the book. Personally, I think it'll go. Not because it is better written than those which have flopped, but because the stories have got enough dynamite in them to make the average guy forget the blackout and the blitz—which, after all, is what we all want to do at this moment.

Anyway, here's the manuscript, and when you're not too busy—Get a load of this!


R.A.F. Station, Fighter Command, Somewhere in England.

We have read these stories and we reserve our opinion, but if you want to read some of the toughest stories ever written—do as we did — GET A LOAD OF THIS
To be published early autumn 1941."

--" In a 1983 note to an enquirer <...> J.H. Chase says, “I’m happy to tell you that my book “GET A LOAD OF THIS” is completely unobtainable. This was my first (and only) attempt to write a book of short stories. It was a complete flop and has never been reprinted.”  " [from "Some Orchids for James Hadley Chase", by John Fraser]

 Запомни мои слова. (Взгляни-ка на это). (Наблюдатель). (сб.1. "За последней чертой" -8 расск.; сб.2. "Тот, кто был в тени" -6 расск.). (сборник из 14 рассказов) содержание:                                                   
1.Умелая защита. (Наблюдатель). (За последней чертой).
2.Попутчицы. (Двое у дороги).
3.Утренний визит.
4.Поворот в рассказе. (Поворот сюжета).
5.Отрывок разговора. (Разговор).
6.Генерал умирает в постели. (Тот, кто был в тени).
7.Великолепная возможность. (Возможность отличиться).
8.Прогулка в парке.
9.Место любви. (Город любви).
10.Дежурство. (Бодрствование).
11.Ночь отдыха. (Ночь развлечений).
12.Яблочное бренди. (Легкомысленный).
13.Подслушанный разговор. (Подслушанное случайно).
14.Намалеванный ангел. (Ангел во плоти).
There’s a Horse on the Sofa (March 1943, Lilliput [magazine, ed.: London], pages 188 - {201*})  
The Mirror in Room 22 (1946, in "Slipstream: A Royal Air Force Anthology") (as René Raymond) [by squadron leader R. Raymond]
(also in "The Mammoth Book of Twentieth-Century Ghost Stories" ed. Peter Haining, 1998) (by J.H.Chase)
Зеркало в комнате 22

Пьесы       Plays

Get A Load of This (в соавторстве с  Arthur Macrea, музыка и стихи - Manning Sherwin & Val Guest) ( поставлена в Лондоне в 1941) (не опубликована)  
No Orchids for Miss Blandish (в соавторстве с Robert Nesbitt) ( поставлена в Лондоне в 1942) (не опубликована)  
Last Page ( поставлена в Лондоне в 1946) (опубликована в 1947)  

Редактор       Editor

<<Slipstream: A Royal Air Force Anthology>> (антология издана в лондонском издательстве "Eyre and Spottiswood" в 1946)  Editor (as René Raymond) with David Langdon  

Сборники романов       Omnibus

Three of Spades (1974) {contents:"The Double Shuffle"; "Shock Treatment"; "Tell it to the Birds" }  
Meet Mark Girland (1977) {contents: "This is for real"; "You have yourself a deal"; "Have this one on me" }  
Meet Helga Rolphe (1984) {contents: "An Ace Up My Sleeve", "The Joker In The Pack",  "I Hold The Four Aces"}  

Романы, требующие уточнения ("канадские издания")
"Original Canadian Editions" (no UK edition)
Paperback Harlequin Books., Toronto - Winnipeg, Canada)

The Pickup (ed. "Harlequin",1955) (as Raymond Marshall)

[aka: ? (in German) (Frankfurt, ~1956) (as Raymond Marshall)

[aka: Death Is A Silent Word (LA, ~1957)]

Кое-что по случаю. В безмолвии смерти. В мертвом безмолвии.

 *Калверт* [main character: "Culvert"]

Ruthless (ed. "Harlequin",1955) (as Raymond Marshall)

[aka: In The Labyrinth of Death (in English) (in Europe, 1955) (as Raymond Marshall)
also: Mort en Cuir (in French) (as J.H.Chase)]

[aka: In Mare's Death (NY, "Gollander books", 1967)]

Безжалостный. В лабиринте смерти. Наперегонки со смертью. Исполняя закон. Вплоть до убийства президента. 

 *Берт Мейн* [main character: "Bert Main"] (+ Mark Girland, cameo)  
(место действия - Париж в 1946 г.)

Never Trust A Woman (ed. "Harlequin",1957) (as Raymond Marshall) 

aka: ? (in French) (Marseille, 1956) (as Raymond Marshall)

[aka: The Murder's Requiem (NY, ~1958) (as J.H.Chase)]

Никогда не доверяй женщине.
Реквием для убийцы.
Вдогонку за смертью
(собрание соч. в 30 тт. - М.: "Терра", 2001, т.20, с.371-462, пер. Н. Краснослободского)

 *Ник Бакстер* [main character: "Nick Baxter"]

Роман, приписанный Дж.Х. Чейзу (в Индии и России)
a "J.H. Chase's novel" ? (Indian & Russian Publication)

Murder Charge 
(in English) (in Calcutta, the end of 1960s) (as J.H.Chase, in omnibus
Обвинение в убийстве [в собр. соч. -т.3,M.1994, изд. "КУбК-а"]. Ложное обвинение. Разборка в Панама-Сити.

 *Эл Уолкер (Эл Уоркер)* [main character: "Al Walker"]

Романы других авторов, "ошибочно" приписанные Дж.Х. Чейзу
Wrong Publications (with J.H.Chase's name on the cover)

He Lived Only For Revenge. http://www.bookitinc.com = Nick Quarry "The Vendetta" (1973)
Посмертные претензии. = Joseph Hansen "Death Claims" (1973)
Мертвая яхта. Исчезнуть и раствориться. = Charles Williams "Scorpion Reef" (1955)
5 Against the House. (1948) http://www.goldeneyebooks.com/cataloguec.htm = Jack Finney "Five Against the House" (*предположительно) (возможно опечатка на сайте goldeneyebooks)

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http://jameshadleychase.free.fr/ (Fan of JHC
Site of Philippe Soula

http://mapage.noos.fr/chase/  Site of Claude Rassat  (Франция)

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